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Templar Name: Ra'dam
Age: 574
Alignment: Khala
Armament: Psi-blade
Appearance: Zealot portrait; a deep and long scar runs down from his right eye all the way down to his chin
Combat Style: Guardian
Learned Kata (2): Kibon Yidon, Minukiuchi
Abilities (2): Charge, Boundless Fury
Backstory: It is said that change is the hardest thing for a Judicator to do. Ra'dam was once part of this coveted old guard. In his time, he carried out his duties with the utmost care, judging and giving out sentences to blasphemers. His faith in the old teachings put him at odds with Tassadar during the Great War and he sided with Aldaris during the brief Protoss civil war. Though defeated and faced with the real possibility of having their race extinct, Ra'dam still insisted on fighting the Dark Templar and in the aftermath of the Brood Wars, even went so far as to join the Tal'darim to stay away from Shakuras. However, over the years perhaps by the atrocities he has seen, the former Judicator had defected from the Tal'darim to join the hierarchy. After much "talk", Ra'dam was allowed back. He does not say much about his scar which was not present when he left Shakuras. His voice in the Khala, though confident, feels dimmer and there is a tiny hint of melancholy within.

Oddly enough, despite being a former high templar, Ra'dam's control is not sufficient enough to cast psi storms or generate any sort of projectile.
ASD-11 is a Protoss support drone. It is used to support troops in combat, in a variety of ways. It has two vehicles it can operate, and may switch between them with a wire. For security reasons, ASD-11 is unable to do this without Protoss assistance. "Shocker" is the combat form. It can cast force fields, operate some vehicles, use a taser, and fly. It is used generally as a scout and for niche roles in combat. It must be supported, as it has no lethal attack of it's own.

This particular one is one of 14 in existence, and is a prototype. It has taken the name "Spongy", and responds only to this. The other form of this one is a bug-like creature which can be used for various civilian purposes. [END TRANSMISSION]
Name: Khassar
Age: Unknown to all but herself, Her appearance marks her at a fairly young age, however.
Alignment: Nerazim.
Armament: Specially augmented Stalker shield (+Laser) As well as a Psi-Blade
Appearance: Lightly Armored, with Stalker enhancements on her body, an improvised stalker shell built into her body to allow her to continue waging her small tribe's war against the enemies of the Protoss. She usually keeps her fully armored arm covered by her cloak, leaving her psi blade, which is located on her left arm: unusual for a Nerazim, fully visible. Her armor is replaced with a refitted stalker frame, with some of it's robotic limbs implanted into her torso and legs. A very attractive and built Protoss female, she has a mischievous, hearty look in her eyes, once again, uncommon for a Nerazim.
Combat Style: Strategist. Khassar loves nothing more than to be the first to know every strength and weakness of those around her, and will adjust her fighting style accordingly. A flexible soldier, she is what Terrans would call a perfect mercenary.
Kata: Chong shin no-Kun, and Kibon Chodon
Abilities: Void Walk, and Dominate
Backstory: Not many know much about Khassar, if anything at all, besides that she is an incredibly deceitful young Protoss. She is of one of the few small splinter Tribes of the Nerazim, hers in particular one that was converted into Ulrezaj's Tal'Darim Sundrop Addicts. It is unknown how she escaped, or what happened in the time since then, besides the fact that her body was crippled in the fight against the Zerg on Shakuras.
When the Dark Templar refitted Dragoon technology, Khassar would be given a choice: Be refitted into the shell, or remain crippled. She chose both, undergoing a unique procedure in which the scientists bonded the metal exoskeleton onto her broken joints and bones, even going as far as to place her right arm in a tight fitting, metal sleeve, which contained the same weaponry used as the current stalker model. This weapon, of course, utilized her own mental willpower to function, and had significant recoil when fired. As of such, her fighting style revolves around spotting weaknesses and taking them out from afar, and if that does not work, delivering surgical strikes, and using the weapon's recoil to help her avoid attacks she cannot deflect.

NOTE: Wanted to play around with the idea of a Stalker/DT hybrid. Sort of like the Dark Templar Terminator.
I said I'd do this yesterday, but was sidetracked (Dwarf Fortress).

A Protoss Nexus, silver and blue in color, hangs in space around a dead world. The crystal atop it glows faintly with the strain of keeping the unique craft out of the rocky sphere's gravity, and the fruits of its labors are visible in the shafts of light emmited by the thrusters on the long spire of metal that extends downward from the Nexus.

A matrix of energy, a docking field, rests between two of the structure's arms.

This is the sight that greets you as you emerge from warp. Your orders are to dock with the station. You will be briefed further just afterward, and should take the time to reacquaint (or introduce) yourself with the other Templar.

RP your arrival.

NOTE - new apps accepted, not adding to char list due to character limit.
Everything around her was dark, and it's cold embrace was comforting. Her eyes were closed, guiding her small craft into the docking bay. The crystals within the Nexus glowing with light blue energy as they held the craft within, cradling it for what seemed like minutes. Of course, this would be the time in which the technicians would be running checks on the ship and her pilot. After a certain measure of time, it seemed they were satisfied with the data that came up, and the ship began to power down, the Nexus beginning to recharge it's power sources automatically. The cockpit to the odd craft, a mix of Void Ray and Oracle, hissed as it slid open, and she stepped out of it. Her feet clicked softly on the floor, her arms slumping down to her sides, and a grin on her face. She stretched, obviously stiff from the long trip, before turning and looking around the bay.
The bay is silver in color, like the Nexus' exterior. A few technicians go about their duties, but otherwise it is empty except for a single Zealot. He bows to the newcomer.

"You may await the arrival of the others beyond that door," he says, pointing.
Khassar chuckles, nodding and giving a small bow in return.
"Thank you, I appreciate the gesture. I hope the others arrive shortly."
The whirring of machinery is almost silent as she walks, her hands behind her back, her back straight. Her cloak rested against her body, covering most of it up to her shoulders, platinum armor covering what was visible.
A single Scout exited warp near the station, colored white and red like the armor of it's owner, and drifts toward the docking bay, the pilot in deep meditation as the engines slowly power up to speed up the drift just a little bit so as not to be late.

I convened with my brothers and sisters in the Khala, many things being debated about how wise it was to send me on this mission rather than a more experience member. I simply listened to the elders argue, exchanging points before I finally spoke up. "Brothers, sisters, I understand your concern with having me come, but experience is not everything. I have learned lessons that some of our more experienced members can only search for, and the same can be said for them about me. Let us simply wait and see what happens." The voices fall silent for a moment before all of them simply send a mental nod as my ship alarm informs me of landing. Mentally bowing, I awake, looking around and slowly standing up and donning my armor before climbing out of the ship, the cockpit having slid back. My halberd rested on my my back, my psi blaster at my hip as I step down and nod to an approaching technician. "En taro Tassadar, brother. Where am I to meet with the others?"
She turned her head sideways, casting a glance at the newly arrived Khalai, and chuckled to herself, before moving into the now open door. Her cloak was torn and tattered in some places, and her feet shone with some metal built into them, specifically where her ankles and toes were. Her back was completely covered by her cloak, and her eyes shone a vivid green as they scanned the newcomer.
As the door began to close, Khassar spoke out.
"Within the chambers through this door. The others have not arrived yet, which gives us time to get acquainted with each of them individually. If you would follow me, I am Khassar... and you?"
I take a moment to remember the name before speaking. "I am Taedaris of the Zealot Elites." I note the stalker armor grafted to her body before continuing on. "We are stronger than any Zealot, but we'll never know the mental prowess of a High Templar."
She smiled, looking over his form, her nearly photographic memory taking in every chink and possible weak spot in his armor. She turned away again, surveying the room for a second. Taedaris... an interesting rank you hold. Very few may consider themselves as such. But then again, not many can consider themselves the last of their tribe, the only one left to hold it's dignity and honor in her hands."
A third ship docked, a rather large one, made to house someone comfortably, with many measurement instruments. A short female emerged, that could be identified as a templar, although not without some examination. Her pale gold and silver armor included light blue drapings and cloak, and she carried a psy-spear on her right hand, apparently more of a staff, as the blade was not lit.

She bowed before the technicians tending to her ship, and then moved towards the templars who were already there, bowing again. "En taro Tassadar, great ones. May the light of the Khala light your path..." She then examined the Nerazim. "And the shadow of the void darken that of your foes." She lost some of her formality, although not completelly. "What have we be summoned for? Curiosity is consumming me." She looked arround. "Shame they didn't pick a more joyful landscape, ominous landscapes incite ominous thoughts."
Khassar looked at the second newcomer, a growing smile on her face. "En taro Tassadar, I do hope that the Void blackens out whatever opposition we will find on our mission, whatever such a mission is." She shrugged a bit, her cloak moving. It revealed a glimpse of her heavily armored right arm, the sapphire crystal embedded in it's front glinting in the split second of light that hit it. She took in the unique armament of the Templar, and smiled softly.
"I am Khassar, and our other fellow guest here is Taedaris. You are?" Her hands moved behind her back, still covered in her cloak, and her feet whirred slightly as she shifted her weight onto one at a time.
Alesia bowed yet again. "Greetings, Khassar, Taedaris. My name is Alesia."

She shifter the weight from one leg to the other, uncomfortably. "That is an interesting piece you have there, Khassar. May I examine it? As one of the Furinax, I have an academic interest in clever machinery. Nerazim crafting, I presume. Excuse me if I seem rude, without the Khala, I find it always hard to read the Dark Templars."
A Zealot enters the room and bows slightly. "En Taro Adun, Templar. The Executor apologizes for the delay. He is speaking with the Prelate now, and will join you soon. You are free to utilize the training facilities should you desire it. You will find them within. Take this passage, and there will be appropriate facilites on the left."
She seemed a little nervous upon being asked the question, thinking of what to say before the Zealot burst into the conversation. Upon receiving the information, Khassar's eyes lit up. The High Prelate, here? What kind of mission were they being sent on that they required his guidance? Her thoughts, which were vocalized for a split second, concealed themselves again, and she turned to face Alesia. She shifted her shoulders a bit, casting glances back at the passageway the Zealot described, and back at her. Finally, with a chuckle, she spoke up.
"Perhaps a bit of sparring will give you the opportunity to see it?" She lifted her arm up, her cloak moving to the side to reveal her platinum colored armor, the light blue gems inside of it glowing softly, not enough to illuminate Khassar's frame, however. They served as the power source for her metal exoskeleton, hints of machinery prodding through the main muscles in her torso and legs, becoming fully exposed where Nerazim armor usually would be. Her right arm was covered in metal, sharp claws extending from the gauntlet like plating. The arm itself was fairly heavily armored compared to the rest of her, and her fingers had been cut off, the robotic claws replacing them. Another blue gem sat in an alcove in the metal, forming a tube like formation in the middle of her forearm. This crystal, however, glowed a very bright teal. Down her legs there were more traces of machinery built into her, especially in her knees and ankles. Metal claws fit over her toes, serving as better footing for her heavier form, while letting her keep her agility, amplifying her strength. She flexed her robotic fingers, and placed the arm back down, the cloak again falling into position over it.
Alesia bowed to the Zealot, and turned her attention to Khassar. "That would be one way to try it. You may find my lack of enthusiasm and competitiveness dissapointing, however. Shall we?" Alesia took hold of her weapon, which was leviating on it's own next to her and headed in the appointed direction. "I have had a fascination with the energies of the void ever since I first learned of Tassadar's exploits along the Dark Templar. Being short as I am, I have often felt the need to dissapear from sight. The ability to conceal myself would be of great use for me, and I've always been more akin to the subtle approach to problems, despite the fact my abilities excell at that which is better in a more direct approach. Let's see how you fare against the raw might of the Khala." Despite Alesia's formal tone, her eyes displayed amusement.
Khassar grinned, she was starting to like this outwards Khalai. Her left hand clenched and relaxed, and she proceeded to calm herself mentally for a few minutes as they began to walk. "Sometimes, Alesia, I find that even just having an opponent can be good for a simple training excersice. Also, the 'Raw Might of the Khala' might need a bit of a better reach~" Her tone was one of mockery as a chuckle was audible. She disappeared into a black gas, appearing again on Alesia's other side and tapping her on the shoulder. "You might need to remember to watch your back though. The path of the Void is not a path that should be trekked by all. Many do not simply have the mental fortitude to go along it's path... and the Khalai simply do not have the strength of individuality to undergo it's trials."
Alesia didn't react at all to Khassar's blink. She arched a brow dissaprovingly at the mockery, but nodded at Khassar's argument. "There is at least one who has walked both paths, however. I have a feeling one day, before all is said and done, all protoss will walk both paths, or die to our evergrowing enemies, distant as it may seem. I may not be as great as Tassadar by a long margin, but I walk his path. One day, it may lead me to the trials of the void, and if it happens, when it happens, I will give all my heart to the task. Perhaps I should start by training in this... individuality of yours. What does it consist of, lying? I have trouble seeing in what other sense lacking access to the Khala makes one different from everyone else, other than the privacy to think ill of others and create hidden machinations."

Her tone was still formal, but her eyes were challenging. She extended her arm towards the training grounds. "It would seem that this is it."
Khassar rolled her eyes, tapping Alesia's staff, indicating that her mockery was directed towards her physical reach, which seemed to revolve around the spear granting a longer reach. "Not at all. The individuality of the Nerazim allow us to become one within ourselves, rather than to the collective. We are able to focus completely and solely on our task, rather than waste time and energy ignoring the plethora of voices within your Khala now. Our focuses allow us to feel everything around us, use it all to our advantage... it is a liberation, Alesia. The path of the Void is the liberation of the Spirit, and the indoctrination of the Form into the Void's grasp. While the Khalai share a sense of mental community, no matter how far apart you are... the Void brings all those who embrace it into a physical communion... through the harsh and bitter cold of the Void we find the warmth of all those whom embrace it... we cannot hear their thoughts, nor feel their bodies, but we can feel their spirits, and it empowers us."

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