Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XXVIII

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Korzis paces strides through the halls, wondering what was going on with his sister, as he had not seen her since Jake arrived, making him suspicious of Jake having done something to her. He sees the new student as he has these thoughts running through his head. "Hello there." Korzis says, pausing his own walk.
"If that is the sole thing you pursue then you lead an empty life. You should really find another thing to pursue. There is more to life than being omnipotent. Besides that no one likes a person that probes and prods at every little detail so they can know everything. Don't get me wrong there is nothing bad about keeping record of what you find you just shouldn't be constantly searching. Somethings you won't find when you look for them."
"What else would I pursue, it is the only thing I feel joy in." I say to Jessica, thinking about the last part of her statement very hard, evaluating it. "Also Omnipotence is being all powerful, my sister's goal, my goal is to be Omniscient, all knowing, though I know that is impossible I can still try."
I chuckle slightly. "For the longest time all I have ever found real joy in is working with machines. Most these droids, weapons, and various other items on this ship started as one thing then I changed them to something else that was better. Hell I even built this ship with my own two hands and psionics. Then I met Logan.... " I stop mid sentence and my face slightly saddens.

"Anyway what I am trying to get at is that you have to try other things to find out what you like and don't like and try to keep from seeking out every little bit of info about everyone and anything for a few days. Maybe try meditation, growing plants, reconfiguring your minions for optimal performance, try to make friends with the other students. There is a lot that you can do Destron don't just focus on one thing."
"Meditation redundant, I can think efficiently without slowing down, and Terrans and Protoss unable to befriend Zerg, Hybrids maybe but not complete Zerg in the blood, optimization is something I do all the time though my creator did a good job when designing them though major upgrades are planned, growing plants, interesting suggestion, though I am unable to effectively grow plants, still will consider, potential source of data and learning about something first hand almost always yields extra knowledge." I say, considering that particular path.
I nod to the man as I walk by, in the middle of spinning the energy blade in a figure eight. "Morning."
"Who are you? I don't believe I've seen you before." I ask, my mind still wandering slightly.
"Jared, Entity for the Raiders. Arrived a couple days ago."
I plant my forehead firmly in my right hand. "Your not getting what I am saying at all. For a sentient cyborg zerg you are still very very program oriented. Hell even my android isn't as bad as you are and he predated you by at least twenty years. If you cannot adapt to change then you are a failure of your master's. Change is the element of progress and if you do not progress then you fall stagnant and useless."
"The things you have suggested to me bring me no joy and I am unable to change that, I may have received additional programming but my desire to learn stopped any of that from ever happening. Also he was no master of us, we were his experiments, toyed with and used to gain more acquire data." I say, regretting my slip of the tounge by saying 'we'.
"Regardless, to me you are a failed attempt of something that would be better. And I take it by you saying we there are several more of you."
I continue to sing quietly as I work every so often pulling some more supplies from a 'void locker' as I like call them.

I sit up and rub the sleep from my eyes as my stomach growls. "Guess I should go get some food." I say to myself as I get dressed and head for the cafeteria.
"Their were three of us, me and my brother were the only Cyborgs and all that my brother was given was a Jukebox. The one other was the control subject, completely organic, ironically she would become the strongest and achieve the most, and our creator had no real goal other than to gain knowledge from us and tinker with us."
I sigh heavily and walk away leaving Destron still disassembled enough to prevent movement.
"I'll be back shortly." My tone was rather harsh.

The image of Delta appears again this time as a simple marine with the visor down and he looks over at Destron.
"I apologize for her now. While she is still much detached from other humans she still has their emotions. She is only trying to help you and look out for you. She did notice that you were have difficulty with the other students and thought she might be able to help you with that now since you were here. While I fail to see why she thought or even attempted to try her reasoning is beyond my understanding."
"I am not enough like them to befriend them." I say to the AI before I open my chest doors and Razortooth and Deathwing come out and start to leave the ship, starting their patrol of the academy.
"How so? You are a biological/mechanical being. Zerg or not you are sentient and can make decisions of your own. Your companions by the way are not able to leave the ship. I have taken liberty of making sure that you and them remain here until mistress Jessica is finished with your repairs. They may explore the ship though I fore warn you any attempt to hack the ships computers will result in termination of the being attempting being." The figure begins to pace some.

"I have one last query for you. If you are both zerg and machine would you not also seek a way to improve yourself to a greater standing even if it meant losing a part of you?"

I was in my room of my ship fiddling with a device that I often worked on to calm myself and/or clear my mind. It was something simple when I first started it now it had more purposes than I knew off the top of my head.
I think about the AI's last comment and "That, is a good question."

My minions explore the ship, not hacking into the systems, just exploring. Razortooth finds Jessica and he walks into her room and lies down, clearly bored.
Delta stops pacing. "Consider it. as terrans would say, Food for thought." His image disappears after that.

I look down at Razortooth as he lays down. "Can I help you with something?" I ask sounding still rather irate."
"I will definitely ponder it AI." I say and I start to randomly search for information.

Razortooth looks at Jessica and asks, "Do you have a piece of metal or meat for me to eat Jessica??"
I frown at Razortooth. "There is not metal on this ship that is for your consumption. I also don't really keep none canned or preserved food on the ship but I think there might be a can of SPAM around here somewhere..." My voice trails off while I start telekinetically pulling canned food out of a nearby storage area. "Here it is.." A can of Spam lands in front of Razortooth. "Enjoy." I then resume my work on the device.

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