Fade, Part 1

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I shake my head, remembering something I'd learned. "Not in the way it does for Es users.'
"That..... I'm afraid that I do not know the answer to. The records do state about an artifact like this being once before, but an Es Monarch. And I do believe a lesson is in order........"

He picks up an apple from the table, picking up a knife as well. He begins cutting himself pieces of it while he speaks.

"Now, does anyone recall the Es Aspects?"
IC: "I believe we should review it anyways sire." Sulis say while studying the object.
"The what?" Morris asks while he fiddles with an arrow.

Klazik keeps silent, but his eyes stare, the silver pulsing.
The air in the chamber stirs uneasily and a soft growl can barely be heard almost as if there was another presence in the room but there was no one except those that had been summoned. Jason could feel the presence from a moment ago again but it was not as close and obviously disliked the sphere. Another ancient presence appears radiating displeasure and is obvious to everyone in the chamber. After a moment both withdraw.

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I shudder slightly at disturbances and shake it off the best I can. "Roughly. I've not spent the time I should studying them."

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IC: Ki moves his shoulders a bit. The small disturbances he has been feeling weren't large enough to bring considerate concern. However, the last one made him more on edge. As everyone felt the last presence, Sher quickly shrugged it off, and continued speaking.

"The Aspects are what defines Es. Without them, we would have no discipline of how to use Es. They each represent how one can control it, and allow a much easier concept of it. There is nine in total, with them making four groups: The Elements- Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water, which allow us to control the world around us. The Inner Focuses- Mind, Body, and Spirit, the Aspects that allow one to use the world within. The Two Forces- Light and Darkness, who are two sides to one coin. The Catalyst- Emotion, allowing us to use give us a reason to go forth into the fray. Each Aspect has only been truly mastered once, the masters being the Es Monarchs. Heralds were given the sacred duty of teaching others the Aspects, hoping to spread the knowledge within the world.

Except one Aspect was never given a kingdom: Spirit. The Monarch of Spirit instead gave his Herald a special duty to protect something secret. The Herald and his successors were to travel the land, fulfilling this duty. No records show of what they were protecting and why they needed to be constantly traveling, but it the lack of information maybe proof of what lengths they went to protect it. This duty was the reason why the Aspect was never shown to the world, the details of its gifts only being known by the most ancient libraries. The sphere maybe very well be imbued with Es by a powerful Es user, as its properties have never been seen before, not at this degree. Its with this reason why I believe this relic may lead to the secrets of Spirit."
I shake my head in disbelief, leaning back. "Then I suggest we leave now. Time is of the essence."

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IC: Standing up, I bow. "I'll begin where the relic was found and go from there." Leaving the room, I quickly exit the palace and head for the rooftops, heading swiftly for the city gate, then vanishing into the woods around the outer walls.
IC: "Well someone cannot wait" Sulis says with disbelief on her face for a second before returning to her normal look. She had felt the presence but wouldn't show it at the moment. She was interested in what Es she used since she used her powers to heal and spawn plants or small lights with the brightness of sunlight.

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Having put the bracelet on, I give the artifact a distasteful look after hearing it's nature;
"While this is all very important, why involve us?"
I ask, wondering exactly why the scholar had requested us specifically.
"I've done my research very thoroughly. I need all of you to enter a temple to the east that holds the information that I need..........."

He smirks, waving a finger.

"...... But everything will be told in due time....."
IC: "What type of temple?" Sulis asks
Sulis' basket begins to move slightly as if something was inside. A muffled voice can be heard saying from inside.
Sher quickly ignores the noise, pulling out a map.

"It's deep in the territory of the Badlands far in the south. It's called Bloodmoon temple, due to its rather dark history. I have arranged for someone to be your assistant during this "mission", so all messages from us will be sent to him."


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IC: Sulis opened her basket trying to figure out what was making that noise.. She thought it was an animal or something in there.
I pop out of the basket and stretch. "Man that was a narrow escape thought the guards had me this time...." I quickly look around the room. "Wait a minute, this isn't... Oh bugger."
IC: Suis raises her voice to that of an angry mother. "JERRY what are you doing in my pack?!?" she yells
"Uhh not hiding from the guards from the last town we met at." I step out of the basket calmly and brush myself off some.
IC: "So you hid in my pack? well that explains why it felt a little heavier" Sulis says calming her voice.

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