LaG Gaming Recruiting

Clans and Groups
Server: NA

Team Name: [LaG] Latest and Greatest Gaming

General Team Level: High Master - Grandmaster

Looking For:
-High Masters (1300+)
-Dedicated and Hard Working Managers

Races: All

Description: LaG Gaming is a highly competitive High Master to Grand masters semi-professional team that has placed Top 8 in ESEA a Top Premier Team League. Raising players that now play on FXO and IS, we bolster an impressive lineup of players from all races but now we are actively recruiting. We are looking to strengthen our lineup for the upcoming season of Team Leagues and clan wars, we are searching for players from all races to help us reach the next level again.

-Team Player
-Willing to Practice
-Willing to Grow
-Willing to Compete in Lans

General Manager: LaG.Lizard
Asst. Manager: LaG.Xonix
Email: ,
skype: AlonsitoV , Xonix.Loganlol

Website:] - (New website soon)
Twitter: @LaGSC2
bump because we are awesome :D

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