Fade, Part 1

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*shakes head at darkra* no. and I did say your character. have him have been shot or your getting shot again.
Just before the man can blend into the crowd an illusionary copy fills his place as the Apparition pulls him towards the alley, the shadows darkening. "Who are you?" Klazik asks, the flat of his blade pressing against the man's chest, and Klazik's arm hanging by his side as the arm pulls against the man's neck.
IC: "I am Zero, and that is all you need to know"
"No, it isn't. I request more knowledge. What is it you were doing to the guards, and why?" Klazik continues to inquire.
So we're clear, Darkra, it would be in your best interest, otherwise you'll get a whole barrage of bullets to make sure it happens. SF can add, but I had Morph post for me because I was otherwise engaged.
IC: "a test, to see if they had any...... imagination"
A column is set back in place and the cracks in the ceiling fixed. The entire Hollow was buzzing with activity as crumbling stone, rock and corroding metal all seemed to fix themselves and move to how they should be. Murals restored, columns replaced, and other damages all being undone by a single statue that didn't seem to be doing much of anything but tidying up a little and talking to itself. "I would seek him out but that would betray our existence to the masses and risk trying him too soon. Only when he comes here on his own will he be ready." The statue sits on the pedestal it had moved from originally and begins to hone an ancient sword as Es continues to flow and shift repairing the Hollow. "I am anxious to see Dragon's freely walking this world again as well but to rush something like this is to court disaster. You still have much to learn. Patience is a must." The air swirls slightly as if to show displeasure. The hollow was almost complete and once the Marked that was closest to completing the trail The ancient Guardian of the Hollow would sleep again until the next was ready.
"That does not sound like you were testing their imagination, more like testing their will. If they were royal guards, you would have been killed on the spot for trying to manipulate the guards of the noble." Klazik replies, his blade starting to rotate so the edge would be against the person.
IC: I chuckle "and am i the person that should give a damn on what the scum of the earth want to do with me." I say as my eyes flare red, the blade hand slowly drifting away from my neck. He was strong willed, but no one could resist the powers of my Es completely. Especially when concentrated on a single source "Funny thing is those people also called me here."
The shadows bind around the man's mouth and the blade comes back and slides slowly across the gut, the blood dripping down. "You will not turn my will. And the 'scum' of this world are criminals and the corrupt, not the guards of this city or most of the nobles even. You are the scum, and I am the punisher. I am the guardian phantom. I am the Apparition."
IC: the force is stronger, the shadows subsiding again. I kick him away before drawing my own sword. "So tell me Apparition, what has your great kingdom accomplished? What has it done that is so worthy of your 'praise'"
"...Doesn't your convince require speech?"

"It tries, but the corrupt slip through its grasp, and the criminals are often gone before they can be found. I give no praise, but I am one who understands it, and respects it." Klazik replies, the shadows darkening to the point in which it was pitch black, and Klazik pulls his hood down, his silver eyes and shining tattoos being capable of sight, and then disappear as he cloaks. The shadows lighten and beings start to gather around Zero, family, the men who took him, and his child self.
IC: I chuckle, "you really think petty imagery can fool me?" i say as i cut the shadows down. "Yes they slip away but really who do you think is helping them? All it takes is a cut in the profit for a generous family of nobles to pick these sods off the streets. This petty guard force they have around the city could be armed with what the royal guards have if any of the other aristocrats gave a damn. Why do you think they separate the city into tiers. All the regulars stay down here and beyond that are where they live. Why do you think i paid for these clothes?"
Klazik sighs, and his arrow flies from the bowstring, impacting the man in the forearm with the sword. "Petty imagery? You have no idea what I can conjure. And those are the corrupt, but have you ever heard the story of the boy who got his revenge? It took place in this very city." A smile crawls across Klazik's face, a rare thing indeed. "And they separate it for protection. Those who are wealthy depend on the lower ranked, though, and this is a proper society, you can gain rank, be it through wealth or feats of courage and such. And the royal guards are simpl better trained. You do not understand." Klazik's smile fades, a imagery of several of the corrupted and convicted having arrows puncture their throats, swords take of their heads, and drown in their own baths, from a mystery figure.
IC: I dodge the arrows by rolling sideways and I laugh "feats of courage my !@#. Have you noticed that the amount of people that gain up onto the higher classes are very rare. Most are from royal families who can just hire whole brigades of people to help them fight 'crime'. How about the flooding of the village of Quasar? It took 3 whole months to get the place fixed but if even 1 or 2 of your 'heros' pitched in everything could be avoided. You are just a blind fool, like the rest with no imagination, A new order shall be born and people like you have no place in it. Now than..." i say cutting down the convicted before lashing out, slowing his movement with my Es I stab him in his sword arm. "I have my own injuries to tend to and don't have time for this tom foolery. Until next time, try to imagine your death" i say using my Es on the crowd, drawing them into the alley and blending into it.
Sadly he stabbed nothing as there was no possible indication to his position and Klazik's sword goes through his gut. "You come from a different country," He whispers into Zero's ear, "if you think this. I will take you to the nearest medical center. I am no fool. I am the one person who sees the order, and the goodness of the world. You are just bitter about a past in a different place. If you keep up your actions, I will exterminate you like I did to the one who murdered my family." At the end of this, Zero's world goes black, before finding himself in the hands of a healer, his injuries healed. Zero hadn't even had the chance to call the crowd.
OOC: Ok SF stop with this i know your entire freaken backstory bull and the fact you think you can easily overpower another Es user like you're some sort of bad@ss its starting to get annoying
OOC: Ok SF stop with this i know your entire freaken backstory bull and the fact you think you can easily overpower another Es user like you're some sort of bad@ss its starting to get annoying
Also, an Abnormes doesn't use the power of Es, not exactly. So in essence, you are using bull!@#$ as well by thinking you are a powerful Es user. And also... you are trying to make yourself seem like an !@#$%^- and a bad *!@. So have fun when Zero is at the gallows or death by firing squad.

Gonna go ahead and post since I know Nait is gonna accept my person.

IC: Ekaterina walked through the front gate with the wagon outside of the city… she has shown the guards her authorized papers for going onto a supply run. That is only but one of the freedoms they are allowed to have. But it was a good freedom that she loved to relish when she had the chance. It meant that she could have some life of living. No one should have to go through that pain known as being someone else’s #$%^. One thing she would always carry though was her little dagger that even she managed to hide from the guards. And one thing she hated the most was the Abnormes that thought that they were all big and bad… they are the ones that will bring a great dishonor and will incite the population. Another good thing about her home, during the winters no one can get to it due to impassable snow.
OOC: Ok SF stop with this i know your entire freaken backstory bull and the fact you think you can easily overpower another Es user like you're some sort of bad@ss its starting to get annoying
"Don't act like you didn't bull!@#$. You took over the minds of guards, people who should have extremely strong wills to deal with Es users. You saw someone invisible, you act as if the illusions of family, people you despise, and yourself are things you wouldn't become distracted by, and not to mention the not getting shot be Zarkun's character. Oh, and the fact that you could disperse the shadows keeping you from speaking, when you don't have the ability to disperse them."

Ventus bumps into a young woman as he walks through the crowds. "Oh, I'm sorry miss."
OOC: Ok first CR this isn't even you buisness so but out and SF attacked first and all i did was counter you dipsh!t. second all my power needs to do is effect you to call your shadows off. I didn't read anything about guards who knew how to deal with Es and half the crap you mentioned were mistakes that you refuse to accept as so

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