Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVIII

Joeyray's Bar
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IC: I sigh "i guess" i say before staring at the ceiling
IC: Sam digs in to the pizza as well taking a slice at a time. "Wow this is really good"
I frown as I lay down my head resting on Dante's lap. "I know you don't like it but this is one time you have to take it laying down."

I nod taking a sip of champagne.
IC: "i do. But it doesn't mean i enjoy it, it feels like my mind has slowed down..... suspended in the air. I feel...... normal and i don't like it"
IC: Sam sipped his Champagne before finishing his pizza. "I'll have to do something speical for them." He says
"I understand but being normal isn't so bad." I say trying to comfort Dante but feeling like I was failing.

I finish my pizza as well. "Yes you will." I say before taking another sip of champagne.
IC: "Its not all bad...... at least you're here" i say stroking her hair. "I really want to pull out this IV right now"
IC: "But first I have something else speical to give you." Sam says as he gets up and walks over to Tari with a small black box.
I glance at Dante. "I say don't but you need to ask a nurse."

"Sam what?" I ask wondering what he was going to do this time.
IC: Sam opens the small box to show a ebony wood braclet with green gemstones on the top of it. "I hope you like this" He says smiling
IC: "Its just hydration but okay. hey nurse can i remove the IV!"
I stare at Sam for a moment. "I-I do ... thanks." I smile and hug Sam.
Sam was taken off guard as Tari hugged him but he hugged her back before kissing the top of her head. " I take it you really like it huh" He says tenderly.

"No.. we need to keep it in just in case we have to give you more meds" She says to Dante trying to keep a calm voice.
IC: I sigh "alright. I'm tired again...... going to sleep now" i say as my eyelids droop close
"Yes I do like it."

I kiss Dante on the cheek lightly and curl up on the couch my head resting on his lap. I drift to sleep.
IC: Sam kissed Tari and looked at her for awhile smiling. "I really do love you more then anything" He says with an honest voice.
"I love you too." I say before I kiss Sam passionately.
IC: Sam embraced Tari with a tight hug before returning the kiss with more passion.
I untie both my own and Sam's robes and drop them to the floor. I drag Sam onto a bed and let events go how they will.

OOC: note: the door IS locked for now :P
{All remaining contestants please report to the Simulation room post-haste.}

I hear the announcement and sigh. "That is my cue. I'll see you around." I leave my room and head to the simulation room.

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