Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVII

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I grin;
"Hey, at least I have the experience to give him a good time. That's gotta count for something."
I say, causally riposting her words;
"Pardon me, it seems I've got a bit of an itch..."
I say, pulling off one of my gauntlets, gently scratching at the exposed skin.
I nod as I get myself comfortable against Sam. "You should have but you didn't so oh well."
IC: "Maybe next time" sam says while sipping his tea
I depart my ship and start to go through the hanger to check on my droid's work. I notice Terance and Alica talking to another person that I haven't met. Figuring it was another student I decide to not intervene and continue wandering around the hanger.
I mentally make a note to keep Alicia and Talia far away from each other if she and I do ever make it further than dating. Grabbing Talia's shoulder, I force her to face me, hence her attention focused back on me. "Reason for being here, now. And how you got here. Now." My voice was cold and hard and she gave an exasperated sigh.

"I never could understand why daddy didn't disown you when you were little. I tracked your walker over there, using the homing beacon I had Viola install before you vanished on all of us. Daddy wanted me to give you these schematics." She revealed a flash drive in her hand which I promptly took.

"What's are they?" She snorted, closing her helmet and walking away.

"He said something about augmenting your blades or even creating a new kind. I didn't listen too closely since I didn't care." With that, she vanished back into the desert and I sigh in relief, leaning against a nearby crate feeling suddenly trained.

"Merciful God, but why Talia?"
I sigh, putting my glove back on;
"Pity, I was about ready to haul off and slap that little princess... Oh well, probably for the best."
I say blandly, my anger at her words suddenly flashing through my eyes and psychics, as I'd kept it pent up so she wouldn't have any warning.
I glance over at Alicia and wince. Damn my sister and her ways. Shaking my head, I turn the flash drive over in my hand, trying to figure it out. Dad and I had spoken harshly the night before I left, him threatening to disown me if I did leave. After I had, we hadn't spoken even once in the years I'd been gone. Sighing, I put it in a pouch for later review. "Sorry about that. Not something I was expecting."
I grunt;
"It's fine.. and a nice little distraction from our current problem. I'm sorry, Terance, but your actions?... Talk about melodramatic."
I say blandly, gesturing the carnage from his cannons.
"What do you--" I look over at the ledge and grimace, noting the blood from behind it. "Sh!t...must have been one of Destron's pets. Haven't had a chance to add them as friendly." Shaking my head, I turn to Alicia. "As for the rest, that's all a good ways out, so I doubt you can see it from here."
"Still... Ternace, all I did was tell the truth when asked a simple question... And what do I get in response?! You firing off those bloody guns for easily half a f*cking hour! Not to mention all the empathic feedback you were giving off through our link!!"
I almost shout, tears starting to stream down my face.
I stop my training for now and head to the mess hall to grab a quick light meal and some water.
"How am I supposed to feel, Alicia? I told you from the start that I didn't believe in that, in any way, shape or form." I look her in the eyes and the whirlwind of emotions showing in my eyes, though nothing was coming through the link. "How am I supposed to react?"
"I know you don't... So why do you think I did my best to keep anything from happening?! The only reason I said what I did is because Tari wanted to know what was up! Otherwise I would never had said anything at all! I certainly didn't want to come between her and Sam!... By the gods, can you at least be a little more tolerant when some random event does bring it up?!?"
I shout, curling over in tears.
"This is the second time, Alicia, or did you forget the night you were captured?" My voice was calm and even, no hint of emotion anywhere but my eyes.
"I'm not f*cking perfect!! And you need to get over that fact! I'll do my best, but it's part of who I am... so if you can't somehow come to terms with that... this isn't going to work..."
I say, sobbing.
I feel there's a word missing from there...

IC: I wasn't sure how much longer I could keep myself in check, so I said the one thing that had bothered me since the first time. "In the ten years you were looking for Stefan, did you even ONCE try and stop those habits? Just one time?"
Thanks. And it's ten years, not fifteen.

"No. I never had a reason to. And I don't just sleep with any random schmuck. Only a couple of my closest friends were more than once and none of them were with anybody else at the time. The few others were also good friends and it was usually to help them through an incredibly difficult part of their life."
I shake my head and look away, sighing. "I'm not saying I can't adjust, but if you had been that worried about things with Tari, you'd have made something up when she asked." I look her in the eyes again and now those too were showing no emotion. "I love you, Alicia, more than I can possibly put into words. You know that. And it's because of that that each time you do that, it cuts deeper than any blade or bullet can go."
I take a deep breath and clean away my tears;
"I don't lie unless I absolutely have to. It makes things so much simpler in the long run. I have too much respect in myself and her to lie about something like that. Besides, she probably would have been able to tell if I was lying... And Terance? I respect your views as well. I would never and will never take another partner while I'm with you."
I say, giving him a hug.

Wandering through the halls, I swing by the sim room and step over to Flint;
"Flint? You have a moment?"
I ask.
"Yes, how can I help you?"

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