Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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IC: "Show off" Sam teases as he fills the mugs with mint tea. "Here you go honey?"
IC: it was a quiet ride. In short time i made it to my home planet. It was a planet solely occupied for agriculture. It didn't have a name, only binary code. I landed near a burned down house and jumped out, taking Serenity out of my pocket as well.
I take the cup and curled up against the wall slightly I inhale deeply the scent helping me relax. "Thanks." I say before taking a sip.

I stretch a bit but remain as a hedgehog for now. I kind of enjoyed the experience and I wasn't too keen on changing right now. I follow Dante easily.
I gave a funny little frown as I pondered on this. Looking over yonder real quickly before looking back at Jake. "I don't know... I don't want to be a leader."
IC: Sam sits next to Tari "I was asking if you wanted honey" He says holding up a small bottle of pure honey. "although you are sweet like honey"
IC: I stood in front of the burned ruins of my house. "Hey Serenity..... could you raise an pillar made of Earth for me?"
"Nor do I. Power like that ... it isn't worth it. I'd rather be ignominious but strong." I set a couple electric birds flying about. "I guess I could just regale you with the story of my past. But that would likely be rather boring."

I nod. "Sure."

I nod and shortly after a pillar appears but is only a few feet tall and about a foot in diameter.
IC: i draw my combat knife and begin to scratch out words
I grunt as I spin the long sword, lunging forward towards them. "Family." Our blades cross again, the sound of metal on metal ringing out through the hangar.

[Alicia] 'cause that's descriptive...
I think, watching the fight, ready to lend a hand if need be.
IC: Sam adds some honey into her tea and mixes it with a spoon before mixing it into his tea. "you seem drained" He says softly
"Hmm, that would be lov-" Ice began to form the entrance of this little cave. Forming over each other as you couldn't even see through. Unbreakable as I began to lose concious. "-ly. Maybe you can tell m-" My head collapses on Jake as my never blinking. But there was a pulse and I was breathing slightly.

I gasped with air as I noticed where I was again... my mind.
The rapier wielding figure blocks a cross slash from me and pushes both blades up, kicking me back. I grunt, sliding backwards a few feet before stopping and leaping forward, knocking the rapier to the side and round housing the figure in the head, knocking them away. They hold up a hand and lower their helmet, revealing long blonde hair with large, almond shaped brown eyes and and attractive face wearing a condescending smile. "Hello Terance. Daddy says hi." I glare at her, not shifting from the ready stance I'd adopted. My own eyes were mixed with disbelief, hate, and anger, though mostly hate and anger.

A few guards find the shriveled and broken form of Destron in his room. Shaking his head, the Lorian grab Destron and starts asking his buddies about whether he should be taken to the mechanics or the Zerg. They settle on the Zerg and throw him into the Hive. As they leave a few Zergling crowd around him, poking at his damaged mechanical features when he wakes.

The oil like being begins through the environments, keeping out of the vision of the cameras.
I give the woman a once over and grunt, unimpressed;
"I take it this is your sister then?..."
I watch Dante carve slightly curious.

"I'm fine. Just had an eventful day is all." I take a sip of the tea.

I sigh and lay Cynthia down gently. I get up and make a small bed-pallet out of whatever soft materials I could find in the cove before moving Cynthia onto it. "Sleep well beautiful." I say before resuming my seat under the tree watching her and the surrounding area.
I nod as she sheaths her rapier, reaching into a pouch and pulling something out and walking towards me. "Yeah. I refer to her as Queen b!tch." Talia's eyes narrow dangerously and a hand reaches for a rapier. I deftly sheath the long sword and draw a revolver, a single round, skimming her armor. "I wouldn't if I were you. I played fair before, but I won't now." She glares daggers in my direction and continues her approach, stopping in front of me.

"Who's the wh.ore?"
IC: "That makes two of us" Sam says while putting his arm around Tari. "I think I should have stole a few cookies from the cafe"
this isn't going to end well...

"Me? I'm nobody important, just a wh*re."
I say with a casual smile, walking over to the pair.
Destron: I open my organic eye and see a few Zerglings standing over me. I shoo them away and eject Deathwing's mechanical parts. leaving them for the Zerglings to chew on. I then start to cover and smear the Creep on me, healing me faster and helping me regain energy. The mechanical parts would take longer and many of the important components were too heavily damaged to be repaired. As I smeer the Creep on me I look around for a way out.
Just for a side note, Talia is a total b!tch and considers herself better than everyone, so....this is going to be a rare thing.

IC: I wince and almost pull the trigger again but refrain, holstering the revolver and sighing. "What do you want, Talia? And how did you ever find me?" Talia ignores me however, deciding to continue beating down Alicia in a mental manner.

"Is my brother so desperate for pleasure he's turning to women like you? Fitting I suppose, since he's worthless himself."

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