Spread The Creep Initiative

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I propose to bolster the influence of the Zerg throughout the entire multiverse of games.

Challenges I've thought up of:

  • Dominate a minecraft server by infecting large swaths of the world with creep(mycellium),
    and spawning zerglings(purple sheep).
  • Spread creep(spider webs) throughout a Don't starve world using hatcheries (spider dens)
  • Infect multiple worlds and colonize the galaxy in Spore using a Zerg race and Zerg creatures. (Use Zerg-like plants, buildings, creatures, and purple/grey terraforming tools to create the ultimate Zerg planet) (Don't forget lategame creature creator tools)
  • Play a Zerg themed team comp In league of legends with your friends. (remember, voidlings are basically zerglings anyway) (this can apply to any MOBA)
  • Build a Zerg themed deck in magic the gathering (no Idea how to pull this one off)

  • Well, that's it for Ideas from me. I'd like to here your ideas, and if you have accomplished any of this then feel free to post any media to show us your achievement. I might do the Spore one. And as afterthought, we could post these ideas on the forums pertaining to said games.

    For The Swarm!!!

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