Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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IC: "You wanna watch a movie or something?" i ask
IC: Sam pops in and throws a pill bottle on the bed. "Those are vitamins mainly C and D your levels were very low." Sam says to Dante before leaving again.

{{I just finished up at medbay heading to the dorm now}} He radios to Tari
{{OK I'll be in the training room for a bit.}} I was in a private room sparing with some bots my bag sitting near the door.

I nod and get up to look at the movies. "Hmm so ... we seem to have a three disk set of the 'Transformers' series, Avengers, Avatar, Conan the Barbarian, the entire collection of Star Trek movies and TV episodes ... Anything specific out of that you want to watch?"
I tap the man's stomach with my energy blade, a slight hum coming from it. "Don't forget you're not the only armed person in here." Sheathing my energy blade, I resume firing down range at the various targets, stationary and moving. The sound of the sparring had been easy to zone out with a clear purpose, and the shooting that I was doing now only served to drown it out. Bloody Ghosts...
Zarkun, who are you talking about here:
05/01/2013 04:43 PMPosted by Zarkun
I tap the man's stomach
IC: "you pick" i say
I would be referring to Brian.
IC: {{Ok it should take me maybe an hour or two to get everything set up.}} Sam radios to Tari as he walks into their dorm
I nod and decide on the movie Avatar. I put in and grabbing a blanket I curl up on the couch to watch it wishing I could have curled up with Dante.

IC: The movie was boring for the most part. "I swear when these 2 days are up i'm going to run a f!cking marathon"
IC: A female nurse knocked on the door before entering. "Ok Mr. Dante I'm just going to put this IV in. Which arm do you prefer?" She asks while openning a draw to get the equipment she needed.
"But who has more experience? And a blade to the gut of someone who was through intense training won't hinder them much if they want to take off your head, especially a Ghost." Brian replies with a chuckle before calling out to his brother. "Zaros! I know you're somewhere in here! I need a word!" Zaros simply shakes his head and draws his sword. He slowly approaches Brian and decloaks, and waits half a second to swing his sword. Brian quickly pulls his arm up and parries the blow with his psyblade, pushing Zaros' arm back the tiniest bit and stumbling backwards in the process, making the push-off look like it came from Zaros.

"What is it?" Zaros asks, his blade coming to contact Brian's knee, only to be deflected by Brian's knife once more, though Brian falls in the process.

"The rogue Ghosts I was telling you guys about for security measures, yeah, they're here." Brian says from the ground, having his hand up, hoping for Zaros to pull him up.

Zaros glares at Brian, but grabs his arm and pulls his brother back up again. "I swear, if even one of them goes out of line, all of them are dead."

Brian grins and gives a mock salute, "Yes sir." He walks off to deliver the news to the rogues.

Zaros shakes his head as he sheaths his Katana. He mutters something about his brother in a quiet enough voice as so no one could hear him. He looks at the new person, who apparently was a Raider. "He's still in business?" Zaros asks him questioningly.
I stop firing a moment to look at the man who had spoken to me. "Jim? Yeah, we're fighting the Kel-Morians to get rid of their slavery usage. It'll take more than old age to keep him down anyways."
"Still surprised the Raiders are still going with Valerian in power, but I guess rebels will never fall." Zaros replies with a shrug. "So who are you, so I don't have to rip it from your mind?"
IC: "left" i reply
"Well," I turn around and face the man, leaning against the rifle rest, "I think it's only fair the one threatening shares first."
"I am not threatening you, but stating something. I share my name if you share yours, otherwise, I'll rip it from your mind and state my name." Zaros replies.
IC: "Ok take a deep breath and count to three for me" The nurse says after peparing the arm.
IC: i do as she instructed and counted to 3
IC: "Ok there we go. Either I or another nurse will be checking in hourly to check the IV" She says to Dante while cleaning up the equipment. "Oh and Ms. I know how hard those couches are.. listen I shouldn't do this but the beds are built to hold two people in them just so you know" She says to Serenity before leaving.

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