Can I beef up my Dell Inspiron 17r/N7010?

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I was not big on PC gaming when I bought my laptop, so I didn't take much time to check out the specs. Now I regret that. I use the aforementioned laptop and SCII runs at about 10 fps on the lowest graphics settings once I've got 50-something units on the screen.

Is there anything I can do to my laptop to make it perform better for no more than $100, or am I pretty much screwed?
No, there's nothing you can do that will significantly improve your performance.

When buying in the future, ensure you choose a system with at least a mid-range GPU. Or if you are feeling really spendy, any Thunderbolt equipped notebook can power an external desktop GPU in a PCIe cage.
Yep. You're screwed. There is literally nothing you can do that will help, unless you upgrade your processor, but if you're currently running at 10fps, there's probably not a cpu worth upgrading to that fits your socket... Sorry.
I will make sure to do that next time around. Thanks for the info.
I also found out my audio quality was rather high, so I turned that down quite a bit and I actually found the game started running faster. Part of it also seems to be internet connection. When I play at night when no one else is using bandwidth, the game actually runs pretty decent.

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