Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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"I've met at least one person that has gone through most every psionic training and/or conditioning process that Terrans can come up with yet you ... you don't seem to have gone through any of them. And your gear ... the scythe is likely inspired by a Nerazim weapon of similar design but the rest of it ... where or who are you affiliated with?"

I sigh and go to Dante's side. "You need to rest. Also you need to learn when to talk like that."
IC: "I'm not so good with timing but i have a feeling that he wouldn't listen either way. He uses his mind yes but he has no sense of direction. You don't mess with death, its not something to be tampered with." i say before getting up "i'm fine now"
I grin behind my helmet, the visor and mouth guard splitting to reveal my face and the grin. "That's because Entities aren't trained by Terrans. We go to Shakuras and train with the Nerazim. The scythe was a gift from my teacher, Naaris. My gear was designed and built by the Raiders for Entities. We're who replace the dead Spectres." The grin then vanishes and I finally notice what was off about her. Some of her hair wasn't hair, it was severed Protoss tendrils. "You aren't fully human. Explains why you can blink."
I push Dante back onto the table. "No you are not! Either rest or your not getting any from me for two months." I say sternly very serious about what I has just said.

I nod. "No I'm not. Also explains why you make me uneasy. Very interesting, not many Terrans get to train with Nerazim." I inspect his armor admiring the engineering.
IC: I raise an eyebrow "Can i at least go back to the dorm? This table isn't exactly comfortable"
"When the Doctors are done with you yes but not until then."
"It was suggested by a family friend to Raynor early on in our fight against the Kels. He'd done it himself for reasons he wouldn't disclose to anyone. Naaris, his teacher at the time, had managed to get the Nerazim to support. I was only fifteen at the time I started training. Spent five years with the Nerazim, then the last five as a full fledged Entity. Spectres are still used only because it takes so long to train us." I turn away and draw the energy blade, the yellow curved weapon forming as it leaves it's sheath. "Need anything else?"
IC: "what else is there to examine? I overtaxed my mind and body and thats it"
"Only five years?" I ask incredulously. "Well ... I guess I could sign up as an Entity if I wanted to." I say with a slightly grin and a bit of mirth on my voice.

I sigh as a doctor comes in and sets up an MRI on Dante. "That when their done I'll take you back to the dorm." I say taking a step or two back.
IC: i sigh "fire away" i grumble
The doctor starts the MRI as I facepalm remembering what Sam had said. "Sorry Dante but I just remembered Sam said your in here for the night."
I start running through my forms, the helmet sealing back up as I shake my head. "Keep in mind there's a lot that a Nerazim learns to become Dark Templar that a Terran can't." I fought with the blade in a reverse grip, slashes the most common attack but with attack patterns that would make it hard to track where I would attack and how. "Anything," I sweep low with the blade and stand back up and ram it into the invisible foe's heart, "else, or we done here?"
"Eh I guess we are done." I turn to leave. "I spent 18 years living with Nerazim 15 of those training." I say before walking away.
IC: I face palm. "Great...... just great"
I continue my drills, dismissing what she said. You're also part Nerazim, girly. I do a rising uppercut slash, leaping into the air, then twist to reverse the direction of the slash and spin, flipping just before landing to land feet first and kneeling, breathing slowly. Standing up, I sheath the blade and head for the training room again. I needed more time on the range.
I nod. "I know you don't like it Dante but its better for you." I say the doctor finishing the MRI and removing it.
IC: "fine" i growl, crossing my arms
"Don't be like that." I say before giving him a soft kiss.

I look at the damage I had done to the tree and sigh. It would recover but would take some time to do so. I look over to Cynthia and think of making a shed or something out of the tree I had cut so she could have a little bit more privacy if she wanted.
IC: i return the kiss before pulling away. "well this is going to be a boring day" i say getting off the table and sitting in one of the chairs
"Just try and rest OK?"

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