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About Myself: Originally top 3 Diamond in my grouping for season 1 of WoL, until real life obligations forced me to quit playing for a while. With HotS now out, and life settling down, I'm getting back into the swing of things and would like to find a clan to practice with, chat with, compete with, and generally just make the game more enjoyable! I mainly play Zerg but am not totally inept with Terran or Protoss and could learn either if given the inclination and some time to practice. I originally hit Diamond playing Random.

I'm a very studious player and enjoy watching pro matches from time to time to learn different timings and strategies, and if I can spare a moment after a loss watching my own replays to pinpoint my mistakes.

What I'm looking for: More of a casual clan that facilitates organized practice matches, inter and intra-clan tournaments(nothing serious, just for fun), and a group of awesome people to hang out with so I'm not just staring at Kerrigan looking angry and lost when I'm playing!

Hit me up in game or respond to this thread with contact info or a link to your website if you fit the bill and are looking for members.
Hey Echaos, check us out!


More info on the clan can be found on our website: taw.net

We are all about having fun and improving :) We recruit all skill levels.
Feel Free to check out FeverClan.com,
Over 900 members Strong.
Casual gaming clan / Community
Gamenights, Forum games, Clan wars, tournaments and more.
Support MANY MANY MANY games, Not just starcraft.

My Name For Fever Member Refferal When you fill in the Application.
(not when you register)
The Confederation aims to be one of the most Stout, yet Respectful, Organized, and Fun Clans Battle.net has to offer. We will be hosting Tournaments with Prizes, fun events, and more on regular basis.

Our Clan has been around since the beginning of Battle.net starting with Diablo 1. That makes our Clan 17 years old. During the peak of The Confederation (StarCraft Brood War) the Clan had in excess of 500 active members. Not only was The Confederation one of the largest Clans on Battle.net, It was by far one of the most respected Clans on Battle.net.

We offer a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 Server as well as a website.

During peak days there can be anywhere from 25 to 40 people on at one time.

If you're interested in joining please visit our website and click "Apply Here" and someone will be with you shortly.

Website: http://the-confederation.net/

Listen, there are A LOT of other Clans out there. However, you will find NO other Clan that is as professional, or organized as The Confederation. Sure, there are Clans that will brag about members among other things. But The Confederation's top priority is Quality > Quantity. Don't let all these other Clans fool you.


Thank you.

The Legion of Honor is an online videogame community for mature gamers looking to play with like-minded individuals in a strategic and respectful manner.

Many of us have been gaming together for over five years, and our community is built around core values such as "family first", "maturity", "respect", "honor", and "discipline".

Our Roman theme and structure help us adhere to a chain of command, so that issues and concerns are addressed timely and effectively. Many of our Legionnaires are current or former members of the Armed Forces.

At its core, The Legion of Honor welcomes gamers of all types: beginners, experienced gamers looking for a solid group of people to play with on a regular basis, and competitive professional gamers as well. Our different group types are sure to tailor to your specific gaming style, as long as our core values are upheld at all times.

Our competitive groups actively participate in all major competitive gaming sites (MLG, Gamebattles, Fragged Nation, among others).

While we focus on the actual aspect of online gaming itself, on multiple platforms (XBOX 360, PS3 and PC), our forums and online chat area are a great place to meet and interact with other members, and our news section will keep you up to date on LoH activities and announcements, as well as gaming-related news and events.

Welcome, Citizen.

The Starcraft 2 group for Legion of Honor is looking for those gamers who are looking for a place to call home. Whether or not you are a newer gamer or an experienced one we offer a place for everyone to get together and have a good time as well as learn from one another. We have a newly formed community who are looking for active players in order to expand the groups.

There are three main types of Groups in the Legion of Honor, each structured specifically for different types of gamers. They are:

The Republican Army (R.A. Group) – A casual group, where members prefer to socialize and game together regularly, but not necessarily in a competitive fashion.

The Imperial Army (I.A. Group) – A structured group of gamers who meet at least twice a week, conduct regular training and tactics sessions, and who may or may not participate in competitive matches.

The Praetorian Guard (P.G. Group) – Our Elite Legionnaires, they are trained killers, whose sole purpose is to play competitively to win and conquer in the name of the Legion of Honor. These members play, train, and strategize on a daily basis, and are always ready for battle.

If interested please post below or visit our website at www.legionofhonorclan.com or feel free to contact me via SC2 via our group: Legion of Honor Recruiting

If interested, feel free to hit me up in game. We have players of all league types.
DeadlyFox #588
Zerg Only clan, newly created
if interested let me know


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