Of Ice and Glory

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Strapped on to the seat with nothing to do, I take out a book from Earth, an old literary work titled King Lear, out of a compartment from my CMC suit and begin to read.

"Think we gonna freeze in these chickens*** outfits?" asked a marine.

"You have a power suit designed with full life support and advanced nuclear, biological chemical shielding. You are fine. You'll be warm inside of it. Warmer than most of the others anyway," I reply.

I begin to read Act II of King Lear.
Upon hearing the announcement I set my coffee down and grab my rifle and check the ammo in it. I load a round into the chamber and set the safety on and walk over to the captain but remain quiet.
"Yes sir." Walking out, I head for the first ship out. I still wasn't sure why we were being sent out here, but then again, I'd learned sometimes the reasons for doing something were better off unknown. Stepping on, I survey the engineers, marines, medics, doctors and other important people going down with me. "God let us be successful," I mutter strapping in near the pilot.
Falcon notices the woman coming, "Yes?" He asks simply. He checks a gauge on his chair.

They are 100 feet off the ground. Almost no time left, and his dream would be realized.

In the hangar, a sudden cool breeze rushes over everyone. As according to plan, some vents were opened, letting in some of the outside air.


"How the hell can we not be?" Replies the pilot.
"Fate has a sense of humor, pilot. Remember that." Turning back around, I speak up. "Roll call, let's make sure we aren't forgetting anyone!"
"We've landed. Hope you enjoy the cold. It's in the negatives."

The doors opened and a strong wind came inside the transport.

"Hell, this armor did us any good. I feel chilly!" complained a marine.

He was right. It was cold in spite of wearing a power armor that could regulate internal temperatures. But it was manageable for now. I've had much worse experience with the weather. Char was unbearably hot and often the skies rained fire. The last bit was an exaggeration of course, but there was a kernel of truth to that.

The passengers began to filter out of the second wave of transports. I barked orders at a group of marines.

"You two! On me! The rest of you, move and secure this LZ for the other transports. It's quiet here and we don't know what we will find. Switch between modes! If there's anything warm-blooded hiding in the snow, we'll spot it!"

I turn on thermal, then switch back to regular vision. So far, not a living soul except for the people who were already here.
"Just checking on you Captain. I was also slightly curious as to what we are doing here. As far as I can see it is nothing but a frozen rock waiting to slowly freeze us all to death."

OOC: Dac my char is not a he....
The ship lands. A cheer goes up. The doors open, and the first group of 4 transports, each carrying 6 men, goes out. A cold gale gusts in, the winds being 15 MPH, very nice for this planet, it should seem. The Transports skid for a moment, then pick up traction and begin moving at a steady pace towards Terror Camp.

In the meantime, a man at his post is distracted, as his scanners pick up a heat source, 4 miles from Terror Camp's planned location.


"We are to set up a forward base. It is actually an excellent observation planet. How do you like the cold air?"
As the transport rumbles, I watch everyone talk and joke, making light of the situation. Almost wish we'd tried drop ships first and set up a base camp, but then again, the cold probably would have knocked them from the sky. Hearing the pilot, I shrug. "Reminds me of some of the other places, though it's probably colder than there."

OOC: Do we know any other ice planets Terrans have been to?
OOC: Do we know any other ice planets Terrans have been to?

Braxis is one that comes to mind.
"Not to keen on it sir. Least not this cold. I better get to the hanger and go down with one of the landing parties." I salute the captain before turning to walk to the hanger to catch the next ship down.
In the meantime, a man at his post is distracted, as his scanners pick up a heat source, 4 miles from Terror Camp's planned location.

"Uh, Lt. I'm picking up something."

I look at the man.

"Show me."

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Falcon contemplated. This hadn't been planned on, but he didn't really want to deny her. However, his old navy training won him over.

"Um," He started, "That won't be necessary. You can stay up here, to be with the later parties."


He shows the Lt. a massive heatsource out there, and looking at it one could quickly see it was a Nexus.
I stop mid stride turning to face the captain. "As you wish sir."
I walk back over to the view port I was at before and look back out the window into the cold abyss.
Scott smiled slightly to himself at the announcement. He was happy to be a part of all this and the dominion gave him the opportunity to be an engineer. You betcha' he was the first one on.
They set up Terror Camp, and the relief forces moved in as well, all in under 5 hours. The Protoss were noted, and an armed force was to be sent shortly. As for now, everyone hunkered down indoors, trying to pass the time, or maybe get sleep. The captain stayed in his tent, waiting in case an aide needed him. In the mean time, he sent for Ivanivich.


"Miss, the captain wishes to see you." Was all the courier said to the Officer in Training, before running off to do more errands.

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I mill about one of the buildings trying to stay inside out of the elements. Even though this suit is designed for hostile environments it didn't make me want to stay outside at all. I look at the messenger curiously before leaving the building and head for the captains tent without delay.
I hurry inside and salute the captain. "You called for me sir?"
"Yes, miss," He starts, standing straight up and talking in his usual commanding but soothing tone. He believed greatly in appearance. "I do believe I robbed you earlier of a chance to be among the first outside..." He started, obviously pausing for an answer.
"I don't see it that way sir. I assumed that I was supposed to be with the first landing force and you told me other wise." I rub my hands together to warm them while thinking for a minute.
"I take it there is a task you have for me?"

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