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does anyone know of the current channel/clan wol players are gathering?

maybe i start one... to poor for hots TP4HOTS


All HoTs Users Still have acess to interchange in-game between eather exspansion. No Set Clan Will Me limited to Just WOL unless you make one. Theres Alot Of users out there.... (like my self) being in a clan. and having hots. But I still game on a regualr basis with all my Non HoTs Friends.
FeverClan.com If your interested.
My name for refferal.
extra info
Feel Free to check out FeverClan.com,
Over 900 members Strong.
Casual gaming clan / Community
Gamenights, Forum games, Clan wars, tournaments and more.
Support MANY MANY MANY games, Not just starcraft.

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