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Alesia pointed to the Khaydarin crystal on her forehead, as if to demonstrate where her true reach comes from. "I am confident that with enough meditation I can achieve it one day. I will not renounce to the Khala, but although it may seem greedy, I believe the truest path is to combine both forces. For now, I still must master one path." all the glowy elements of her armor and her eyes caught a new light, much brighter than before, and she was lifted from the ground by the Khala, and illuminating the whole room. "I can do demonstrations too."
She nodded, grinning almost crazily. "You are truly a visionary, Alesia. As much as I would hate to even try to make this comparison... what you are speaking of is nearly the same as the form of structure the Zerg Swarm operate on. Of course the difference there is the fact that one would be able to have their own individuality... the experiences THEY want to experience... without the hindrances that either side hold over them... Your vision is an interesting one... a very enticing one..."
Alesia nodded. "I cannot claim my vision as my own. It is merelly an exercise of projection from where -he whose steps I follow- left it. As for how the zerg swarm works, they were created by the gods all the same as we have. For what purpose, I do not know, but perhaps, if you make such a comparison, it is because it was the intent of the Xel'naga all along." She joined the tips of her fingers. "I am not in position to ever lead our people to a brigher future, but if I can reach enlightment, then perhaps I can teach those who can. The least I can do is try." She shrugged her thoughts away, acquiring more strength in her stance. "Weren't you going to show me your... augments?"
A series of whirs and clicks come from Khassar's body, and a small crackle of energy as her weapons power up. She moved into a lazy stance, beginning to tense up a little. She was still very lax with her movements, swaying a bit. "Indeed. It would hinder your ability to accurately view my augmentations if we were to use our inherent mental abilities, so this will focus on a tangible battlefield. Agreed?"
Alesia nodded solemnly, and saluted Khessar. She switched between a number of different elegant stances, until deciding to adopt a simple one, her spear held with both hands, keeping at a distance a single enemy, balancing offence an defence, while controlling the gap, and keeping the ability to move anywhere she feel like with medium speed, but losing the ability to attack swiftly. She secured her feet on the ground, her right leg ahead, standing up straight. "When in doubt, prepare for everything, stand tall, stand strong and wait." She said.
Her feet were constantly switching, the result of years of adopting a now dead fighting style to the Protoss, one of her Village's most well kept secrets. It mainly utilized incredibly quick and precise attacks at a closer range, when needing to using her arm to shoot at opponents further away. Her robotic enhancements allowed her to move as if she had little to no armor on whatsoever, and the claws that covered her hand and feet were tipped with blades meant for tearing through flesh.
"Many horrors lurk within the Void, and to purify it of their multitude of forms and taints, one must learn to adapt, to overcome, and to be merciless."
"Troubling the waters." As she attacked, she talked, sharing with her opponent what she was doing. The point of the exercise was learning, after all. "When the path isn't clear and the enemy shows no hints of their plans, attack. Not with decision, but with caution. Force them to act, and then prepare for what you see." As she said this, she pierced the air thrice, stepping forwards towards Khassar with each one, one normal step at the time. Her expression was blank.

Her technique was learned from a tribe of a distant green planet she spent much time in, researching. It was not based on strength, speed, sight, or anything that benefited those gifted with powerful bodies, but simple common sense and strategy. It consisted on how to act when faced with various situations. Of course it still required the use of certain stances and strikes, but they were simple and functional, rather than part of a whole fighting style. She had chosen to learn this style, because she felt it was strongest the wisest the templar was, and her aim was not to be powerful, but wise.

She attacked, missed, and observed.
Khassar deflected, leaned, and did the absolute minimum to keep herself from behind injured by the strikes. Her fighting style was somewhat similar, and after the third strike, which she had deflected upwards with her metal arm, she spun her psi blade around, striking towards one of the gaps in Alesia's armor, turning off the blade before it came into contact with her skin. From there she danced backwards, the entire movement in one fluid motion. From there she took her bouncing stance again, chuckling softly.
"To study your enemy is to oversee their strengths and weaknesses as soon as they step foot within your field of vision. If I am able to get close, my agility far surpasses your ability to strike. and... if you were to strike at me from this distance, and judging by the length of your staff, you can still land a hit... I have the ability to lay down a form of suppressing fire. You're at a disadvantage here... and if we were to be using our abilities you wouldn't have a chance to strike. There are enemies with whom caution on the battlefield is far too late. One must be cautious of enemies at all times, always studying, always learning."
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"I think you underestimate me. Yes, you were able to strike me, because I told you what I was doing. However, I did force your hand, and were you not aware it was a bluff, I would likelly have been prepared with enough time to impale you as you made your move. You wouldn't have had the time to proceed before I regained control of the gap. And had we had been using abilities, I could have just pushed you backwards, or set the whole room ablaze with psy storm. That is not why you underestimate me, however. My fighting skills are clearly inferior to yours. However, by doing what I did, I learned how your fighting style works, and I examined your implants, and now I'm more knowledgable, and I can use that knowledge in the future. Hopefully you are too. I did exactly what I was set on doing, so I have succeeded." She bowed formally, satisfized.

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She shook her head, sighing softly. "And if we were using our abilities, I could have easily escaped through the Void. Also, it doesn't truly matter because you would have been dead. You were unable, however, to discern exactly how my augments actually enhance my strength. You said you forced my hand, when in reality you simply limited my options. For instance it would have been fairly simple to grab your staff, but instead I deflected, following up with a strike that could have easily been a bluff. A kick on top of that would have done serious internal damage, of course much less if your shields were up as they were, but that is irrelevant. My movements are not even those which I can predict. As I said, I improvise, I adapt."
Name: Dessan
Age: 347
Alignment: Void
Armament: Void Katana (You can guess what he is modeled after) Void Knives [Throwable]
Appearance: Deep blue/white armor, formed around the body to fit only the wearer. Accentuates shoulders, elbows, thighs, and heel. Has the knives strapped to her back, in a small tube sitting in her armor for storage.
Combat Style: Guardian
Learned Kata: Minukiuchi, Kibon Yidon
Abilities: Blink, Dominate
Backstory: After training on Shakuras for a short time, she left the tribes to roam the stars, seeking the knowledge of both Daelaam and Tal'Dirim, learning of the feuds between tribes and the original split of the protoss. Having since then returned to form a small order of protoss that seek to fully heal the wound, joined this mission to see the alliance of Nerazim and Khalai protoss.
Alesia negated with her head. "You don't know what I know. You are not linked to the Khala. And if you had grabbed my spear, I would have slammed you into the ground, as you had no support as you moved, while I did. Some believe there are an infinite number of option when fighting. There aren't, they're few and well documented, all that changes is the form, the shape. But a simple zergling, a winged zergling, or a rapidly reproducing zergling, they all do essencially the same. When you adapt, there's only so many things you can possibly do, and even if what you do is random, I do know how many choises you do have. Furthermore, adaptation is always slower than the cold touch of a prepared, meditated and premeditated strike that was prepared for such a situation. I merelly didn't have one, because I'm not as good as you.
Perhaps your style is indestructible against zergs, but if we face powerful protoss warriors, you may want to consider not improvising. Better warriors than I will read you and have something prepared before you even you know what you're about to do.

She bowed again, and walked backwards, away from her oponent, as usual at the end of a combat.
I had watched the pair spar and nod silently to the final statement made by Alesia, except for the bits about combat options. Even the best prepared plan didn't survive contact with the enemy, something I had learned with a scouting party to a planet known as Vermillion. It had only contained a small hive, but small had been enough to be lethal against our small party. We had lost three to death and two more were horribly wounded. Going to a meditation cushion(?), I emerse myself in the Khala and wait.
Ra'dam arrived at the docks inside of a shuttle. The former Judicator stepped out of the shuttle and grasped a crystal worn around his neck before continuing his way to the rendezvous point. With each step, there was a heavy echo. Ra'dam's visor closed as he approached the others.

It was a monstrous beast of an armor, and it was atypical of anything traditional zealots wore. It placed a heavy emphasis on defense; all of his being was encased in it and there was not a single node where his skin could be seen. As he finally met the others, the difference in height was stark; Ra'dam stood over a head taller than the rest of them.

"Greetings, I am Ra'dam and I hope I am not late?" he telepathically said.
The Exemplar looked out into the cosmos on one of his daily strolls. The night was quiet as it always was in Shakuras. It was a different type of quiet from Aiur; it was serene and perfect to contemplate and puts the soul at ease. The Exemplar shook his head.

If only the Protoss as a whole could the same.

He sighed and opened up a log book of the secret task that was assigned to the Prelate.

Zeratul, I hope his mission succeeds. There is too much internal strife for the Hierarchy to effectively govern. You must bring news of victory.
You have arrived precisely on time, Ra'Dam. I have finished my meeting with the Prelate.

The powerful voice echoes through the Khala.

I await you in the shrine within this ship. Please inform our Nerazim friends and meet me there. It will be good to see you all face-to-face again.
"Nerazims, the Executor has called for us to head to the shrine within this ship. We should make haste."
Wai'seer enters, his petite Phoenix ejecting him. He hurries towards the shrine, his Psionics pushing with the greatest urgency he has had in a long time. His bright eyes slightly panicked that he was late. Upon arrival he speaks. "I apologize for my tardiness, brethren. I was kept behind by misbehaving engines."

Zolis mentally sighs as he exits the cross of an Oracle, Voidray and Phoenix, with the platinum metal gleaming and orange crystals shining. He follows the rushing High Templar under his shadow walk, and decloaks upon arrival. He nods apologetically.
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