Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVIII

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IC: Sam led Tari into the showers. The showers had candles in them also and smelled more of roses. Blue pettles and other colored onces laid everywhere. In the candle light sam started the shower making sure that the candles wouldn't go out. "After you" He says after kissing her.
IC: I sigh "Can you please go get me some water then?"
I smile and step into the shower before going through my usual routine.

"Yes I can." I say getting up and walking around to the pitcher I pour him a cup of water and set it where he can easily reach both the pitcher and cup. "There you go." I get back in on his right side and kiss him on the cheek.
IC: "thanks." i say kissing her back. I gulp down the water before checking on the IV "what are they pumping into me anyways?"
IC: Sam changed out of his clothes and joinned Tari after doing his usual routine also he started to rub Tari back with lavander massage shower rub.
I shrug cuddling with Dante. "Dunno."

I take a deep breath enjoying the aroma of the roses and lavender as well as the back massage. "This is really nice Sam."
IC: I wrap my available arm around her waist. "you sure you want to stay in a stuffed up room with me?"
I shrug. "Its fine. And I could always bring an air filter if it gets too bad."

Destron: I look over at Jessica and say to her "It is mainly my cybernetic eye and some of the wiring that needs repaired, eveything else is easily regenerated."
IC: "Well alright then" i say before kissing her passionately
I return the kiss for a few moments before pulling back. "You're really sweet but you need to learn to use your brain sometimes."
IC: "how so?"
"Like what you did in the Sim. And I would suggest not touching on a certain subject with Sam."
I look back down at the tomb I was reading and place a marker where I had stopped reading then face the new student again. "My name is Greggor of the Gersal Clan. You are?"

"Jared, Raider Entity."
IC: "I have my moments now lets see if I remeber how to do ......this" Sam says as he hits pleasure points on her back that he hadn't used before. He also kisses down her neck well hitting them.
So... how long are we going to let those two lovebirds sleep? (Terance & Alicia)
OOC: War zarkun says that he and SF are looking at a two-day time skip.

I gasp and shudder at Sam's actions. "Oh!"
IC: "I'm just worried that his obsession with that problem could lead them to doing rash things. Especially a medical jockey like him, who knows what ends he might take. Some things he just needs to take lying down and this is one of them"
"Perhaps but I think Tari would keep him from doing anything too stupid."
IC: "I thought you would enjoy that" Sam says in a teasing voice as he continued.

The pizza arrived and was put on the small table while Sam and Tari showered.
IC: "I dunno, Sam can be pretty sneaky. Remember we're Spectres and one of the arts of deception is lying like your life depends on it"

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