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I walk towards the shrine, already preparing my greetings for the Executor.
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The Shrine is silver in color, like the rest of the ship. Four symetrically positioned fountains form a pattern around a blue crystal set in the floor in the center, and several plants grow on the walls and fountains. A large, heavily muscled Templar sits on a cushion, facing towards the nimbus of energy rising like steam from the crystal.

"Greetings, Taedaris. It is good to meet with you again."

OOC: Just in case I wasn't clear before, everyone has met the Executor in the past. No exceptions.
"Entaro Adun Executor," says Ra'dam, bowing his head, "Is this everyone?"
I bow, stepping aside to allow the others in. "It is good to see you again, Executor."
"Ra'dam, I am glad you as well arrived without difficulty. En Taro Adun. THe others approach, friends."

A few moments later...

"Gathered friends, we have called this council to answer the threat of Mor- ah, I mean the Dark Voice. I apologize, I have had little rest of late, and dream and reality are often difficult to distinguish from one another. The Prelate believes that he has made a discovery of great import. Many of you have heard of his discovery of the Ulaan Prophecy. Its implications alone are troubling... that the Queen of Blades will be the one to save us. However, he has discovered many other things that we must help him to investigate. He departed a short while ago, but will return soon. He goes to investigate the shrine on this world. He believes it contains knowledge of the true history of the Zerg and the Dark Voice."
Wai'seer utilizes his own legs, and enters the shrine. "En taro Tassadar, Executor. Has your life fared well since our last meeting?"

Zolis enters the shrine behind the others, his eyes rest on the Executor, and bows. "En taro Adun, Executor."

After the story speech, Wai'seer speaks up. "I suppose we have little time to do what you request."
Dessan's ship lands in the bay, a larger version of the interceptor, upgraded for singular interstellar travel. She sprints for the shrine, before leaning against the wall in the area, bowing after a heave of breath.
"Welcome, Dessan. I feared misfortune had befallen you. I was explai-"

The Executor's words are interrupted by a loud explosion, followed by the blaring of alarms and a hubbub of confused thought in the Khala.

"Executor, we are under attack. The Swarm is here!"

The Executor is on his feet immediately. "Situation?"

They are many, Executor. A LEviathan is here. Many squadrons of mutalisks are attacking us as we speak. We have raised the shields and launched Interceptors."

"Order Phoenixes to engage. Send these foul creatures back into the abyss!"

He turns to the assembled Templar.

"My apologies, friends. It was not my intent to bring you into an ambush. Your skills will be necessary for-"

The ship shakes again.

"Executor, Zerg Drop-Pods have penetrated our hull."

the Executor demands, outraged.

"We do not know, Executor. There was an anomaly in our shields; it was as if they flickered momentarily!"

The Executor sighs and rests his head on his fist. "Friends, we must repel the Zerg. Take to your ships, or find those pods and destroy them before our craft is filled with creep. Adun preserve us!"
Dessan draws her Katana-handle out, not igniting it for the time being. She bows before walking out, going to the nearest drop-pod reported. "Justice will fall on these creatures of the swarm."

OOC: Sorry, left a bit scatter-brained from my planning and taking tests yesterday. Going back and editing posts.
A Drop-Pod has breached the hull at frame 12-b.
Nodding to the Executor, I sprint towards the nearest pods, my halberd in hand and the blade glowing red. "FOR SHAKURAS!"
"The Zerg? Inside? They will not get far!"

Ra'dam powers up his two psi blades and he takes point.
Several Zerglings emerge from the pod, scattering the Khalai technicians as a Creep Tumor slowly roots.
OOC: Auto-combat unless bosses right? Or are you deciding the hits.

Dessan jumps and spins into the first zergling, her katana igniting as she spins.
I spear the first Zergling to leap at me in mid air, slashing to the side and throwing it's body into it's fellows, charging forward and cutting two Zerglings in two then back spinning and knocking another into Dessan's path with the butt end.
Ra'dam let loose a psionic roar that draws the attention of the Zergling as he leaps towards the pack. With a swift jab to the spine, he saves a technician from the claws of death. With a slash, he severs the wings of a zergling away from the flesh and kicks the wingless zergling down the hallway where it does not get up. A zergling leaped at Ra'dam whereupon he smashed its face with his psi blade.

Ra'dam notices a creep tumor emerging from the ground and squashes it with his armored feet. He looked up; the others were cleaning up with the stragglers. Yet their work was not done. The Zerg, there were more out there, their screams echoed through the sanctimonious hallways. Exactly how many breached the hull?
Dessan pulls the katana out of a zergling, throwing a knife backhand at another zergling. She slices another nearly in two, then backs off. "I must take to the outer hull." She says, before sprinting for the hangar.
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Auto-combat unless bosses



Two Zerg pods have breached the hull on the fifth level.

Several zerglings emerge from one pod, followed by a hydralisk. From the other a trio of roaches emerge, and begin destroying everything around them.

Warning: Roaches are monstrous creatures, the size of a tank and far more deadly. They will require teamwork to defeat.
"By the Ancients, do you see that enemy over there? Their...different?!"
Khassar had watched everything from the shadows, a scowl on her face. The Swarm had broken into the ship. The comfort of the Void embraced her as she rushed off into the fight, her Psi Blade igniting, and her arm rose up as she engaged the second group of Zerglings, sliding on the ground as one leaped at Taedaris' back, my claws catching it's underside as the shadows of the Void dissipated from her. She spun on one knee, taking aim with her arm and shooting a pulse at an approaching Zergling, the force slamming it against the wall, her blade plunging into it's neck. It's body fell, headless, and writhed for a few more seconds. Khassar turned and quickly began to assess the situation. Roaches.
"Khalai! Inform the Executor that the Swarm Bring Roaches... we need Immortals... If they are not available... then We need to distract them, and get under them... they have soft underbellies... easy to cut through... the Ship floors should be thin enough that they will not be able to burrow, and from there I should be able to confuse them... The Void shall not take lightly to these monstrosities defiling our path to victory."

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