Fade, Part 1

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"I hear ya Sulis. Wonder how long it took and how much it cost to build." I follow behind Sulis looking over the ships details on the outside trying to find spots to hide near view ports in case I needed to hide.
IC: "I'm going to go and try to find a room" Sulis says as she boards the ship.
The captain watches the group board from the bridge. "Status?!"

"The final group of passengers is boarding now and all cargo is stored. Passengers are aboard and we have clearance. Ready to launch Sir!" Replies the first officer.

"Then lets go!"

"Yes Sir!" The first officer turns to the rest of the bridge crew and begins to issue orders as the ship begins to leave the port.
IC: Instead of going to find a room Sulis instead found her way to the deck and sat close to the side to watch as the ship moved. Feeling relax she started to hum and that hum turned into singing.

OOC: For what she is singing take the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5TWGfFJlpQ
I head for a room and upon arriving in one I set my gear on a near by bedside dresser.
Wandering up through the ship, I make my way to the deck. Heading to the prow, I lean up against the rail, brooding.
IC: Sulis was still singing not knowing if anyone was near her at the moment.
Hey guys, I'M BACK!

I will start posting tomorrow, possibly early in the morning if I do get up that early.
yay ... now if only zark would return for long enough to get some furthering of our sub-plot done. eh ... whatever ... he still doesn't have full internet access for another 2 or so weeks.
The ship slowly passed over a large canyon, a large river passing through the gorge. It's been over several hours since your departure. You've passed the boundaries of any kingdom in your path, crossing over to territory that are mutual land that is fair game to anyone willing to risk it.

The captain spoke into the intercom, his voice a little muffled.

"Attention. We are reaching the temple. Please prepare for landing."

The ship suddenly stopped while above the gorge. Again, the captain made an announcement.

"Prepare for a fight. Multiple pirate ships spotted. Remain low profile."

The ship moved slowly in to the shadows of the gorge, trying to blend in.

"All crew to positions. Passengers, keep all weapons ready if we are spotted."
I rest my hand on my short sword. It seems things might be getting interesting fast.
IC: Sulis pulls out her long bow and arrows before hidding behind the railling.
Dropping down behind the railing, I peek up over the edge, flame-like shadows starting to gather around my staff.
"Ah it seems he has mostly made his way here ... but a guiding hand seems to be needed. Traversing these mountains ... foolish for the other races." The statue says before reaching out to Jason to guide him to the Hollow. Jason could feel the second presence from the kings chamber but this time it wasn't radiating displeasure instead it was guiding him to a safe place.

OOC: Try this again.

IC: Trusting my instincts on the presence, reluctant as I was, and follow the path now in front of me that I hadn't seen when I'd been searching earlier. Something was hiding this from me...
Drago looks up from the sword as the traveler approaches the entrance to the hallow. "I know." he says before standing and heading for the entrance to greet him.
As I walk down the path, I let go of the reins on the horse, allowing it to wander the mountains and find it's way back to civilization. Something in my gut told me I wouldn't need a horse again after I find my own way back to civilization. Reaching the end of the path, I notice a cave. "Hmmm....really wish I knew where I was..."
"Welcome young human to the Dragons Hallow." Drago says in his deep gruff voice.
A hand almost reached for one of my revolvers before the name clicked. "The Dragon's Hallow? That..." I stop and consider the fact that the path had been hidden. "If that's where I am," I looked at the emerging figure of the statue, "Then you must be the guardian Drago."
"Correct you are. Please come in it isn't terribly safe out here." Drago turns and heads deeper into the hallow waving for Jason to follow.
Following cautiously, I rest one hand on each revolver, keeping a wary eye out for traps. "I'll take your word for it."

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