Of Ice and Glory

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The men and women wait in the landing bay, ready to be dropped off. They nervously discuss the fact that they're about to land on an unexplored ice-world. It's already very cold inside, but the explorers are ready, with various gears and slops on for the extreme cold. It's measured at -70 F outside. Metal, of course, is not to be worn, nor anything with metal on it. Captain Falcon steps up on his podium, and addresses his crowd.

"Hello, men and women of the Dominion. I would simply like to commend you before we make this glorious mark on history, of being the first onto this planet. I have never served with such fine people, and I hope all 107 of you know this. I have already planned for our landing, and I trust you shall all do your jobs well. So, now, give three cheers for this achievement!" As he finished, three cheers rang out. Suddenly now, Francis Crozier, first mate, stood up.

"And for God's sake," He yelled, "Cheer for this glorious Captain of yours!" And the crowd cheered much louder. The Captain went back to his staff, his officers, and officer trainees, and talked much quieter to them.

"Is everything ready?" He asked politely.

Meanwhile, the crowd below, consisting of just about everyone on the ship, civilians and regulars, mingled. The tone was that of excitement.

Reserved for Chars 1

Name: James Falcon
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Appearance: An old navy yet, clean cut, still brown hair. Roughly 5'10, 190 pounds. Has a rather muscular build for his age, and a mustache.
Unit: N/A
Backstory: He had a moderately successful career in the Navy, before turning to exploration as a means to earn prestige and honours. He was born into a well-to-do family, who spoiled him with a wonderful Naval education. He is a thick-skulled, dead serious, and very traditional man, who still has kindness enough.
Rank: Captain

Name: Volodymir Aleksander Breven, goes by "Alek."
Gender: Male.
Age: 32.
Appearance: Broad but short, almost to the point of dwarfishness. Raven hair and green eyes.
Unit: Short Ukrainian dude.
Backstory: Alek is a person with multiple personalities. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Not like that. He is no maniac. It is just that he changes his attitude massively depending on who he is around, where he is, and how hungry he happens to be. When he has a full belly (with a decent quantity of either sugar or alcohol in it), he is friendly and jovial. When otherwise, he tends to be sour and antisocial. He also is very friendly towards coworkers while on the job, but infriendly towards others. He enjoys his job greatly. His favorite thing to do is go to the shooting range and fire off some rounds (he is an excellent shot). His second favorite thing to do is to drink. His third favorite thing to do is show off his prowess at turning unpleasant ingredients into completely palatable dishes. A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry.
Rank: Head Chef.

Name: Scott Peters
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Appearance: Scott has a medium athletic build and short(er) reddish brown combed back hair.
Unit: ...Civilian?
Backstory: Scott always had a knack for building things as a kid. When he grew older he always enjoyed working on vehicles with his father. At the age of sixteen he build his first four wheeled vehicle which he drove everywhere every chance he got. Every moment he spent was trying to "fix up" this part of his car or "tweek this" about his car. When he graduated high-school and went off to college, it was a very easy choice as to what he wanted to be. Scott excelled in all his space-engineering classes and emmidiately enlisted as soon as he graduated college.
Rank: Engineer First Class

Name: Jennifer Ivanivich
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Appearance: 5'11", slim, attractive, neck length brown hair, blue eye color. Wears standard armor with a few adjustments for improved optics and range. Has one mechanical arm (left arm), one cybernetic eye (right eye).
Unit: Ghost
Backstory: Went through the Dominion Ghost Academy and still has all the modifications that she was implanted with. Many of them are not in use as she is loyal to the Dominion regardless of the situation. She is free spirited at times but when it comes down to getting the job done she will do what ever she can to get it done.
She is a Teep with a few other psionic abilities that have yet to be revealed. (Don't worry they won't be anything OP.)
Rank: OT (Officer in Training)

Name: Dale Redson
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Appearance: About 5'8" with short cut brown hair and dark green eyes.
Unit: Ghost or Marine(He's a sharpshooter, but not Psionic, so...)
Backstory: Dale joined the Marine Corps from him not being able to do much else, other than perhaps be an effective manager, but that's terribly droll. Dale was always able to get an effective shot out, eventually being given the placement of a sharpshooter, far at the back like the non-infiltrating Ghosts. He utilized both the effective C-10 Canister rifle, the long range BOSUN FN92, and the penetrating HEV rifle. He preferred the FN92 the best, but was stuck with the HEV rifle. He was sent on the Erebus to be able to take out targets from a range, and here he hopes to finally be given a permanent BOSUN FN92, instead of just grabbing it from the corpse of a Ghost when in desparate need for a weapon.
Rank: Private 1st Class

1st Lt. Mark Stanley
Age 41
Mark Stanley has been through it all; from evacuating civilians as a lowly private during the Fall of Tarsonis, to being conscripted to the UED, and fighting across numerous worlds across the sector. It seems that humanity will never catch a break and Stanley yearns for a life of peace and quiet with his family. But he knows that as long as these existential threats are still present, his life will never truly find peace especially when his family is unable to relocate to the core worlds. That is his motivation for fighting and it is all the reason he needs.
Mark Stanley enjoys reading classic works of literature from Earth in his spare time.

Name: Samantha(Sam) Carter
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Appearance: shoulder length brown-black hair, 5'9", slim athletic build, attractive, a small scar on the back of her neck. Wears a modified hostile environment suit with slightly heavier armor.
Unit: Ghost
Backstory: A teek (is NOT a Teep) with some pyrokinetic abilities that has recently graduated from the Dominion Ghost program. Sam is completely loyal to the Dominion even though she doesn't always agree with her superiors and has not had her mind wiped. She has a tracker implanted in the back of her neck and there is a scar. Sam is generally calm but has nothing against being herself when she isn't on duty or in combat mode. She has been known to be a prankster at times.
Rank: Sergeant First Class/OT

Name: Amanda Zaren
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Appearance: 5'10", auburn hair usually kept in a braid, usually wears comfortable clothing even while working but has heavy cold weather gear for the planet.
Unit: Medic
Backstory: Amanda went through Medical school with good grades and graduated not long ago. She prefers warmer climates but thought that being part of a new colony would be a good experience.
Rank: Medic

Name: Hans Von Alfon
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Apperance: 5'7" Brown low cut hair and a clean goatee. Thick Glasses
Unit Medic
Backstory: Hans has always been medical minded from performing mock surgery on stuffed toys from a young age many thought he was insane but turned out to be a gifted person when it came to the medical field but not the social field. He normally speak with a thick German Accent and sometimes forgets to speak english even when on the battle feild. He joined the Dominion with the promise of them paying his way though medical school.
Rank Medic.

Name: Jonas Tryvill
Gender: Male
Age: 59
Appearance: tall, black, shaved head, grey mustache + goatee, small circle glasses. Typically wears a Russian type hat with the flaps down. Wears brown jumpsuit with gloves when inside.
Backstory: Used to fly the Hyperion for Mengsk back in the day - before Jim stole it. Been flying large aircraft since are 25, been fixing them since age 15. Has a drinking problem.
Rank: Engineer First Class

Name: Teo Garand
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lithe, muscular build, roughly 5'11" tall, black hair cut short but not too short, Obi-Wan style mustache and beard (Best way to put it I could think off), Green eyes. Wears leather jacket over a tee shirt, black jeans and combat boots when inside.
Unit: Marine
Backstory: Teo went through basic training top of his class. Came from a family who was always on hard times, and lived in the slums of Korhal because of it. He enlisted to try and better things for his family but they were dead at the hands of a local gang by the time he got home. From there the military became his life until he reached where he is now, helping ensure the success of the Erebus.
Rank: Sergeant
Reserved #2. You may now post.
I stand against a wall not particularly interested in this as I had other concerns. Such as what I was going to do about the -70 F weather. Well at least the actual HE suit is made mostly of fabric and the extra armor is removable freely but I still might need to requisition some heavy winter gear even with pyrokinetics. That !@#$ is cold.

I was chatting with the other doctors mostly about how many cases of Hypothermia we would have to deal with just on the first day or two. Not to mention the rest of the time until we got some sort of sheltered community built.
1st Lt. Mark Stanley took a sip from his cup of coffee. It would the last warm experience he would feel for quite some time and Stanley wanted to savor all of it.

"Captain, our engineers have been hard at work ensuring our equipment is frost proof. They tell me our equipment are coated with a special type of antifreeze so the gears don't get frozen and get stuck. That'll be bad if we need to drill or something of the like. I think we are ready."
IC: Hans was looking around while listening to the other Doctors the cold didn't really bother him while he was in his suit.
I sigh softly as I look out the window near by. Of all places I've been deployed to it couldn't have been a nice warm planet with a lovely jungle and beech. I sip at a cup of coffee as I ponder on what it was the Dominion wanted from here so badly.
Falcon noted the new trainee, Samantha Carter, not really paying attention. She wasn't doing a good job of hiding it. Oh well, it will just have to be drilled into her, just as everything needs to be drilled into a new officer. At the same time, he takes in the work of the engineers.

"If it works, then it's a job well done. Bu-" Suddenly, he is cut off by a huge creak and moan from the ship. Has she made landfall? But...somethings off about the sound. It doesn't sound like anything he's heard before. Yelling is heard in the thin walls between him and the Engine room. Suddenly, thoughts race through his head. Then, he hears laughing. Nobody else seemed to notice too much. "But," Falcon continued, "If it doesn't work, we could be in trouble. Does it appear the initial landing crews are ready, 1st lieutenant?"

The ship approaches the land. Far off, a small black spec attracts the attention of a shiphand, but he realizes it's just land. Right?
I get off the wall and go get myself some hot chocolate. I cool it to a temperature that won't scald the inside of my mouth but was still nice and warm before taking a sip and returning to my earlier spot. I watch the others gathered trying to seem at least a little bit interested but definitely watchful.
Dale gets up after a few(fifteen) push-ups in the quarters. He pats his shoulders off and looks around. He grabs his HEV rifle and points it around, wondering if he would use it on this godforsaken place. He leans the rifle back to its resting spot and grabs his thick ursadon coat and throws it over himself. He heads up through the halls, deciding to become acquainted with the people he'd be hanging around for the next few months; hopefully not even that long, and not be ended by death. He slowly makes his way through, the bright white coat making him flash out to the others quite well.
"They're ready to go at your word. I'll be part of the second wave of transports."
"Excellent. They all seem to know the location and setup of Terror Camp?" Terror Camp was the name of the base they'd be setting up. Little did they know how ironic that name would truly be. "I hope you don't catch a cold." He adds mockingly, not having any warm drink. "Now if you don't mind, would you ask the chef how the celebratory feast is going?" It wasn't important, but to Falcon, he thought it truly mattered.
I look around the area at the others that were starting to work their way in. I take a few more sips of the coffee then position myself leaning against a wall where I could best observe everyone.
Alek makes his rounds, bearing a large thermos filled with fresh coffee.

"S'fresh, folks. Best drink up while ye can."
Scott nodded to himself and sipped his usual cup of coffee while he thought about the schematics he was drawing for his latest project, a speedster. He calibrated the engine cufflings and how they would react if the exhaust pipe was near by with a scrunched brow and squinted eyes.
OOC: Rank does not exist. Rank changed to Engineer First Class. (Note: They wouldn't have any qualms about you drinking vodka.)

IC: Erebus's hull creaked ominously some more, and a booming voice seems to shake the room. It is that of the Captain's announcer, a friend of his with a very, very loud voice.

"Prepare for landing!" He yells, as a cheer goes up.
I'll start in my armor, but will edit if needed.

IC: Hearing the announcement, I stand up and grab my C-15 Gauss Rifle, slapping in a clip and heading for the door. "If it's alright with you, Captain, I'll rally the men."
The Captain looks at the Sergeant inquisitively. He knows this type.

"That....won't be necessary, Sergeant. You have the honor of leading the first vehicle. I hope you use this experience well."

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