Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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"Hmm so you, Zack, Andy who I don't want to meet according to Zack, and Laura who I'm not sure about. Who is the other one here?"
"Flint, he's technically my uncle now but he runs the mechanical department over here. He takes some business trips though. What he's doing? I don't know."
"Guess I'll say hi to him later. What were you like before ... before you became a changeling." I nearly start beating my head on the side of the ship for having asked that.
"I was a hybrid... Terran and Protoss. And emotional wreck... still am... Umbra thinking I'm perfect.. she's like an aunt. And so on. Painful... Then when I died when I was turned pure by the ones I'm going to kill."
I nod. "Well that sounds like it sucked. I am ... was a Protoss-Terran hybrid before the Dominion made me into a changeling. Ex-ghost mother that is dead and I have no idea where my father is not that I really care. Destroyed the whole damn facility with my bare hands. Forcibly purifying what makes a person that person is ... despicable." I lean against the ship slightly irked.
I gave a slight nod as the Zerglings began to disappear in a cold mist. "Yeah... It does suck at times. And the woman that did it to me... I don't know what they were trying to accomplish but this woman... Mira... She definitely had problems in the head. She was talking to herself at times, yelling at herself while tossing lab equipment across the room, vials... But that wasn't the only thing. I was dying... she took my unborn child. It was supposed to die but it didn't... and it's pure now. For some reason... something is watching it."
I stare at Cynthia a shocked at the last part. "Wh- ... I guess ... you want it back don't you?"
I gave a sad look. Seeing that expression that showed on Jake's face. "Yes... I was wronged. But I'm afraid I might not be able to save it."
I nod my face going somber noting her expression. "Sorry I just ... I never would have guessed you were pregnant. I'll help however I can."
"It's okay... I don't know what came over me when I first did it... A few months ago. It was something I wasn't expecting. I just lost it as my body spoke but my mind couldn't. After being lonely for so long and finally finding someone... Then again, he blew it from what he said after we came back here after being rescued. So I made the decision." I say.
IC: "not the way i did it. The people i killed...... they were good, they were the ones who wanted to overthrow the terran Dominion in hopes of a better world. But me....... they turned me into a pawn"
"Well you wouldn't happen to be looking for anyone special now would you?" I ask with a joking smirk knowing full well that she is.

"Key word in there is 'did'. That isn't how you operate anymore. Focus on the here and now, do something to redeem yourself."
IC: "what have i done? I've gotten my old girlfriend killed, and in every mission i'm just that sitting duck that gets tossed around. I'm not Terrance with his ghoster or you with earth bending powers. As much as electricity is nice its basic"
I gave my own devilish smirk as an arm hit Jake's. "You seem to be wanting some attention... Since Zack was lazy. I'll cut him some slack. Shall we meet later today or do you want to go ahead and do something now?"
I frown slightly. "You're just not being creative with it. Making shapes, objects and animals with your ability will give you a lot of control."

I think for a few moments. "Eh I don't have much to do though I guess I could go train or maybe work on my own ship. Unless there is something specific you had in mind."
I gave a smile towards Jake as I decided that I could walk away but I didn't want to. "Hmm... I don't know. I don't have anything else to do either. Could go ahead and do some research on some of the local animals down in these caverns. If anyone asks where I am... that's where I'm at." It was partially the truth. I was going to come up with my own project to advance my own power.
IC: "creative? CREATIVE!" i roar getting up "What are animals going to do? Did it do anything for me when Cynthia was bleeding out on the ground? Did creativity help me when my brother murdered my family!!" i scream as electricity sparks off of me "tell me..... TELL ME HOW THAT IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME POWERFUL!!!" i shout as a tiger with 2 arms appears behind me made out of electricity roaring as i say that sentence.
"Mind if I join you?" I ask a bit hesitantly.

I stand up but don't look at Dante instead I had my side turned to him while I stared at my feet. "Dante ... Strength and power are different. I don't value power like you do. I value strength of mind, will and body in a mate. Power can bring happiness but more often than not it only brings pain and suffering. That is one problem Terrans have you seek power over others." Everything about me radiated sadness.
I gave a slight frown while deciding what I should do. "Sure... as long as you can keep a slight secret of course." I begin my trek with Jake behind me. The easiest way to get to the location was through the environment.
"Yeah I can keep a secret. I've got a few secrets of my own I don't really plan on sharing with anyone." I say speeding up just a bit so I am walking beside Cynthia.

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