The Strike

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The reign of both elements winds and rain had plowed over the environment harmlessly as the anonymous marines continued to sprint effortlessly with their battered CMC suits on. In a desperate effort to succumb the zerg biosignatures from the battlefield itself, these hardened and ruthless soldiers were overwhelmed but had the turning advantage of a humongous and treacherous battle cruiser that roared and bellowed above; sounds of weaponry in preparation stage, engines progressively doing their job and alas, the damaging of the armored-plating received from anti-air. It scattered a hail of explosive rounds into the terrain below, striking anything that was in it's radius and specifically causing a whole wide range of catastrophic damage to the environent and individuals - both friendly and opponent nearby. Most of these dawned casualities were marines and zerg creatures.

A hydralisk had swirled into the trenches below and hurled a splash of acid at the marine who continuously fired armor-piercing rounds at the creature. Little did he know that the visor couldn't help protect his eyes as both shards of glass and noxious acid had gotten into his eyes. Screaming in aching fury, he had used his left eye to sight the creature sputtering acid at him. His CMC suit had been stained with furious acid that emitted a smoke effect but luckily didn't violate his body.

"Eat this you son uva' $#%^&" He yelled before chewing onto his expiring cigar. Holding down the trigger, a display of rounds had pierced into the creature. It hailered and raised it's claws to shield itself but that couldn't assist him as death had followed it. Pints of blood had been splattered into the mud below while the creature had fallen, heavily impacting the ground below. Checking the international weapon he wielded for any more ammunition, he noticed that there were only 55 rounds left. Although, it was enough to hunt for some more zerg.

"Time to let them eat the pain." He whispered and spat out of the cigar into the mud below. The marine sprinted down the wooden-shaft only to disappear around a bend.

Two more battle cruisers had warped into the destination whereas the highly-modified and humongous battle cruiser had been stationed, continuing to commence a attack on the zerg grounds below. Mutalisks swirled through the air with their wings flapping about, continuing to spire balls of acids that eventually exploded upon impact on the cruiser but unfortunately, the armor had protected it. This mutalisk had been torn to shreds by the gunner onboard. The explosion had shaked the whole battlecruiser and caused some damage that would be repaired by the engineering crew. In response, the commander pressed his wrinkled and sweaty hand upon the table once more as he analyzed the holographic image of a map infront of him. Several large cables had fallen onto the metallic grounds below followed by tracers of sparks.

Strategically and successfully planning out his attack, the commander had addressed the nearby battle cruiser, the Cubis, to take on the anti-air above while he and the other battle cruiser continued to attack the grounds below. In response, the young commander had complied and the screen had shut off with a pitch black.

The commander rested his hands behind his back and observed the grounds below. A battle had waged between the zerg creatures and the marines confronted by explosions and tracers of rounds. Siege tanks soon pressed forward and the marines cheered on with a rebel yell while attaching behind the rear of the tank. Victory was strifing near and it was in their reach.

"All is going too soon in the night. I've rested my case well." The commander smirked and re-zoomed his ocular implant into neutral.
His face was painted in a coat of soot and his CMC Combat suit had been battered with several distinct scratches from previous attacks. In the tension of the battle, the firebat continued to laugh manically in a rather blurred way due to his cigar held between his lips. Zerglings continued to squeal at the pain while being cooked inside-out from incineration; a sign of beckoning mercy as their fate was drawn near. Distractions progressively continued to overwhelm his mentality during the fight between the zerg and himself. A silent click came from the two flamethrowers held tight on his wrists. This flamer unit continued to ponder to himself but he knew that there was no fuel left in the tanks to ignite more zerg. Multiple hydralisks swirled from the midst of smoke into the sighting of the man and snarled heavily, foresighting his next opposing maneuver.

"Well, that's the end of that." The firebat drowsily whispered, spitting out his cigar - the finale taunt to the group.

In aggression, the hydralisks approached him at a fast rate only to halt at the sound; a sharp and loud whistle translated through a vocoder. A slim and athletic ghost tainted with a fading smoke managed to squeeze eight rounds into the four hydralisks only to pierce them right through the head. Four of these hydralisks heavily slammed to the ground, deceased before they hit the ground. Blood splattered on the wooden makeshift caverns and mixed in with the mud. This situation had remained silent for a few seconds until the ghost had left the area promptly, finishing her job and addressing herself anonymously to the firebat without a singular word spoken through the lips of this person.

Radio transmission conversed between stations in orbit and on land. Victorious but exhausted with confusion, the firebat slowly lead himself to the rendezvous point in compliance to the commander over the radio.

The sincere fight was over.


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