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StarCraft: Subjection is a fully voice-acted 8 mission singleplayer campaign for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty that features four difficulty levels of Brood War style gameplay. Search for the keyword "Subjection" on the North American or European server on, or download below.

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Full-Length Machinima:



Individual files:


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Q: How do the difficulty levels scale?
A: Brutal is meant to be extremely challenging and borderline placebo, sort like Diablo 3's inferno difficulty. Most players will be frustrated at this level, and as such, "Hard" is the recommended difficulty for everyone that beat Wings of Liberty on brutal. Casual difficulty is meant to be played by anyone, and normal difficulty is in between.

Q: I can't find the map.
A: Be sure to simply type the word "Subjection" into the search box, not the entire title. The map should appear.

Q: What is the best way to contact the creator?
A: Send an email to grad42[at]gmail[dot]com.


Campaign by Gradius.

Brent Nitroz - Voice of Orthos and Deimios.
Greg Vestal - Voice of Parker.

Throkdias - No Glow Tassadar Model, Khalai Obelisk, Eye of Adun, Citadel of Adun, Arbiter Tribunal, Protoss Civilian, Shard Cannon, Voranor Model
GhostNova - Meliak & Voranor model. Logan, Voranor & Meliak Portraits.
GnaReffotsirk - Super Carrier Model, Shuttle Model
buhhy - Dragoon Model
Supercarrier Beam - MGM Studios.

Soundtrack by Frank Klepacki, Marty Simon, John Powell, Trent Reznor, Immediate Music and Atticus Ross.

Loading Screen Art:
QAuZ -
Brehnman -
nemesis158 -
Gannaingh32 -

Special thanks to: Telenil, IskatuMesk,,, and Blizzard Entertainment.
Very impressive, i'll give it a shot and let you know what i think. I have high expectations.
what the hell, I can't even play the first mission.

Firstly, blizzard arcade is so slow. downloading mission #1 took over half an hour! and next i am stuck at the Entering Lobby status.

logged from the game and rejoin and now it is downloading the whole damn map again at snail pace.
Discovered these while looking at the newest maps in the arcade. Played the first map so far, and they are pretty cool. Very nice cinematic value. Will continue on to the next missions :)
nice i will download!!!
I'll give it a try, good work.
How do I rebind the Templar hero's psionic storm? I use T as a hotkey for army units like Colossi or sometimes Voids or Carriers.
I've put up the campaign for download:


Individual files:

Other updates:
1) Pressing f2 selects all your heroes as well.
2) Mission 5 gameplay has been semi-reworked. Sniping the HT no longer causes the base to go neutral.
3) Other random fixes.

How do I rebind the Templar hero's psionic storm? I use T as a hotkey for army units like Colossi or sometimes Voids or Carriers.

Not sure. I'll check it out.
I havent installed any mods before, where do i put the files?
Will this considered to be included into parts of wol or is this for fun?
I am a little confused about how to save games. I downloaded the maps and installed them using the two extraction files from I put the mods in /Mods and the maps in /Maps. So how do I run the campaign in such a way that I can save my progress? When I load it through Arcade it still does not allow me to save.
What I've found to work:

1) Go to the map file for the first episode. Should have a green like icon which denotes an editor file. Double click and the editor will open with the map.
2)The right most button is test document in the editor. I think it is green and is a SC icon. Click on that and it will load you in
3) You should be able to save. Good luck have fun!!

I just played through the first two episodes. I've been thoroughly enjoying it!!
The campaign is broken. In the normal setting, the AI is such an idiot, while the fixed waves of units are OP.

Campaign 5 is almost impossible to win even while AI doesn't even build new units. In the end, only Brood Lords will win the game through air siege bombardment since you wouldn't have enough resources to build 6 full armies to take the huge armies of the other 6 broods.

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