Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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I follow Dante. "Dante whats up?"

"We talk or perhaps a simpler way is just share memories but I kind of prefer to talk." I say siting against a tree.
IC: "this task........ i don't take it lightly"
"Talking is nice." I say. "And I never did understand the concept of sharing memories. Good thing you didn't want to. It might be unpleasant. Just the feeling of it."
IC: "Sure you're not" Sam teases again as he pulls Tari closer to him.
"Of course but you don't have to be so dire about it."

I nod. "Yeah. So ... what to start with ..."

"You're taking all the fun out of being able to Blink." I say with a smile before I kiss him deeply.
IC: "bad memories..... its just bad memories" i say as the door to the hangar opens
I gave a shrug, not completely sure. "I don't know, do you?"
IC: "Well if you keep kissing me like that maybe I can overlook it" Sam says with a grin as he returns the kiss. " I could use a drink how about you?"
I arch an eyebrow;
"Who the hell is that?"
I ask Terance, carefully moving to his side, my eyes never leaving the mysterious figure.

I grunt as I spin the long sword, lunging forward towards them. "Family." Our blades cross again, the sound of metal on metal ringing out through the hangar.
I shake my head. "Not right now but thanks for the offer anyway."

"Dante I'm here for you if you need anything." I say trying to be comforting.

"Not really." I spend a moment thinking. "What is your favorite song?" I say as an ice breaker of sorts.
IC: "I'm fine..... I'm fine" i say climbing into the cockpit of my wraith
IC: "you sure?" Sam asks as he pulls out a package of mint tea. " I have a water heater for tea just need to plug it up and put some water in it."
I find it amazing the sound of two people sword fighting is so easily ignored. -.- Darkra.
"I've heard of this one old Earth classic that I liked. Umbra did spoil me so I got a chance at listening to some really old songs. Runnin' Down a Dream. A song by Tom Petty." I say, remember that tune.
I glance at the two fighting and shake my head not caring to much and thinking they are stupid, crazy or just plain mad at each other. I shift into a hedgehog as I hop into Dante's wraith. I end up in a small pocket on the side of his seat with my clothes on the floor beneath me.

"Tea I'll take alcohol no."

"Huh I don't think I have heard that one. Mine is an old song also. Without You. Don't remember who made it off the top of my head though. If you were Emperor/Empress of the Dominion what would you do with it?"
IC: "that's going to be awkward when you change back" i say closing the cockpit and lifting off
I find it amazing the sound of two people sword fighting is so easily ignored. -.- Darkra.
IC: "haha I'm not THAT heavy of a drinker Tari" Sam jokes as he starts to heat up some water for the tea. "there are two mugs next to the bannling abistin mind getting them?"
OOC: its amazing what a depress guy can ignore when they're about bury their parents -.-
I huff at Dante slightly as I make myself comfortable in the pocket.

I smile and nod but don't get up. The two mugs lift up and then float down to Sam. "There ya go."

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