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Atlas Gaming is a sponsored gaming community established in November of 2012. We strive to keep Atlas Gaming growing and continually be pushing forward to make our competitive known in the gaming communities. We don't only focus on hard practice and team training to make Atlas Gaming teams great but we understand the importance of marketing and offer great exposure to our players. Our numbers alone in our casual community can get any new player the help he needs to increase his/her fan base. We capitalize on the marketing of our teams, and it plays a pivotal role in the growth of Atlas Gaming's community; so far, we have been booming with opportunities to help reach our goal of becoming a top tier team.

• You will have priority access to sign-up in ALL of Gamer Realm's & Atlas Gaming's regular tournaments.
• We bring a competitive atmosphere to help improve and motivate your practice, with the added benefit of building well-rounded team work with members and staff; as well as providing constant participation in events, tournaments, and clan wars.
• We provide a coaching system, to provide a method in making money outside of the tournaments and events you will have access to.
• You are entitled to one of our newest benefits, a free-of-charge gaming facility, which is available to our pro teams for scheduled training - located in Mission Viejo, Southern California. (For more info visit:
• We give you a developed system to help talented players, such as yourself, gain exposure in the competitive gaming scene. Our goal is to get your name out there, and help you along the way.

How to Join:
Make a Team Atlas StarCraft 2 Application on our website:
and if you have any questions please email us or in-game: AGpapabear.935

1. Master League or Grand Master
2. NA server only
3. Must use TeamSpeak, if you are on StarCraft 2 be on TeamSpeak.
4. Have a flexible schedule to make time for team league matches and events during weekdays.

Available positions:

Current Team League participation:
-OMGL- Ended

Contact Info:
in-game name: AGpapabear.935
Currently looking for 2 protoss, 1 terran, and 1 zerg to complete our roster
hey dude what happened to the website??
website still there just new domain:
All positions available right now:) Come and Join us!
I would like to notify anyone who is interested in this clan, that each aspect is handled with a dictatorial method. There's no structure and their sponsoring, while present, is limited to a handful of small organisations with little to no exposure out there.

Whenever a member disagrees with the path that this clan takes, that person gets removed from the roster and banished from the teamspeak servers without a single word uttered. Be very aware of the way these people use their clanmembers to profit off them.

(Note: Eolian is a great person, sadly her boyfriend Darconic is not)
If you are going to give criticism please be up to date and correct with your information.

1. Darconic has been gone from Atlas Gaming for almost a month now.
2. All funds we receive from sponsor(s) and donations have all gone back into Atlas Gaming to make it better.
3. Does is matter if we have a small business sponsor? No it doesn't because other clans, communities, and team would love to be sponsored by a small business.
4. We have three owners now in Atlas Gaming, Me, Vorg, and Saint.

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