Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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I glance around at the Zerglings before looking back at Cynthia. "Was...that intentional?"
I my laugh boils down to a chuckle as I get out from under the ship myself. I mostly ignore the Ethereal Zerg as I am focused on the liquid cleaning to my clothes. "Darn I really liked this outfit." I look at the Zerg. "Hmm."
That's when I gave a grimace and looked around as several of them walk atop my own ship. Starting to... nest in it. My eyes twitching. "No... I didn't know it happened."
I raise the rifle, leveling the sights on one. "I can take care of it."
The laser does next to nothing, perhaps cutting a centimeter in. The beast's other arm turns into that of an axe and it swipes, cleaving into Destron's cybernetic head, not damaging the precious biological area. The pain increases. The smallest noise is heard outside, as if, marching. The creature hisses, increasing its consumption, and pulls away before going back into the vents. The consumption left Destron shriveled slightly, and his carapace brittle, as well as unconscious.
IC: Sam taps Tari foot after coming back with a book of his own. "Never answeared me darling" He says to her
OOC: morph i also posted somethin on the last post of the first page
"Dragons, Magic stuff like that."

"Well ... certainly an interesting ability." I say rather interested in the Ethereal Zerg

"Its OK Dante you can talk with me about it." I say sitting next to him.
IC: "It was a little bit of everything. How my brother killed my parents, my experience as a spectre, and my own guilt"
"Hmm." I say cuddling against Dante letting him go on if he wanted too.
IC: "I'm just tired of having my loved ones dying. Tired of killing, of the guilt...... everything"
"You won't lose me. Not for a while at least. And killing is part of what we do."
IC: "Intresting read I take it." Sam says sitting down and yawning.
I nod smiling. It had been some time since I last just sat and spent time reading.
IC: Sam started to read his book every once in awhile his free hand would rub Tari ankle. Sam didn't realize he was doing that.
I shrug Zack off, which means that I'm not to sure. While my undivided attention was towards Jake. "Yeah... First time it was when I was in a bloodlust... Now this... I don't know how this happened."
"Hmm. I've never met anyone able to make Ethereal Zerg but then again I've never met any other changeling before." I think for a moment. "Perhaps ..."
"According to Zack... Every changeling is different... The special kind anyway. I truly don't know my role yet in this universe. For Zack is the Keeper of Knowledge while his wife, Laura apparently follows the Reaper? It's some kind of Void entity. I know I got to see bits and pieces of the future and past though but only when I was in a coma..."
"Interesting. So how many other changelings are there?" I ask perhaps a bit off topic but I was curious none the less.
"There are three here total, not including you. Then there are two more... so five. That's all Zack said anyway." I was feeding Jake's curiosity.

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