Fade, Part 1

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Book 1, "Into Darkness".

Here is the the sign-up sheet:


"....relics found within the area seem to be quite powerful. In fact, it seems quite likely that crystals capable of storing Es may be found here, giving us the opportunity to....."

The man speaking at the auditorium stage continued to speak, his "little" speech lasting for almost an hour now. The king sat in a special seat, high above the many politicians that sat below. He made a sigh when the speaker passed the hour mark. For a man known for his patience, his boredom was going to get the best of him soon.

"Ki. When are the people that Sher requested arriving?"

The king's personal bodyguard took a moment to respond. Unlike his king, he was quite interested in the current topic.

"The meeting is an hour, my king. Our visitors should be within the city gates."

"That sounds like excellent news right now. Now, I can finally get off of this blasted chair...."


You are currently within the city gates. You have an hour to arrive at the king's castle, so until then, you can fully travel within Bastion, the City of Gears.

(Bastion is a very technological city, having a very "steampunk" appearance when it comes to its machines, largely known for the giant gears throughout the city. Airships and technology such as television is very common here.)
As I was not part of the first one, I'd like a little clarification. Our characters have been summoned to the city for some reason unknown to them?
Leaning on my staff, I look around, surveying the city, my face unreadable, seemingly indifferent to the world;
...there is something to be said for technology, but this place... is too much... I miss the rolling farmland...
I was already climbing up the side of a building to the rooftops, figuring some free running practice before heading for the palace. Reaching the roof of the building I'd scaled, I take a moment to plot a route. I'd also look for crooks along the way, stop them in the middle of their activities.
Klazik sits peacefully on the edge of one of a a red-shingled rooftop, his eyes looking around everything with his unpleasant and emotionless glare. Slowly he rises as the shadows take him, and his form disappears from the light. He drops down, his hand holding onto the edge of the roof, and then he jumps down to the ground, all the souls around him oblivious to his presence as only the distortion of a slight amount of dust would be seen. Slowly he moves through the crowds, looking for some sort of smithy.

Morris stands in awe of the city. The most he had ever seen in a town was maybe a factory or two. He stands like an idiot at the gates, but someone bumping into him pulls him back to reality. He shakes his head a few times before starting to walk through the streets, for a general store as to find where he can sell the skins he had in his bag.
OOC: Third person just for sh!ts

IC: Zero looked over the lanscape of the rolling city. all these people, frozen in time and memory. They have lost their imagination..."This world shall burn and be born anew...... The stage is already set" he says to no one in particular as he disappears with the wind
With a sigh, I roll my shoulders and start walking towards the castle, using my staff as a walking stick;
...no reason to keep the royal summons waiting...
In the antechamber of the ancient Dragon's Hollow a statue stirs. The Hollow needed to be maintained so as to protect the slumbering eggs within. The first of the new Anguis marked to come to the Hollow was not terribly far from being ready to complete his trial. "Much to do and so little time. Do not worry young one I won't kill him but I won't go easy on him either." Says an ancient and gravelly voice to seemingly no one.
Leaping over a gap and rolling as I land, I come up and keep sprinting, spinning around coolant vent and leaping over another gap to a slightly lower roof top, rolling again then continuing my sprint.
Walking down the street, I note the fellow running along the rooftops and shake my head in amusement;
...wonder what his problem with streets is?...
IC: I jump down from my perch. I saw a group of 4 city guards in the corner and approach them. They scowl at me as i speak "excuse me good sirs would you mind being my escort?" i ask as my eyes flare red behind my mask as their scowls become pleasant smiles "but of course" they reply
Zark gave me permission to do this with Jason. and yes he and I are calling bull!@#$ Dante. besides you are here to see the king. Causing trouble (mind controlling guards) is VERY bad idea

Jason spots a guy with four guards and notes the sudden change in expression and demeanor in the guards. He draws a revolver and shoots the one guy in the arm twice before continuing on.
Klazik witnesses a man take the minds of guards, or what seemed like it. He tails behind, his shortsword slowly being drawn.

Morris finds his way to the general store and finds he can sell his the pelts there. He generously thanks the man after getting a fair deal for the pelts and starts to head for the palace.

"Just need to say this, Es does not equal Abnorme (I forgot to say this in the sign up thread, sorry), and the guards would be rather strong minded."
IC: "You are dismissed" i say as the guards leave, the one that's injured heading to be healed. I really didn't give much of a damn for them anyways, servants of the 'city'.
Darkra that was YOUR character that Jason shot.
"You can't tell that Klazik's there. He's extremely stealthy and invisible. The speed in which he is drawing his sword would also not create sound."
OOC: you need to be clearer on these things SF and morph just pretend the guard took the shots for me i have a feeling SF is going to take care of the whole injury punishment stuff anyways.

IC: I decide to change out of my costume and adapt a more simple look, this ensamble was attracting too much attention. I walk into a nearby clothing shop and head for the change rooms
My eye twitches, and my hand starts to raise, a knife about to be bloodied in hand. Someone comes in and pushes my arm down, whispering something into my ear and I sigh. "Darkra, if you read my first post, you would see that he would be invisible..."

Klazik continues to follow, waiting just outside the shop for the man to exit, and the shadows in the nearby alley reach out slightly in anticipation.
IC: I change into a simple civilian garb and pay the shopkeeper, keeping my costume in my cloak. I walk out, merging into the crowd.

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