Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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I kiss her back, grinning sleepily before my eyes fall shut and a small snore emits from my throat.

OOC: Sorry, promised this thread would be black screenless.
{{Go towards the hangar, it's in the cliff. Should open soon.}}
That's fine... I'm just kinda worried what's going to happen with thread 30... o_O

With a soft snort and a smile, I shift a little, tucking his head to my chest, my head atop his. Closing my eyes, I slowly follow Terance into a blissful sleep.
{{Will do.}} Closing the channel and returning my attention to flying, I shift course for the supplied coordinates for the hangar, hovering and watching them open. Underground facility...that makes sense actually. Wonder if that's where all the wildlife and such is too. Maneuvering over to a pair of empty spots, I drop DeepSix into the land vehicle spot and then land ShadowStalker, popping the cockpit and climbing out, looking around the hangar. Certainly nice designs...wonder how efficient they are. Chuckling to myself, I head out the obvious exit to the main building, looking for someone who knew their way around.
IC: Sam thought for a few moments before saying. "Baked Rosemary chicken with a baked potato and cooked carrots. I didn't really take you as a pizza person Tari."
I sigh in exasperation, standing outside the medbay. So far I'd seen Zerglings running around delivering things, the medbay, and a cafeteria. Not the training room or simulation room or anywhere else to train. Now I stood in the hall of the dorms and I sigh, hating myself for what I was about to do. "Hello? Someone who knows their way around this place in here?"
IC: Sam sighed as he moved Tari off of him. "I'll go check on whoever that is" he says sightly annoyed as he opens his door. "Hello?"
I turn and face the man who had opened the door and frown slightly. Seemed he'd been in the middle of something. Pushing that thought from my mind, I lower my helmet, my brown eyes showing. "I'm new here and can't seem to find the training or simulation room. Mind helping a guy out?"

OOC: None of the equipment is familiar to Sam, just so's ya know.
I sit up with the covers hugged to my chest. "Sam who's this?" I ask curious.

Further ics when I get home
IC: Sam looked at the person. "Well do you have a PDA or something I can give you a map of the area"
I shake my head, a hand resting on the hilt of my energy blade more out of habit than distrust, but there was a healthy amount of that as well. "No, just my armor and weapons. Was I supposed to get one?"
IC: Sam sighed and moved his hand back like he was rubbing his back but made sure to have his knife ready just incase. "No just most people keep some type of PDA on them. So you want to go to the training room?"
"Anywhere I can train will work." I wasn't a fool nor was I new to this game. Two soldiers staying on guard, each appraising the other. "Might I get a name?"
IC: "Sam Wolfe local assassin and medic and you are?" Sam said with a friendly tone.
Spectre or Ghost...hopefully the first... I smile friendly like, nodding. "Jared Hunt, Entity for the Raiders, next Gen infiltration. I'm one of the first."
IC: "Interesting" Sam says as he looks back into his dorm. "Here I'll show you how to get to the training room" He says after a long sigh.
I nod and step to one side, my hand not moving from my energy blade. There were still Zerg to keep an eye on, and I wasn't sure I trusted this Sam. "Take your time getting ready."
IC: Sam sighed again and motioned for Jared to follow him. "Take your hand off your blade and common." He says while putting his hands next to his sides.
I shake my head negative, following and keeping a wary eye on the Zerglings and, far less obviously, Sam. "I'll leave it there. Don't have much trust for Zerg." Or you right now. Taking in my surroundings, I begin to relax a little. Definitely not the Kels, not the right architecture.
IC: "The zerg here willn't attack you unless you tick them off... well there is one zerg which will try to spy on you... feel free to kill him. Also guard your thoughts while here people tend to read each others mind" Sam says while walking to the training room

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