Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVIII

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With the match between Jen and Ceas finished, and the victor being Ceas, the days have been passed. Two days have passed, and Dante is no longer incapacitated, and the tournament was put on hold to allow his mending. Now the days have gone on as usual, with Dante and Shir now required in the simulation room. The rogue Ghosts are now patrolling the academy halls, and Brian has departed. Oh, and Destron is seen as delirious.

"Darkra, if something happens to Dante again due to him being a retard, you won't be given the special treatment you got this time."
Shir almost fell out of his room at the announcement, thundering down the hallway to the sim room. He had been in deep meditation for two days, and was ready for the games to begin.
I blink into the Sim room.

I remain asleep in the dorm Dante and I share as he heads for the sim room.
I walk with Alicia, spinning a revolver on one finger before holstering it, a grin plastered on my face. "With the training I've been doing with the pistols and that we've been doing with you, I think this'll be easy." I nod to the new guy, Jared, as he walks towards the sim room as well. He wasn't in the tourney, so I wasn't sure why he was going there.

I return Terance's nod and then return to my thoughts, going through various ways to fight the other students here if it ever came to that. For now though, I was just hoping a simulation separate from the mass one could be arranged.
IC: Sam was at his desk in medbay checking over files. He would get sick everything he saw one of the rogue dominion ghosts.. He wanted to just report them and have them taken back but he didn't want the dominion to learn the location of the academy. Sam got out of his desk to go get a paper file. He winced halfway there from soreness. I can't believe I am still sore from that evening... I wonder if Tari is as sore as I am. He wonders to himself
Sahlk uproots himself from the creep and heads out of the Hive towards the the simulation room, finding the Protoss, Zerak Kel he recalled, behind him.

"I added an edit of one more sentence to the time skip regarding Destron."
I smile and nod, still not fully awake yet;

Got 3.5-4 hrs sleep last night. Totally fried. Just a heads up if my posts seem lacking their normal feel.
Reaching the simulation room and watching the others plug in, I approach Flint. "Excuse me, but think it's possible I could do a sim separate from the others?"
IC: {{So how are you feeling today Tari?}} Sam radios to Tari while looking though the paper files.
"You can but you have to set it up in section four."
"Thanks." Moving to the indicated section, I set up my simulation, an assault on a rogue group of Ghosts in a mountain camp, and get in a pod, starting it up. Closing my eyes, when I open them next, I'm standing in the forest at the base of the mountains, with the camp hidden somewhere in them. Fading from sight, I move slowly up the path, my rifle in hand, a round already in the chamber, checking every rock and hiding place as I move. Odds were I wouldn't see traces of them until I was closer to the camp though.
{{I'm doing OK. I'll talk with you some more when we're done with the sims.}}
IC: {{Ok. I'm stuck sortting files one of these ghosts tripped over the files and messed them all up. Also just wanted to know if you are as sore I am}} Sam radios as he checks though the files.
{{I'm a bit sore but nothing I can't handle.}}
IC: {{ No they don't...... will you pick that..... how come I am..... [sounds of papers being moved around in the background] That isn't fair I am sore as can be.. No those files go in room C... Tari sorry for all the noise we are having problems figuring out whos file is whos... I will need a drink before that day is out... Ok Talk you after your sim}} Sam radios
I sat behind a rock as another marine patrol went by. Typical rogues, bringing cannon fodder to distract the enemy while they did the sniping. It's why Entities and Spectres were more battle efficient. We were able to fight up close as well. Counting to three after they were past, I move around the rock and keep moving, ducking into a side cave as another patrol came by. Then I saw the first one, watching the path from a cliff near the end. Smiling to myself, I line up a shot, the scope readout appearing over my right eye as I line up with his head and pull the trigger, the silenced shot going through his head, blood and brain matter spraying the rock wall behind him. One down, six to go. Leaving my cover and loading the next round into the chamber, I continue up the path, ducking into some trees to decloak and continue along. The next Ghost would probably be in charge of the guards that day and be near some kind of guard post.
I make my way through the ecosystems back towards where Cynthia had set up her little hide away. I wonder if she is awake yet. Probably not. I think to myself.
Camping on a cliff over looking the camp, I weigh my options. The intel I'd been given on this camp was slightly off. There'd been no Ghost at the guard post, just a marine in some kind of prototype armor that had been equipped with heat readouts. Unfortunately, I'd realized that after the round pinged off my armor and I dove for cover behind a tree. Now I had several dings in my armor and a prepared camp to show for it. I growl silently to myself as the camp was a bustle of activity as the marines and firebats took up defensive positions, with several more of the prototype armor wearing marines at key positions around the camp with the Ghosts taking up posts nearby as sniper support. Damn...Next time, skip the experimental armor....

Remaining cloaked, I peek out from around the corner and use Psi Choke, crushing the windpipe of a nearby marine, watching him fall to the ground and suffocate before displacing to a new position. The marine in the prototype armor was already moving towards my previous position and I grin, putting a silenced round through his head and dropping him to the ground, his brain matter splattering against the ground and the blood flowing out of the hole in his forehead into his helmet, eventually filling it enough to flow out the hole in the visor. Displacing again, I move behind a rock, working towards a cliff to be able to pick off the remaining Ghosts from. Lining up another shot, I shoot a Firebat's tank, causing it to explode and turn him and the marines around him into extra crispy Terransteaks.

Moving to displace again, I hear the sound of the psi knife's blade moving through the air as I spin away from the thrust, catching a glimpse of it's cloaked owner. Putting my rifle back on my back and drawing the energy blade, I decloak at the same time he does, my blade held in a reverse grip compared to his forward standard grip. With a silent agreement, we both lunge forward, blades forward.
I the two days I had moved Destron to my ship so I could preform much needed repairs that he had missed some time ago as well as general maintenance that was also needed.
"Right while I still have you mechanics open is there anything else that you want or need me to alter or adjust?
"I need to show you how I was this severely damaged." I say with my steely monotone.

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