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masters protoss looking for team/clan Check us out you wont be let down !!
OMG hey bro

our clan is the best we are very active and we offer sick exclusive stuff at clan inf we offer coaching aswell so we can help u get to masters reallyy soon go to and apply their u will love it

Hello! We have a great team and would love to have a masters protoss join us. Currently, we have masters players capable with all races. I could ramble about all the things that we do, but those are probably best seen on our website at I can assure you that we excel in flexibility, team atmosphere, and activity. We offer our players so many opportunities, and I'm sure you'd be a great fit. If you'd like to join, you can do that on the website or by contacting me in-game (Character Code 651). Hope to talk to you soon!

hey pOM !

Look into The Art of Warfare, we might be a fit for you. The SCII unit have 90+ members in the NA server, with 60+ in the EU server as well. We're a sizable unit, but still very tight-knit. We have players from mid Bronze all the way up to high Master. We're a respectful, social, and all-around fun team. We take gaming casually, since we know it's just a game and we all have real-life stuffs outside of the computer.

We have a well-administered website, a fully active Teamspeak server, and a great bunch of folks in the unit. TAW is a 12 years-old community of more than 2800 members across more than a dozen games, which shows our members' commitment to good gaming. The SCII part of that is growing well past 150 members thru NA and EU. We hopes you consider us !

In-game group: The Art of Warfare Community
Hello, I am the creator/leader of the clan [ZerO] Legion of the Darkness.

We are recruiting for NEW members.
This clan consists of ONLY diamonds (8%), mostly ALL masters (82%), and 10 GMs (10%) players in 1v1. There are 150+ members as of now.

We do:
  • Clan wars (3-4 per week)
  • inner clan wars between ZerO team A and B (1-2 per week)
  • in-clan tourneys w/ brackets (1-2 per week)
  • 1v1 Obs (peep mode as well)
  • Clan team games (2s, 3s, 4s or even random team!)
  • Practice partner against other dia/master/GM
  • And a lot more!
  • The clan chat is very active, so feel free to talk/play with other members. There is little to no BM at all! (and no spamming as well) =)

    We have a Raidcall group and use Skype as well. (more features coming in the near by future).

    If you are interested in joining this active/elite clan, add me and hit me up with message! :)
    My character code is 350.

    Any question you may still may have, I'll be glad to answer them.

    And yes, we have members who cast and stream clan wars and tourneys finals
    Feel Free to check out,
    Over 900 members Strong.
    Casual gaming clan / Community
    Gamenights, Forum games, Clan wars, tournaments and more.
    Support MANY MANY MANY games, Not just starcraft.

    My Name For Fever Member Refferal When you fill in the Application.
    (not when you register)

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