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Hello Blizzard,

You have neglected to respond to any posts regarding raising the Clan cap. Many Clans have reached their 100 limit and it's time you wake up and stop restricting your community from growing even larger.

My Clan The Confederation has been at the Clan limit for some while now, and the sad thing is, that everyone is an active player and we still receive applications to join daily in which we just can not accept new players :(

Whoever decides the Clan limit needs to rethink his/her reasoning and wake up. Do you want SC2 to continue to grow? To continue to be a premier eSport? Then stop restricting your community from growing. If you don't have a community you don't have a game.

Thank you,

We Already Sent them a petition with over 300 sigantures.... So I Hope they change it soon. our clan is using 3 overflow clans plus our main one. It sucks, it gets very confusing when everyone is split.
I hear what you're saying. I don't want to split my members a part in 3 channels.
I hear what you're saying. I don't want to split my members a part in 3 channels.

Than what you can do is have the 3 overflow clans, with a group channel which can hold everyone.
yah we have a group thats well over 100 members.

We're sitting basically at that cap now with the recruits coming in.

It would be nice to go above 100.
Again, on behalf of Team Elite, we agree.
+1 as the leader of ZerO, it's really annoying and hard to split the clan of 160 members to 2 groups

We need every single person to post in this thread until blizzard wakes up. I will not leave this issue alone until it is addressed by an official blizzard response, simple as that.

It's very important to me and the community as well I am sure.

There are a lot of great Clans out there and it is unfair to force them to have a small community due to a low Clan limit.

Why do other blizzard games such as World of Warcraft have a Clan limit of 500? Compared to SC2 which is only 100. It's simply unfair and unacceptable.


Thank you,
Blizzard, we are still waiting for a response regarding this issue.

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