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Alesia fought her deep desire to uncover the mystery of the flicker in the shields that led to the drop pods penetrating the hull and readied for battle. Her companions easilly dispatched the first wave of zerg, but the second one included roaches. If one more pod broke through, it was not ain isolated problem, and it would require inmediate investigation.

She charged forward, easilly dispatching two zerglings with a wide arch of her spear. She heared what Khassar said about roaches, and it gave her an idea. She cut a hole in the floor and jumped it, grabbing the beams beneath, and using them to place herself beneath one of the roaches. Then, she pierced the floor from beneath, hitting the roach in it's lower, thinner shell.

The roach screeched horribly, but it wasn't mortally wounded. It attempted to dig to find it's attacker, finding itself with it's front side hanging towards the floor beneath, a long fall, and it's rear end popping towards the ceiling, exposing half if it's lower side. Alesia attempted to poke at the roach, to either make it fall off, or avoid it returning completelly to the floor above. "TEMPLARS! ATTACK THE ROACH'S LOWER BACK END!"

She thought to herself she'd have to find an easier way to expose their underside. Perhaps she could use the engines of a ship to flip them over. The roaches had trouble getting back on it's feet, like a turtle, so they'd have more than enough time to take them down. It would be even better if they could get their hands on a phoenix, but, would it fit inside here? Her thoughts were sent to all of the Khalai within the viscinity, unfortunatelly, she'd have to repeat herself with words before the Nerazim would know of her plans.
Three pods have breached level 3. Numerous Roaches detected.

Templar, an Immortal moves to deal with the roaches. It will need your support. Finish the ones on your level, then move to his position.
Again? This shall not stand. Alesia connected to the Khala "Before we can counterattack, we must secure our defenses inside the vessel. Engineers! Check for matrix fluctuations in the shields reactor core, look for any suspicious, seemigly foreign element, particularly anything that generates a regular pulse. If the pulse coincides with the flickering in the shield matrix, destroy the device as soon as possible. I'll be there for cover as soon as I can, recall me back to the main staging area if you find hostiles and require immediate support. Hurry!" She continued to struggle against the roach she'd engaged in combat against, from her precatious position under the deck.
Khassar disappeared, seeing Alesia's movement, diving onto the Roach's behind and plunging her Psi-Blade into it's meaty underbelly. Her thoughts interrupted by the fountain of blood she had plunged her arm into, quickly leaping backwards. She landed on her feet, her metal claws screeching against the floor of the ship. She launched into a large kick, her talons cutting deep into the Roach, it's blood trailing from the tips of her toes as she spun, one hand on the ground, and one leg outstretched behind her. Between her arm and her foot, the blood had made a nearly perfect circle around her. The Roach began to screech and writhe in pain, before finally collapsing on the ground from the blood loss. There were three jagged lines in it's abdomen, with a large hole in the center where she had stabbed it. She ran over to the hole where she could see Alesia, in the cross beams holding up the floor, and reached through it.
"Alesia, the Roach is dead, we must get to the Immortal, quickly. Grab my hand, I'll help you up. We need to get out of here, and figure out what is going on..."

OOC: I must say, Altrantis, I do enjoy RPing with you. I haven't seen you anywhere before this RP, though I can't say I myself am everywhere, at least not anymore sadly.
The roach fell through the hole it had carved into the tall hangars bellow. Khassar extended her hand to help Alesia return to the main floor. Alesia accepted it. "Very well then. I have instructed the engineers to look for any pulsating device that seem foreign. That should leads us to the cause of this breaching. You are faster and the better fighter, lead the way. If you require an area of effect attack, tell me, then get behind me. " Alesia levitated to move at a higher speed. She was no zealot, her running speed could not match that of the Nerazim warrior, and she was slightly faster levitating.

OOC: I believe I have only RPed once before in this forum. I have RPed in other instances, however. Most of the RP in this forum is terran, so I saw a protoss one and I jumped in. I had been looking for this for a while.
Ra'dam's hands grabbed the wings of an injured zergling and begun to pull its away from its body. The zergling squirmed and Ra'dam responded by kicking its face against the ground several times, leaving a bloodstained splatter on the ground and a twitching, convulsing body.

Ra'dam turned around and saw that the others have already made their way to assist the immortal. They were well ahead of him. He had allowed his rage to consume him again in the midst of battle.

I need more discipline. he thought to himself.

Ra'dam maintained his pace and followed the Nerazim and the one called Alesia.
Khassar chuckled softly, before looking around, frowning.
"Now where are you... dogs of the swarm..?" She smirked softly and began to run towards the nearest lift, beginning to input the commands to bring them closer to the Immortal.
"Good thinking, by the way... this is most undoubtedly sabotage. Either we have a Changeling, or there is someone deliberately attempting to kill us... but... why are the Zerg here in the first place? What is here that they could use? The planet below us has no qualities that they could use to adapt their brood, unless there is some toxin there we are unaware of or something of the sort... Which leads me to believe someone lead them here... There may be a psionic device like the Terrans used... we may have confused it with the Executor or the Prelate... I am unsure now... we must not lose this vessel, however."

OOC: I think you've made that more than clear enough already. It's nice to have you here on the Forums, though. There's always Bloody Haze, if you want to RP Protoss there once it starts up... but then we might not be so friendly towards each other. ;3 For the Swarm, after all~
RP Protoss there once it starts up... but then we might not be so friendly towards each other. ;3 For the Swarm, after all~



Executor, we are making a wide sweep on the Templar's advice. So far our search has turned up nothing unusual.

Continue. Alert me if you locate anything of interest.
"For Aiur!" cried the immortal as a pack of four roaches appeared. The immense firepower of the phase disruptors of the immortals tore through their armored carapace with ease. The roaches were large targets in a relatively confined area; as one fell, they became an obstacle for the other roaches trying to reach the immortal.

[Khala: Immortal]
"There's plenty to go around at this level but you should make haste warriors before I kill them all myself! Hah! These bodies shall not bar my way in the hunt!"

[Khala: Ra'dam]
"Slow down! I understand your thirst for battle but wait for us or else the Zerg will swarm your flank!"

[Khala: Immortal]
"These critters? Two of them blasted to pieces with one volley! They are easily felled. More come! You best hurry if you want some left for yourself! To battle!"

Ra'dam looks up and speaks to the others.

"The immortal is having a grand time blasting the critters but I worry if the Zerg come at him from several sides. We're almost there."
Alesia tried to keep up, but she was clearly slower than her peers, being so unimpressive physically.

"It is not unheard of that the shields can flicker when the engines are very old and require upkeep, or when the waves of energy from a sunstorm work as an EMP for a while. However, the drop pods had to be fired -before- the flicker happened, knowing beforehand when it would flicker, so that they could pass through. That means they are aware of whatever is going on with the shields, and they can predict when it will happen. They are either the cause, or are allied with those behind it.

As for their reason to be here, we lack enough evidence to conclude why they're here. I think you make a good point, perhaps they're being manipulated or are not part of the swarm, but someone devious's zerg pets. This certainly doesn't follow the usual zerg swarm pattern. Perhaps... Executor, is there a Xel'naga artifact burried in this world? Is that why we're here? I remember hearing our good friend, human James Raynor was collecting relics of the Xel'Naga, and the zerg followed him... perhaps... If it is, maybe that's why... By the light of the Khala...

Alesia looked out of the window and saw a massive drop pod that clearly carried an Ultralisk.

"We need to make sure the shields do NOT fail when that Ultralisk reaches them. It looks slower, maybe we have time. We need to free the Immortal off it's pressure and shoot it down before it gets here. I do not look forward to fighting that thing."

She pressed forward, as she was already 40 meters away from Khassar.

((Edit: Paragraphs, they're important I've been told.))
Khassar nodded, sighing softly. "Indeed. Both of those points also lead to my suspicions that we have a Changeling on board. Have an Observer check the shield generator... It can detect if one of the engineers are not whom they seem to be... But if they are being manipulated, then we must go much further into the Hierarchy on this ship. Nobody could be trusted then, besides those of us whom had just arrived, for we have never been anywhere near the generator..."

Her eyes locked onto the pod that drifted towards them, watching the lift take them up and up. The lights of the lift itself were the only illumination in the shaft, and a sense of dread filled Khassar as she thought about the beast inside. Could it even fit inside of the ship at all? It would have to be somewhere large enough to- A thought ran through her mind, and her aura of calmness shattered.The lift stopped, and Khassar stood, dumbfounded, staring in shock as Alesia continued onwards.
"...The Docking Bay... It's going for the Docking Bay..! we can't get Planetside if we have no Warp Gates there, and we have no ships!" She began to sprint alongside Alesia, blinking and thinking again. Too many thoughts were running through her mind, and they were making far too much sense.

OOC: Khassar and Alesia, Protoss Forensic Detectives.
Alesia's eyes widened with the thought. "That's it! They're after something on the planet and are trying to beat us to it! And they're about to manage it. Do we have any way to shoot that thing down before it gets here? I'm short of ideas. Even if we destroy the drop pod, the Ultralisk will float through the space and reach the docks... Maybe if we can slow it down, or speed it up, it won't reach us in time for the flicker and bounce off the shield. We need something to push it or pull it with. Are any phoenixes already deployed? Even ramming an observer against it would disturb the trajectory enough for it to fail."

She sprinted through the last bit of hallway just in time to send a large psy blast, basically a small psystorm to kill a wave of zerglings that bursted through a ventilation system, almost flanking the immortal. "En Taro Tassadar, Immortal. We may need your help in the docking bay. We may have very minor case of Ultralisk in a few moments down there, and you may need to cut through walls to get there in time. We're here to help you hurry cleaning this infestation you're dealing with here." She had studied terrans for a while, and had personally met Jim Raynor, and one of the things she'd learned from them was humoristic sarcasm, although she tried not to use it in front of other protoss.

She faced toward the venting system, and sent annother psy blast into the pipe for good measure.

The last of the Roaches were still struggling to climb over the other bodies, and Khassar growled as she had a terrible, terrible idea. With a hint of Sarcasm, she Void Walked over to it, reappearing on top of it and placing her hands on it's shell, overloading it's mind and taking direct control of the creature.
"Alesia? How about we throw a Roach at it? It can easily just sort of... launch itself at the pod?"
Alesia raised her chin in fascination at the idea. "That's an intriguing idea. If you manage it, you will have a newfound respect from me." She finished off annother roach, that had only partially been blasted by the immortal. "You should head to the docks regardless, enduring one. Just in case we need to fight a giant zerg bug to protect our transportation. I will go with Khassar and help in what I can. Ra'dam, are you comming?"
Khassar cackled as she spun and landed on her now mobile Zerg steed. A steady stream of Acid came from it's gullet as they began to single handedly make a tunnel towards the Docking Bay. Speeding far ahead of Alesia and the Immortal, Khassar's maniacal laughter echoed throughout the winding and curving tunnel.
The immortal laughs heartily. "AN ULTRALISK? Where is a warp prism when I need one? Lead the way young ones! This walker shall assist from behind!"

BOOM! The door, some 45ft down the hallway on the floor below them burst open and a stream of zergling make their entrance and engage the Protoss warriors below.

"Blasted vermins! They are like ants down there don't you agree?"

I will go with Khassar and help in what I can. Ra'dam, are you coming?"

"No, I will head for landing bay D. There are scores of phoenixes that are unmanned there and it appears that we are in need of more of pilots outside to fight the mutalisks. They are taking a beating outside."

"You're a pilot?" asked Alesia surprised.

"Yes, Judicators are well-versed in many subjects." Ra'dam began to make his way over to the landing bay D.
OOC: Hmm, Smylez? May I make a comment?
I'm not sure about Altrantis... but I know I would rather you did not RP my character for me... it's just... a sort of pet peeve... there's every now and then in combat where that happens and that too... it's just a thing. :P
I didn't RP your character. I understand what you are saying. The only character "hijacking" I did was have Alesia make a comment to make the conversation a bit more natural. I don't think it compromised the character at all. It's minor really and I do this very infrequently.
I am aware, I am just trying to say that there have been instances where such things have happened, and I would like to at least try to avoid them. Seeing as a "Minor" hijacking can easily lead to something bigger, It is just a simple preference. As of such, allow the topic to be terminated, and allow us to continue with the RP?

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