Of Ice and Glory

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"Cpt., you think the talking to them Protoss is a smart thing to do? We don't know their intentions. If they are those crazy fanatics we hear on UNN, things could head south quickly..."
"Well with the number of people and the fact that several here are either really brave, really stupid or both we'll have something to do in not too long. I think."
IC: "I believe you are correct ja... We didn't really get time to introduce ourselves on the ship. I am Hans Von Alfon." Hans says before lighting a match "I guess I should not smoke here...." He puts the match outs before putting a pipe in his mouth.
"No you shouldn't and I'm Amanda Zaren." I say shaking my head and turning to the computer.
IC: "it is a pleasure to meet you." Hans say while checking his computer.
"Nice to meet you too." I say as I pull up minesweeper on the computer.
The captain turns first to the new arrival.

"And was this project approved? No. It wasn't. Now, I want you to try and design a damn transport engine that can be used in this cold. We will not be using your upgrade, at least not now, too busy. Now get out." He says, as the hapless Engineer is escorted out.

The captain then turns to his lieutenant. "We'll find out tomorrow. Don't tell anyone, obviously, but I'm not so sure they'll make it. I hope they will, of course, but I'm sending those who wouldn't exactly warrant a week of mourning." He finishes. He wasn't evil, everyone knew that, just rigid. He would send those who questioned, and complained. Those were very dangerous things to do, out on an outpost world.
"Understood captain. Any new assignments for me before I return to my post?"
"No. You're free to go. Thanks for all the help." He says simply before returning to his planning.
I listened to the conversations around me, preferring my thoughts to conversation right now. Those sometimes seemed more sound. Remembering a short time on Char to fight a rogue brood, I shiver slightly, not from the cold though. I'd still been a fairly green recruit at the time.
The Marines immediately go back and report to the captain, and he's visibly angry.

"He can go with tomorrow....and he can say goodbye to ever getting promoted. Actually, go fetch him. He's going to be demoted." He says in a low, growling sort of voice. A Marine reaches him, and without wasting a second, tells him to meet the captain. He then leaves right away.
"I might be a teep but I don't abuse it. I only hear what is unguarded. I don't prod unless a person has information that I need." I grab my rifle and check it.
I nod making sure to remember that. "Well if you need anything from me I'll be plenty cooperative." I say continuing to eat.
I look over at the other ghost. "I highly doubt that I will be tasked with extracting information from you. Me and you both are tools of the Dominion. If they want something from us all they have to do is push a button and we will do. Well they push the button if we refuse."
I shake my head at the two Ghosts. So only one was a teep. Didn't matter to me, the one that said she wasn't could be lying to get me to lower my guard and let them both in at the same time. Sipping more of my hot chocolate, I consider reporting to the captain with a report on the security of the perimeter, the sigh, shaking my head again. Nah, we'll be fine. I have two others still patrolling and they'll be replaced soon by another two and so on and so forth. We'll be fine.

OOC: Just like to point out that a Civilian Engineer is kinda powerless when military soldiers are in question.
I watch the marine from my peripherals. Something about him gave off a vibe of paranoia, possibly overconfidence. I keep quiet while 'looking' over my rifle. My cybernetic eye was watching those around me for any sudden movements. It was nice to have but it was still limited to my natural field of view.
Damn marines being paranoid. Though I don't remember marines ever being issued psi screens. I think to myself but not entirely guarding my mind as I finish eating.

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