Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVIII

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"Akright,.. do you have a preferred way of displaying this?" I ask as I keep working.
"Get me to a computer." I say.
I look at him with a simple are you really asking this. "You do realize that we are right next to one of my ships computer ports." I gesture to a nearby port. "Delta prep the system."

"As you wish Madam." He chimes.
Two small, half organic and half mechanical slithered out of small ports on my torso and grabbed onto the port with spidery legs and then started to upload the information which appeared as a playable video.
"Delta save the data then play on the screen."

The attack begins to play while I continue to work. I look up and watch the recording of the attack. "I will inform security and have them dispatch drones into the ducts to ensure that thing doesn't cause any more problems."

"Now about your programming, more specifically regarding your search for know everything. I can create an override for it giving you more free will."
"I will graciously decline the override, and you do realize that I was not only programmed mechanically, but also biologically." I say to Jessica, the cables retreating back into me.
"With time I can fix that as well. Delta would be doing all the work though."

A small image of a ghost appears next to us. "I would gladly assist in aiding you." Delta states.

"Really Delta a ghost?"

"It is only an image Madam."

"You know how I feel about that one in particular."

"I do apologize. I figured you would like to see an image of him again. I will select a different one when we are done."
"That would not matter as I do not want the override, my quest for knowledge is my "drive" as you Terrans call it."

Jen: I woke up from my cat nap and my head was pounding like Old Earth heavy metal, that nap did not make me feel better, in fact it turned my headache into a migraine and when I have a migraine I get stomach troubles, really bad stomach troubles and I ran for the bathroom.
I kick the Ghost against a tree, panting, and spin the energy blade into a normal grip and bring it down across his chest and watch the optics go dark as he dies, cloaking again and moving closer to the cliff. I then roll under a barrage of gauss spikes from a detector marine and his squad. Damn...well, time to do things the old fashioned way. Diving behind a rock, I decloak and set the rifle from semi to burst and pop out from behind it, the first burst downing a marine. A canister round pings near my head and I take cover again, making a mental note of where it was fired from. Leaping over the rock, I fire four more bursts, downing all the marines and sending blood and brain matter splashing along the ground behind them. I then take cover behind a stone and cloak, coming out the other side while they all fired on the stone, heading for the cliff from before. Ducking behind a tree, I sigh and pause the simulation, ending it and climbing out.

"Well, that could have gone better...need to revise my approach on the guard post..." I nod to Flint as I walk out, drawing the energy blade and playing with it as I walk down the hall, running through my strategy again.
Jen: After vomiting until I started to dry heave I headed to the med bay, in pain and extremely nauseas. When I get their I close my eyes, the migraine was getting so bad that even light made it hurt worse.
I step off of my Ion shield next to Cynthia. "Sleeping this long can't be good for you." I say more or less to myself as I make sure she is still alive. I sigh and go over to the small cabin I have been building for Cynthia if she wants or needs it. "Why am I even doing this? I have no damn idea if she'll even like it." I reach to the side my empty hand disappearing for a moment before I pull it back with a handful of construction supplies and a biscuit.
IC: Sam sees Jen walk in and can tell that somethign was off. "Exam room one now and a nurse will be with you in a few seconds."
I reply by giving an alien groan and walk into the exam room and lie on the table, my tail hanging limply off to the side.
IC: A nurse walks in and starts an IV. "Ok lets try to get some fuilds in you and some Anti Nausea medacine"
I lift my tail slightly to let the nurse know I heard her and that I was grateful, it hurt to much to communicate Psionically.
I shove the biscuit in my mouth and get to work on the cabin again. I wish you would get up already. I mean seriously I might take you up to the Academies medical facility if you don't wake up by the end of the day. I sort of broadcast to Cynthia. A few moments later I start to sing some of the old songs I know out loud.
IC: The nurse comes back with some medicine for Jen and pumps it into the IV. "So what all is hurtting?"
"M-my head." I say shakily, and the go on "My stomach." I say, my voice strained.
IC: The nurse nodded. "Well a doctor will be here to check you out till then I'll add something in the IV to help"
I raise my tail again to let her know that I had heard her and the it flopped back down.

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