Of Ice and Glory

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"Yes, I do in fact. We have reason to believe there is a Protoss base nearby, and I am going to send you and a squad to encounter it. I don't want you telling anyone around camp though, okay? This will be your first real assignment, and an important one." He says in a voice that sounded like someone giving a presidential speech.
"Yes sir. Recon or search and destroy?"
"Diplomacy. I hope you're comfortable with that...."
"Wasn't what I was expecting sir but I can handle it. When do you want me to head out to them?"
"Tomorrow, early. You are to go to the Protoss base, attempt to engage in diplomacy, and, failing that, retreat, fighting if necessary. I'm trusting you to be your best here, can you handle that?" He asked this sternly, suddenly getting much more serious.
"I won't engage if they don't sir. As for keeping this mission under radar consider it done. Only those you tell are the ones that will know."
"Good, good. Run along then, I'm sure you'll want some rest." He says, as he sits back down and studies something on his desk.
"Yes sir." I salute then leave the tent heading for the building I was in before.
I walked the perimeter of the camp, my rifle held at the ready and scanning for possible hostiles. Stopping behind a building, I mumbled to myself about the cold for a good ten minutes before finally giving in and heading to a nearby building for some hot chocolate, sitting down and sipping. Why the hell are we on this God forsaken rock again? Seems like a waste of resources in my opinion.
I shoot a sideways glance over to the marine that just walked in.
"I wonder the same thing myself. From what the captain told me it is a good forward base position for observation. Doesn't make sense to me but then again most of the Dominion's choices don't."
I enter a building grumbling about the cold to myself. I nod to the other ghost and grab some hot chocolate and some food before siting near her. I glance at the marine for just a moment but otherwise pay him no mind right now.

I was busy cleaning up and getting everything squared away in the medical facility.
OOC: Ok Nuke, first my char is a ghost. Second I don't think your char would know the actual reason.

IC: I return the nod to the other ghost that had walked in and turn to face the civilian that came in. "I highly doubt that a civilian would know more than what they need to let alone what ever the 'real reason' we are here."
I raise an eye brow then shake my head. I step over to a seat near a window and start to look outside while waiting.
I glance at the Ghost and snort, going back to my musings and closing off my mind with the psi screen I'd been issued back with the main Dominion military. The missions I'd done required our minds remain undetected, so they gave us these. Didn't use it too often anymore though, unless there was a nosy Ghost nearby.
IC: Han heads into medbay and tries to pick out a desk for himself. He waves to Amanda as he finds a desk to claim.
Scott found his happy home in the engineering bay. He found a desk and moved in. He was making blueprints in no time.
I nod to Han as I put some vials away in a glass enclosed cabinet. I sigh and sit down at my desk finally done with cleaning and putting everything away. For now at least.

I sip my hot chocolate and take a bite before looking to the marine. "Ya know I'm not a teep. Not sure about the other ghost though." I say with a bit of a chuckle having felt him activate his psi screen.
IC: Han puts a cigar box on top of his desk and a few pipes. "I wonder when we will be need" He says in a thick German accent with a tired tone.

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