Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVIII

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"Mm you have no idea." I say my voice a bit shaky.

I nod. "OK but I still think Tari can handle it."
IC: Sam hit a few more before turning Tari around to kiss her as the water poured over them.
IC: "maybe..... ok seriously how much medicine can this thing pump into my veins!"
IC: A nurse walks in as she heard Dante. "Its too keep you hydrated no put medicine in you. We've yet to put any in other then a light stim to help you heal."
I return the kiss lightly rubbing Sam's back.

"Hmm it would seem not much at the moment." I say jokingly.
IC: "I hate being a patient" i moan.
IC: Sam enjoyed the back rub but his stomach growled loudly while Tari rubbed his back.
Oh come on how can I be hungry now... he thinks to himself
"Oh boo hoo to you." I say not entirely feeling sympathetic at the moment.

My stomach growls as well. "Is food ready?" I ask still rubbing Sam's back lightly.
IC: Sam took a deep breath in and smiled. "well I smell cheese so I would say it is here" He says turnning off the shower and grabbing two bath robes he had left close by. "After you my lady"
IC: "I think imma go sit on the couch" i say before getting up
"Why thank you." I say putting on the bath robe and stepping into the main part of the dorm.

I nod moving to the edge of the bed. "Need any help?"
IC: "nope" I say, getting on the wheelchair and transferring to the coach
"Mind if I join you?"
IC: A large pizza with many toppings is layed out on the table on a sliver plate. Two smaller plates are to the side of it. "dig in" Sam says to Tari as he walks in behind her.
IC: "sure"
I hop off the bed and sit next to Dante. "Ya know this is a good chance for me to rest a bit as well."

I sit down and take a slice. "Looks delicious." I say before taking a bite savoring it.
IC: Sam sits across from Tari and pours the champagne into the wine glasses. "Not the most romantic dinner but should taste good" He says trying not to laugh.
I arch an eyebrow at Sam noting his effort not to laugh. "What?" I set the piece of pizza down.
IC: "Just not what I would call a romantic dinner pizza that is. Also just thinking how hot you look in that robe while eating pizza" Sam says telling the truth
I smile shyly. "The pizza is fine. Flatterer." I say as I start eating again.

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