Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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I keep walking, only nodding to the Protoss, slightly tightening my grip on my energy blade. "Jared Hunt."
"That was more I didn't listen. and he can't exactly take it easy since he does have a tournament to fight in." I say heading for the indicated room.
IC: "If he had listen he would have been rested enough to do the tournament." Sam says as he walks into the exam room in medical clothing. He starts to check Dante to make sure he was going to be ok. "Ok you need to hear this also. I'm going to have him kept under watch for awhile while here in medbay also and I really need you to listen to this part and obey. No naughty fun for a week even if he feels like it. Ok?" Sam says to serenity keeping a professional tone. "He should be fine he just over did it with his psionics but he will also need to not use any psionics for at lest two days. I would like it to be at lest a week also and the fun to be two months but I know he is too hard headed to obey that."
"I had already set him on no 'naughty fun' as you put it. I just hadn't set an exact time limit. He isn't going to like the no psionics for a couple days especially with the tournament." I sigh. "As for the no fun in bed for two months ... that's likely to be more my fault it doesn't get obeyed." I say mischievously.

I note the new guy again as I head for my ship. I still didn't know his name nor entirely did I care about it. Something about him made me uneasy and slightly on edge.
IC: Sam looked at Serenity with a no bu!! look. "This is for his own good unless you would like me to put him in a medical coma for him to heal. I'm going to have the nurses put him in a gown and move him into the ward for him to rest. They will need to do an IV for so they can give him some medicne so if you hate needles here is your warning." He says with a serious tone before leaving the room to talk to the nurses.
{Right I'll be there shortly.} I start heading for the hive cluster after making sure I had what tools I would need. If his cybernetics were really badly damaged I'd have to move him to my ship where parts and more task specific tools were located.
I take note of the woman walking down the hall towards the hangar as well, but ignore her, letting my grip on the energy blade loosen before drawing the psi scythe from my back and igniting the blades, the crimson colored blades emitting an eery light as I fade from sight, the scythe with me. Now was a good time to see who's ship was who's so I could stay away from them. I also got a certain vibe from the woman, one that reminded me of a Ghost.
I grimace at the new guy as he pulls his scythe and cloaks. Not wanting to be out in the open and unarmed around a guy that gave off a terrible vibe I blink into my ship. "Who the hell is that and why the hell does he seem to be so frightening?" I ask myself.

I frown at Sam as he leaves. "Don't you dare put him in a coma!" I call sticking my head out the door for a moment. I sit down and mumble in Elerian for a bit arms crossed.
Uh, War, Jared is cloaked right then.

IC: I head for my own ship, uncloaking in front of it with the scythe still in hand, and begin working on my attack forms, the dual blades a blur as I slash and hack and block, moving smoothly and gracefully between forms and attacks, finishing with an attack that had the scythe spinning in the open palm of my hand as I swing from side to side, freezing as I finish the attack. Wonder if anyone would spar with me...nah, too early to think that there isn't at least one person trying to put a knife in my back.
I put some stuff in a small bag including what I was wearing when I arrived. I go into the armory and put my armor on then I grab my weapons and bag before exiting my ship and head over to the new person watching his every move.
IC: "Then listen to my medical orders. Last thing we need is for him to have brain damage becuase he over did it." Sam says as he walks back from talking to the nurses. "Listen I know you love him and I am pretty sure he has told you why we aren't on good term but when I am here in medbay I will try my best to heal and mend who ever walks in here even if I do not like them. Now the coma will be a last restort if he doesn't listen." He said with his arms crossed. Sam understood Serenity's concern and he wasn't trying to be rude or harsh but was just a little bit frustrated at the moment.
Spinning the scythe, I come back up to a ready position and go again, repeating all the maneuvers from before and adding a few more advanced ones, keeping an eye on the woman from the corner of my eye. She'll definitely try and put a knife in my back if her approach is anything to go by. Dropping low and doing a sweep kick on an imaginary foe, coming up with the scythe and cleaving him in two as I do. Spinning around, I keep up the motions, striking and parrying. Watching and waiting, I vanish from sight when the woman least expects it and reappear behind her, one of the scythe blades mere centimeters from her throat. "So, would I be right to say you or a parent was a Ghost?"

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No I can't zark using phone at school.

I nod. "I can keep him chaste for a while but the psionics I'm not as sure about." I had picked up on his anger and decided to tell him what Dante had said earlier. "He wants to talk with you." I say getting over my own annoyance.

"Mother. There is something about you makes me feel uneasy." I say being as non threatening and friendly as possible.
IC: "I figured as much.. tell me Serenity has Dante started to use that peanut of a brain yet?" Sam asked trying to calm himself down.
IC: "in fact i bet mine is larger than yours" i say my head pounding like a b!tch. "but you...... you must have a brain of a cricket thinking you could prevent your death. If you're looking for an apology i'll give you one, for wording what i wanted to say wrong. Your death is imminent, its not something you can avoid. I would give you 60 years if you're lucky. You make that women so happy that it'll count for 3 lifetimes in those years and you go. no matter how much setting up you can do she will miss you and she will probably be depressed. But that's part of life, everyone dies sometime and there's nothing you can do about it. Its the hard truth and its a truth you're going to have to accept"
I shake my head. "I'd say no for the most part probably. You need to rest Dante."
"Mother. There is something about you makes me feel uneasy." I say being as non threatening and friendly as possible.

The blade at the woman's neck vanished as I slide the scythe back into place on my back, walking around to face her. "And why would that be?" I crossed my arms, keeping watch for sudden movements towards her weapons. Didn't live as long as I had taking chances.
IC: "I take that as a no. I'm going to have the nurses run a MRI on you for brain damage." Sam says not hiding his disgust as he leaves to give the nurses their orders. After doing so Sam changes back into his normal clothes before leaving to go order the food.
IC: I shake my head "that boy. My lust for power is like his lust for life. Its not going to end well i know it" i say rubbing my temples.

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