Fade, Part 1

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OOC: Just this one but i might take a short break from RPing in general, maybe a post here and there but really i feel like crap right now. Part of me thinks i've overstayed my welcome and i don't blame any of you. I just need time to think
darkra: again your choice ...

Naits: you really do need to pay more attention here as the DM.
Fair enough.
Not really part of the RP yet, but I do want to point out that a certain group of individuals owe Darkra an apology.

@Nait: Dragon is up.
*Looks at Jester and nods* That would include myself ... *turns to darkra and bows respectfully and apologetically* "Sorry about earlier today I was in a bit of a bad mood and you simply got caught in the crossfire. You are a good RPer and would dislike seeing you leave.
"I am sorry, but was rather irritated with the fact that you saw the invisible, and the way your character was acting."

"No. I am just surprised that there are some outside of the jails." Ventus replies, still struck by the surprise of the two of the marks.
I snort derisively;
"I got these to stay out of those hellholes. That's the whole point isn't it? So that people can know if somebody's an evil twisted son of a b!tch... Right?"
I say sardonically.
"No, to say they're dangerous and use caution." Morris replies, his voice gentle, as if trying to calm a wild beast.
"And just because I look like a beast doesn't mean I am one."
I say flatly, before turning around and walking away, the crowd parting like a shoal of fish.
So, for reference, Jason is no where near and I'm going to have him looking at the palace wall now.

IC: I sat on a roof top across from the palace, watching the guards on their patrols and the people in the streets. It wasn't my first trip here, I'd been on the road a few years now, but it was my most interesting. I'd never been called to see the King. What would he want with me?
I really should make a char for this
The king strolled into the meeting room, a simple part of the castle with a round, marble table at the center. The flower vase on it had blue flowers, the light giving the illusion of it glowing. Sage Sher was tending these flowers, not taking noticing the king walking in.

"Beautiful flowers you have there, Sher."

The old man carefully removed his hands from them, as one would take care of fragile glass.

"Yes. Gift from a friend in the west. As you can see, light makes them glow a little, he-he."

He took a moment to look at the flowers before looking back at the king.

"Did the people I request arrive yet, Leon?"

Sher was the very few people to call him by name, as in Bastion it was customary to not say the king's name in events of formality. But, in this case, neither knew if the situation at hand was something to laugh at.

"Ki has sent some guards to escort them here. They should be here in roughly twenty minutes."
Shaking my head and grinning ruefully at the possibilities, I jump off the roof, catching a pole and sliding to the ground, approach the gate. "The King sent for me. I'm Jason Granger, the Hunter."
Ventus whips up a bit of wind against his back and charges around the crowd, going through the alley ways to get to the palace.

Klazik half cloaks himself, giving him a ghostly image as he arrives on the building closest to the palace gates. He drops himself down and approaches, seeing a man already there he gives a sigh.
Making my way through the crowd, I arrive at the gates.
Ki stood at the special balcony, allowing to see the entire street that lead from the castle to the central gates of the city. More of the City of Gears was beyond it, a place where pockets of the ill-fortune lived. But it also had the hidden beauties of the city, hiding in places where the rich could not see. From his secret strolls outside the gates, he has seen things that made it seem that people living outside those gates seem like the lucky ones.

But it wasn't time to think about that. Matters currently going on were more more important. He had recently sent some guards to allow anyone in that had the special letter into the meeting room. However, some of the guests have a special history behind them. Ones that a man in Sher's position wouldn't dare to consider. Then again, Sher's wisdom was one to be respected.....

(I think it's time that we get the actual story going, now.)
Naits your attention is required in the Sign up in regards to Steels char.
I'm waiting to be let into the palace.

Looking over the small group and motley group that was starting to gather, I snort and shake my head;
...seems like something unusual's come up... can't fathom any other reason for this...
"I take it we're all here on royal summons?"
I ask aloud.
05/08/2013 03:31 PMPosted by Naitsrich
He had recently sent some guards to allow anyone in that had the special letter into the meeting room.

Everyone is allowed to enter the castle at this point. The guards will lead you into the room.

Give me a sec. I'm typing up the part when the king greets you.

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