Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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IC: Sam had finished setting up the food and drink for tonights dinner. He headed back into medbay to take a look at the early results. He could be seen outside of the exam room looking at the notes.
IC: "Well at least now i know summoning a giant demon tiger will kill me"
I nod. "No more of that. EVER! Oh and Sam said no psionics for a couple of days."
IC: Sam walked back into the exam room. "Ok they I talked to the nurses they will are getting your room ready right now. Dante you will need to rest in medbay for tonight and tomorrow. Serenty I made sure to that the room had a sofa in there for you" sam said with a kinder voice then eariler.
IC: "thanks" i say getting up and stretching "Serenity..... you know my answer. If it was for you, i'd do anything ya know" i add before turning back to Sam "lead the way i guess"
IC: Sam motioned Dante to sit in the wheelchair next to him. "And you are to remain off your feet untill tomorrow"
IC: "that's a bunch of bull. I didn't injure my feet at all"
Zaros sits in the corner of the training room, his eyes scanning over the new person; his palm tingling to wield his blade and test the man. He then sees the Brian entering behind the new person, his psyknife in hand. He latches his hand onto the mans shoulder and bends him down backwards. His knife soon follows, dissipating as it is about to reach him and the hilt slamming into the new person's chest. Zaros sighs, knowing that Brian wouldn't have come without a reason.

"You may think yourself good, but not good enough to take down the elites." Brian comments as his knife hilt moves away and his off hand pushes Jared back up. "Keep training, Raider."
IC: "No but you need to rest your whole body. There is a lot of stress built up in them and the more you use them the longer it will take to full recover. So you want to call bull then do it but you aren't leaving here unless you are in the %^#ing wheelchair." Sam said with an authority tone.
IC: "fine" i growl before sitting down on the wheelchair. "great.... i feel better already"
"Thanks Sam." I say thankful for the couch even if it wasn't going to be terribly comfortable. "Dante you get to rest or you won't be getting any for two months understand?" I say entirely committed to following through with that threat even though I knew I would hate it. "And sarcasm isn't going to get you out of here any faster."
IC: "Ok well here is your room, I know it isn't anything grand but you should be comfortable in here. If you need anything call me on the com or ask a nurse. talking about nurses another will be in here to make sure the IV is alright." Sam says before looking at his watch. "And I need to go work on my dorm so I will check on you tomorrow Dante. oh before I forget serenity there in the closet is some blankets and a few movies for you if you want them"
IC: "ya ya" i say, still irritated that i have to use the wheelchair. "Well lets go" i add before wheeling my way to my room
"Thanks Sam." I say helping Dante into the bed before going to sit on the couch.
As Jared approaches the training room, he can make out the muffled din of a sparring match, along with the occasional sound of tearing metal.
IC: "can you not baby me? I'm perfectly capable of getting in bed myself"
I pout for moment but nod. "Sure." I say as I sit down on the couch but don't look at Dante.
IC: "sorry its just..... i don't like knowing i'm pretty much useless for a day"
IC: "Two days." Sam shouts out from the hall while carrying a small bag.
"Its OK Dante." I say as I smile slightly. "Oh shut up and go do what ever you need to do!"

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