Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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When we were out of earshot from everyone, especially Zack, I told Jake. "Okay... I am going to be doing research. But I'm also working on a project to increase my power. Zack told me about Solar Flare. It involved Pryokinetics. I'm a Cryokinetic... I'm going to increase it's power and adapt. Force my body to change and adapt in a better way."
"Want some help? I'm not that great when it comes to researching stuff but I'd certainly make for a good way to test stuff out."
IC: i collapse on my knees. "but how do you have will if you don't have the power to protect the ones you love. That feeling that you're always the one being protected." i mumble as the tiger disappears "but it isn't always about me is it? All this time while i was down in the dumps, i never once considered how others would feel. If they would want a person with insurmountable power and wouldn't understand the petty problems of man...... or one who had the will to overcome limits and stand beside them, overcoming one hurdle at a time"
I gave a frown as my head turned towards its left and looked into Jake's eyes. "Are you sure? And even what I'm doing could be dangerous to myself and I don't know what could happen. Because quite frankly... I'm literally going to force myself to change... Inside, outside... permanent? I don't know what might happen. The changes might end up being cosmetic. Almost as if adaptability and evolution were working side by side. I'm not a big fan of that theory... But I'm truly forcing myself to change as a result of adapting and etc. You understanding any of this because I'm not quite sure I understand."
"Eh sort of. And yes I am. I don't really care and besides you are a changeling if you don't like the cosmetic results, if there are any, you can just return to looking as you are now." I keep eye contact and smile warmly. I was sincere in my want to help her. "And who knows ... maybe we will end up helping each other."

"Exactly take it one step at a time. Pursuit of power for the sake of power only leads to loneliness and pain." I walk over to the door. "When you have thought it over I'll be in the dorm." I say before leaving.
I gave a snort as we hit dirt and lush vegetation. "I know I can change them. I'm talking about the more... permanent cosmetic changes... Something that will stick with me forever. Hell I don't know. Though... I wonder how fun it would be being someone else. Not Cynthia, but almost an entirely new person." Thoughts were racing through my head. It could be a suitable change at times. If things get to hot on me... I can be someone else. Perfect for infiltration or just to have fun. "Hmm... That would be interesting."
I chuckle knowing what was going through her mind without having to read it. " I know and its not as fun alone." I say with a grin.
I looked back at Jake, he was planning on something and yet... It sounded fun. "Oh really now? Almost like roleplay sent to the extreme. Quite literally you are someone else."
I nod still grinning. "Yeah I impersonated a few dominion officers and ruined their reputations and when I was done I left and they were found mostly naked in some public venue. I never impersonated any females though."
I laughed at what Jake was telling me. It sounded like a grand time. Almost... to fun. I wanted to join in these shenanigans. My inner rebel. "That is so priceless! I have never impersonated a male either. It would be awkward though."
"Yeah I did enjoy it but it gets boring after a while. There were ..." I trail off realizing what I was about to say.
I think I figured out what Jake was saying. "Hmm... Like the officers wives or they had an affair and they cornered you?" I asked, not really wanting an answer but I did. "But it could be interesting though..."
"Uh ... yeah ..." I say lying but doing my best to make it seem like the truth.
"Okay... I believe you." I say, not really paying any attention right now as I headed towards another corner.
I sigh inwardly glad she didn't pick up on that deception. "So what is first on the agenda other than getting to where ever we are heading."
A shrug could be seen as it got noticeably darker in this abyss. Moss and vines climbing up the rocks as water trickled down the cracks. "I'm actually not to sure... Maybe set up a field of energy so no one can detect me. I need privacy for this to work... Not even Zack should get involved. And once you get back to the academy... You tell Zack that I'm doing something, research."
IC: Sam yawned for a moment before returning his book. "hmm that was a good read. I wonder where the next part is" he says softly.
"You sure you want Zack to know at all? And why would I be going back alone?" I ask looking around.

I look up at Sam and shake my head. "Probably next to where you found that one."
"Hmm... I guess you are right. Just tell him that I am mediating all alone. He'll know and he'll believe me. If he doesn't... Oh well, the energy field will keep him from finding me. And you would be going alone because I was planning on making this my new area of rest. My room isn't a pretty sight. Plus the staff can finally take control of the computer room which was my room." I say, not completely realizing that Jake might want to stay.
IC: "Nope isn't there.... what in the world is this... the force for dummies? Naa better put that back" Sam says while looking for the next book.

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