Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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Sahlk sees the newcomer, and moves towards him, a bit of blood still on his face from the cow he had recently eaten. "Good day. May I inquire your name?"

Zerak Kel rises from his meditation, and leaves Soul Chaser, the ship gleaming the slightest against the light of the hangar doors opening when the ship had entered. Now Zerak Kel walks into the halls, his cannon having retracted onto his back, a design recently placed into his armor.

Zaros grabs his rifle and enters the training room, firing rounds into a target, making sure he wasn't getting rusty.

The Wraiths land in the hangar, and out of all of them come Ghosts, but all looking rather standard with the exception of their decals on their shoulders, which had been blotted out with black ink. The front one's helmet retracts, showing the face of Brian, and his rusty coloured eyes looking around, noting all the vehicles he was tempted to trash. "Just idle around, I'll be going to talk to Zaros."
Meh got a few moments so further posts.

I sigh having been ignored a lay back down. "Sam you better make tonight REALLY special." I send to him irritated again.

I set Dante down against the wall. "Because you passed out in the sim and I was going to take you to the medbay."

I keep practicing but in the middle of doing so I angrily lash out at a rather large tree burying the blade of my axe entirely in the trunk.
IC: "ya....... i may have made a giant demon tiger using electricity to destroy my enemies and overtaxed my body"
IC: Sam sighed again. I understand honey.. how about a candle light dinner tonight just you and me in our dorm or I can stop by the cafe and see if they have a room we could use. Sam sends to Tari

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It's a cafeteria, NOT a cafe. That has been bugging me...

IC: I almost put my energy blade through the Swarm Host's head, but decide against it, realizing this Academy caters to all kinds of students. "Jared." I return my attention to Sam. "What's this about a spying Zerg?"
IC: "His name is Destron and he loves to have his minion spy on people. I think there is a collection out for someone to kill him off" Sam says sounding a little bit annoyed.
Dinner in the dorm sounds nice. I send to Sam as I grab my shirt and put it back on in case anyone else comes a knocking.

"Hmm I think you should still go get checked out."

I growl to myself as I pull the axe out and apologize to the tree. I wasn't a tree-hugger or anything the tree just didn't deserve my wrath. "Why am I even still down here? It's not like she'll care if I'm down here or back at the academy."
I grin evilly to myself then shake my head, growling in disgust. "As if Changelings weren't enough. Speaking of which, is he a changeling?"
IC: "i'm fine" i say getting up.... "see...... ok, black spots, dizziness" i mumble as the nosebleed returns and i pass out again
I catch Dante and start for the medbay half dragging him. "Yep off to Medical for you."
IC: "No he isn't. ok training room is just up this hallway think you can find it on your own?" Sam says kindly. Ok what would you like for dinner tonight then? I think I can ask the cooks to made a pizza for both of us if you want. He messages to Tari
On the way to medical I pass a new guy and Sam. I sniff the new guy slightly but pay more attention to Sam as I eye him quizically. What the heck were you up to? I ask myself.
I nod and continue down the hall. "Yeah, I can, thanks." I then start trying to figure out his infiltration outfit, Ghost or Spectre, taking note of the wolf like student. There was a residual energy that suggested Spectre, seeing as it felt like Terrazine, but I won't know for sure until I ask him. I then snort, shaking my head. Should say IF I ask him. Not sure I want to know that much about these people. As for the Wolf Girl, definitely different. Could be interesting around here. Raising my helmet back up, I step into the training room and head for the shooting range, drawing my rifle and taking aim down range, a scope like view appearing over the right eye of my HUD.
IC: "What happen to him?" Sam askes trying to hide a bit of pleasure at dante being in a rough shape.
"Over exerted himself in a sim."

I think to myself for a bit. Pizza would be nice. Deep dish, nicely melted mozzarela cheese, Pepperoni, black olives and what ever other toppings you want. And perhaps either some wine or soda to drink. If there is anything else you want to add feel free. I leave the room heading for the hangar.
IC: Sam sighs before saying in a pissed off tone. "I told him to take it easy for awhile.. Dante I wonder if you even have a brain... Ok lets get him to medbay"

To Tari. Dante just over did it got to make sure he will be alright. I will stop by and give them the order for the pizza. I'll get the dorm ready for tonight after I take care of this fool
I squeezed off six shots, each one impacting the heart on their target and I smirk beneath my helmet, standing up and clearing the scope from my HUD before turning and heading for the exit. Now to find some other people to talk to. I headed back towards the dorms, nodding to Sam and the Wolf girl as I walked by, noting the Spectre she was dragging along. Well, I know what he is... Halfway there, I decide to see if anyone was in those ships I'd seen. Figured I'd start at the top and work my way down.
"Well we both thought that was meant in a different department. and I'm the one that made the sim and set him with it." I say not liking his tone. "And Dante is very much unconscious right now."

Zerak Kel sees the new comer. "Who are you, Terran?" He asks, his cannon ready to form around his arm.
IC: "It was for all departments and from both of your scents I can tell he didn't listen." Sam says as they entered medbay. "Ok put him in exam room three and I'll check him out after I gear up."

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