Of Ice and Glory Pre-RP

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Name: James Falcon
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Appearance: An old navy yet, clean cut, still brown hair. Roughly 5'10, 190 pounds. Has a rather muscular build for his age, and a mustache.
Unit: N/A
Backstory: He had a moderately successful career in the Navy, before turning to exploration as a means to earn prestige and honours. He was born into a well-to-do family, who spoiled him with a wonderful Naval education. He is a thick-skulled, dead serious, and very traditional man, who still has kindness enough.
Rank: Captain

We'll start once I type out the intro.
As for your in-RP rank, I assume you'd want Engineer First Class. This I can provide, though I don't know why you'd be that low of a rank when so experienced. I also don't trust you (or anybody) as initial chief engineer. I suppose it could be arranged, but only with the term that you may die quickly.
IF I join, can I be at least a Marine captain? There is a difference.
IF I join, can I be at least a Marine captain? There is a difference.
Indeed, there is one. However, I am wary of adding too many classes. I was planning on throwing that responsibility on a Sergeant First Class, so you can be that and have the same effect.
Captain Mark Stanley

^(RPer name)^
Name: Teo Garand
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lithe, muscular build, roughly 5'11" tall, black hair cut short but not too short, Obi-Wan style mustache and beard (Best way to put it I could think off), Green eyes. Wears leather jacket over a tee shirt, black jeans and combat boots when inside.
Unit: Assault Marine (Basically armed and armored better than your standard Marine)
Backstory: Teo went through basic training top of his class. Came from a family who was always on hard times, and lived in the slums of Korhal because of it. He enlisted to try and better things for his family but they were dead at the hands of a local gang by the time he got home. From there the military became his life until he reached where he is now, helping ensure the success of the Erebus.
Rank: SFC
Accepted. Demoted to Sergeant. Unit denied, as it is considered custom. Unit will be "Marine".

I hope you don't actually plan on going outside in that. You wouldn't last long.
Hence the inside only note about it. Other than that, shweet.

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