Fade, Part 1

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"Yeah kinda figured you would have noticed sooner then again I think I busted one of my poison vials and knocked myself out. What was the last town we were at? Wasn't it Nara?" I ask scratching my head slightly.
IC: "Yes it was and you better not have leaked poison in my pack I keep my herbs and bandages in there." Sulis says sounding like she did before this event.
"I don't think I did. It busted in my pack and I opened it to grab a snack and only caught a wiff. How long has it been since Nara anyway a few hours?"
I put a cloth over my face and open my pack pulling out a small satchel that looks damp. I grab another bag out of my pack and place the small satchel into it then seal it tight.
"Yeah your herbs are safe the poison only leaked into my pack. It loses potency after a few hours of exposure to the air anyway."
IC: "It took me about two hours to travel to here and finish my work.... We are in the castle.... The king is right over there..." sulis says
"Not bad... That poison is supposed to put a horse down for at least a day... Wait.. Why are we in the castle with the king?"
IC: "I was summoned here.. and didn't expect to have a person sneaking in my basket.." Sulis says
"Wasn't sneaking or hiding I told you that."
IC: "Then what where you doing in my pack?" Sulis asks
"Just evading the attention of some heavily armed and well armored individuals." I shift slightly nervously. "And the Es user that was with them."
IC: "Jerry I'm also an Es user..." Sulis says getting a little annoyed that a theif was in her pack
"Yeah but you heal people this guy not much. He was more of a 'burn till the bone is ash' Es user. And before you say anything not I didn't steal anything from your pack. I swore to you back three months ago on my mothers grave, gods let her rest easy, and on my own life that I wouldn't steal from you. I was a little surprised that you didn't turn me over to the guards then and there."
IC: "Didn't seem fair to turn you over to them when you had that infection in your leg. But by the spirits of the forest if I find anything missing in there you will be on your way to the guards" Sulis say like a scolding mother.
The king looks over to Ki, raising an eyebrow.

"If you think I never knew he was in there, you're sorely mistaken. I would have thrown a spear into the basket the moment they went through the city gate."

The king shrugs a bit, giving a little laugh.

"I don't doubt it, just humored over how those two are acting. Hehe........."

Sher hands the man in the basket the relic.

"Took good care of it. You need the blasted thing anyways......"

The old man leaves the room, telling a guard to move the crate outside to somewhere else. The king puts his arms out wide, smiling when Sher had a sudden outburst of rage at what seemed to be a nearby plant.

"Is there anymore questions before we send you off to your journey?"
IC: "Where are we going and how long is the travel?" Sulis ask
"What does that oath I took after swearing on my mother's grave and my own life mean nothing. You practically own me with out me actually being a slave."

I take the item and look at it carefully. "Ok thanks...."
IC: "The oath means a lot to but I would like to remind me you just in case... Where is the flat bread I hade in there?" Sulis asks looking in her basket.
"I didn't take it I have my own bread and food." I quickly put my hands up. "Check my pack if you want."
IC: Sulis pulls a large leaf out of his pocket inside of the leaf was a bit of flate bread. "You're welcome to the food in there just tell me what you eat so I can replace it as need be" She says with a smile.
I sigh slightly. "Alright, but I do promise you I didn't try to steal that. I got knocked out shortly after I slipped into your pack and woke up just a slight bit ago."
IC: "It is ok Jerry relax" Sulis says in a calming manner.

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