Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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IC: Sam leaves the Library and hurries to medbay. In medbay a very large box waited for sam. He peered into the box to find a few gifts from one of his contacts. "To Wofle.. Thank you for funding my venture into my favorite feild." Sam reads outloud before luaghing. "Now how did that fool get this here"
"Well I've been living with a nosy AI for the past year or so and before that in a Dominion lab. I've had little to no privacy that whole time. Though I think I will remove the AI from my ship later. And who knows what kind of mischief we can get into down here ... all alone."
I give, but this had better be good...

With a groan, I slowly uncurl and sit up;
...where the hell is that stuck-up fool?...
Carefully getting to my feet, I change out of my kimono and back into my gear. Exiting the Windseeker I look around the hanger.
IC: I opened the door to my dorm. "Serenity..... I'm sorry. You're right, i was a fool thinking that power could bring me happiness. Even with all the power in the world i can't bring my loved ones back. I just gotta take it one step at a time"
Time seems to fly when you're gaming...

IC: I fly into the hangar, a wave of blue energy pushing me, and tumble across the ground, taking advantage of the momentum to land on my feet. "Bloody hell..." The rapier wielding figure walks in slowly, waiting for me to make a move.
IC: Sam was wondering how the package got here. One of the doctors told him they had order somethings and this got attached to it by a smuggler. "Well that explans it then." Sam says before taking the package to his room.
Curled up on the bed with my face hidden by my arms and tail I ignore Dante having entered the room. I heard every word but I was pretending to be asleep still a bit distraught from earlier.

I check out the book since I hadn't finished it and blink to my dorm appearing right behind Sam and throwing my arms around him book still in hand. "So what cha get?"
"Damn AI's... I'm becoming annoyed of Snow. Then don't get me started about the AI's that think they are the best just because someone rich or powerful! Pisses me off... But yeah, a lab sounds suckish as well." I pointed out. "Oh... You think we are going to get into that kind of mischief... eh? We'll just wait and find out."
IC: Sam jumps a little before looking at Tari. "Give me warning when you do that. Mainly booze from a old contact who finally got his brewery running. Void Whisky, Bannling Absinthe, Nuclear Vodka... it looks pretty good maybe try some later." He says before putting the odd shaped bottles on a shelve. he then pulls out a box of long red candles
i sigh "thats why i've finally mustered up the courage to go off world..... to make a memorial for my parents....."
I arch an eyebrow;
"Who the hell is that?"
I ask Terance, carefully moving to his side, my eyes never leaving the mysterious figure.
I shrug. "Not quite yet but eventually, I think and sorta hope."

"Spoil sport." I shake my head at the alcoholic drinks and grab those I had acquired earlier and add them to the shelf.

I look up at Dante with a slightly shocked expression. It didn't look quite right due to the fur around my eyes being matted. "D-do you want me to go with you?" I ask my voice a bit shaky.
IC: "if you want to sure but i'm not forcing you to do anything" i say grabbing a PDA and getting permission to go off world
IC: "Who are you calling spoiled?" Sam teases Tari as he pulls out a smaller box from the package.
"I don't know you yet. But you are welcome to stay for however long my 'research' takes." I say. Resting my back against a rock wall.
I rub my eyes trying to get my fur to stop being matted. "I'll come."

"No one."

"Well that is something we can remedy."
IC: "you sure you still seem kinda..... daunted" i say
I nod. "Yeah I am sure and I'm fine Dante."
IC: i head to the hangar grimly
"Oh, and how is that, Jake?" I ask with full on cooperation... for now.

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