Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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I nod. "Thank you." I say my eyes having lit up a bit at hearing that. It would definitely be an improvement over the couch. I get up, pop in the Avengers movie and get in with Dante curling up on his right side so as to not disturb the IV. The bed was comfier, not by much but that didn't matter since I am able to be closer to Dante. I shift a bit as I get comfortable laying my head on his shoulder while we watch the movie.
IC: "ow ow, watch the IV" i say but smile anyways enjoying the company. The movie was boring though so i fell asleep
I stay awake for the entire movie and rather enjoy it but fall asleep shortly afterward. During the movie a nurse had come in to check the IV.
IC: Sam entered his dorm and started to clean it up and set up for tonight's fun.
I arrive at the hive and find Destron near the queen. He was pretty badly damaged. "Looks like this is your lucky day little zerg. Your lucky that I was here and am willing to fix you."
I start to work on fixing parts as quickly as I could.
IC: {{Ok honey I am almost finished.}} Sam Radios to Tari
{{OK I'll head down in a bit ...}} The sounds of metal on metal and a gun shot are heard over the com. {{I might need a shower though.}}
IC: {{I already took care of that too.}} Sam radios with a deep voice trying to be funny
{{Oh haha. Don't quit your day job.}}
IC: {{Hehe I thought I had the voice for the silent movies. But in all honesty I did set up something special for tonights shower}} Sam radios in his normaly voice.
"I am not threatening you, but stating something. I share my name if you share yours, otherwise, I'll rip it from your mind and state my name." Zaros replies.

"I understand you might be a teacher, but you should be fully aware that one doesn't simply 'rip' things from my mind without going through intense pain. So, again, give yours first. Then I'll give mine."

OOC: And don't pull some crap about teachers being automatically more powerful, SF. Jared is fully capable of repelling a mental attack.
{{Oh?}} I end my sparring session and leave the room grabbing my bag on the way.
{{Yep want me to go ahead and warm the water up?}} Sam asks
{{Mmm maybe.}} I say as I leave the training room and head for my dorm.
IC: {{Ok I'll get it ready then.}} Sam radio as he entered the bathroom and lite the candles. He kept checking around thinking she was about to blink in.
"Mental prowess requires great focus, especially against me." Zaros sends a great blow against the man's mind at the exact same time as throw his blade towards his arm. The dampeners would be unknown to this man, so it was either risk having mind penetrated, or take a major blow to the arm.
Both attacks are deflected and I push back with my energy blade, glaring at the man. "Look, if this is how you're gonna be, you DON'T need to know my name."
"Then maybe you should have properly responded." Zaros sighs. "I have had enough of this." His rifle is grabbed telekinetically and comes to his hand. Zaros exits, somewhat irritated by this man.
Sheathing the energy blade, I shake my head and return to firing at the targets. After a few minutes, I sigh and place my rifle back on my back, cloaking and heading for the dorms. Time to see who lives where...
I was in my room studying the tomb. It cover what in my culture was considered arcane arts to most of the non-psionic population. To the psionics or those that understood more the realized that it was just another step forward in our race and was something to work on mastering. Sadly many that didn't understand it dominated most of the consul and set such strict laws on psionics. This tomb in particular cover more advanced forms of healing that was not far from my own abilities. I would have to practice it but I could definitely use in time.

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