Fade, Part 1

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IC: "I believe so" A soft gental voice says from behind Morthos. A small woman stood behind him (him right?) wearing a blue and green stola with a heavy forest green wool cloak that attaches to her wrists by two wooden bracelets. On her back she carried a wicker basket attached by leather straps. Her glowing blue eyes gave a calming affect to her looks even though her hair was covered by the hood of her cloak.
Turning, I grunt in acknowledgement and pull a letter of royal summons out of a pouch, my Damnatorum marks fully visible;
"So you'd have one of these then?"
I ask gruffly, holding up the letter.
Sher quickly started to put out food platters after Ki announced that their guests had arrived. With the old man trying to prepare the room, Ki and Leon took their spots opposite from the door.

"You know, I always liked this room. The natural lighting and the round shape made it much more simpler and appealing compared to the elaborate squared rooms."

"I must agree. Seeing all this fancy setup can get on one's nerves, my liege."

"You really need to stop calling me that. We've known each other as long as we can remember. The least you can do is to stop calling me that."

"It's part of the job. I can't exactly break the rules that the guards follow by. Besides, I enjoy calling you that."



The guards escorting the guests had arrived. They took positions near the door, closing it behind you. The king took a moment before speaking.

"Ah. I hope that you've had a safe journey. Old Sher here has been nice enough to make us a small meal to for the meeting, so please, enjoy. I will let Sher here do some explaining of why I've had all of you gathered here."

The old man stumbled a bit. He was getting all nervous, over fear that he forgot to make something that he should have.

"Give me moment. I'll go get it."

The old man left the room, closing the door behind him. At this point, the king put his head in one hand, making a facepalm motion.

"Why..... Why does he always do this....."
I look around the room and nod to myself in approval. I had never been one for fancy and extravagant and this room was neither. Approaching the table, I take a seat and grab some food, mainly cheese, crackers, ham and wine. "If I might, your highness, could you not tell us yourself? Why we're here that is."
IC: Sulis curtsy at the king. "Thank you my lord for the meal" she says with her normal soft and gentle voice.
Plopping myself down in a chair, I lean my staff up against the table and dig in. Listening in to the conversation, I stay silent, figuring my lack of formality and bluntness weren't the best thing for this situation.
IC: Sulis sits at the table and pours herself some wine. She looks around and thinks to herself. I've been around worst in my travels
A small and distant presence touch's softly Jason's mind for just a moment before vanishing. Just a fleeting moment almost like he was hallucinating yet it wasn't a hallucination. The presence felt young but ancient at the same time and strangely familiar but why or how was unknown. There was also something about the presence something distinctly different something about it that hadn't been felt by anyone beyond the Dragon's Hollow in a very very long time.
I pause to ponder on the presence I'd just felt in my mind, the wine glass only just leaving the table for a sip. Odd...that...was unusual... Shaking my head, I bring the glass to my lips and take a sip before setting it down and making a miniature sandwich out of crackers, cheese and ham.
"The reason why you're here is because Sher requested it. I don't know why he specified all of you, but two weeks ago, we received a relic from an outpost out west. It came from an old dragon nest, abandoned some time during the Es war. It has caught Sher's attention, and claims that the relic might have some very important secrets. Secrets that you have to help him solve."

Swearing can be heard in the distance as the noise of Sher arguing with a guard could be heard off in the distance.

"Ki, could you help Sher bring the relic here? It seems that he is having trouble with it."

The bodyguard nods before leaving. King Leon pulls out some bracelets from the bag at his side.

"Is anyone here Marked by any chance?"
IC: "I am not marked. What type of Secrets do you mean my lord" Sulis ask sounding very kind buy formal
I nod, hood back, my Damnatorum marks fully visible;
"Aye. And probably for good reason too... Some of us at least, that is."
"Then it is advisable that you put a bracelet on. From what we've seen, it causes some side effects when near Marked."

He tosses Morthos a bracelet. It is somewhat light, considering it looked like to be made of pure silver.

"We've had to make these after we saw the reports of what happened to any Marked that got close to it. They lived.... But, the pain they went through won't be worth the experience."

Some noises could be heard outside. It seemed horses had to be brought in.
IC: "This does not bold well your highness." Sulis says outloud. She took off her cloak and folded it neatly before laying it in the wicker basket that she hand put to the side of her. Sulis flipped her woodland green hair over her shoulder to keep it out of her way for the moment. " I am weary of relics that cause others disease."
I tap my chin thoughtfully as we sit, mulling over the new details of this meeting. "Your Highness, how far west was the outpost?"
"The outpost is a hundred miles west, near the kingdom's borders."

The door opens, Ki being followed by Sher. A giant crate was outside, a guard beside it prepared to open it. Sher and Ki took their places next to the king, with Sher mumbling a little before asking.

"Is anyone familiar with the story of the Es Monarchs, or at least with all the Aspects?"
I nod, then stop and sigh. "In my travels, I've learned about some, but not all of them. As it stands, I can't remember much about them right now, however."
IC: Suli simply waits for the king to explain.
The old man clears his throat. He's about to speak, only to be interrupted by the king.

"Save the lesson for later, Sher. We answer questions after you show the reason for this meeting."

Sher reluctantly calls the guard to open the box. The guard nods, opening the crate. It opened slowly, to show the cargo within. It was a small sphere, no bigger than a ball. She'd retrieved it, showing it so everyone could properly see."

"This sphere is most likely the most powerful relic we have uncovered. I don't know the nature of it yet, but it seems to be used against Marked. Those who are seem to have the Es within them forcefully and painfully removed. By the numbers, it seems five minutes of exposure seems to be the time needed for it to be lethal. But, the scary part is, it may have been in the ownership of an Es Monarch in a time forgotten by most."

The guards bring a pedestal to place the relic on, making sure to carefully place.

"King Leon has been cooperative enough for me to invite you all to assist me to find the history behind it."
IC: " I do not understand does not Es flow though us all light water in the river and what would this sphere do with the Es that it collects?" Sulis asks feeling uneasy but not letting it show.

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