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Ra'dam made it through with no contact of the enemy. The landing bay D was one of the few areas in the vessel that wasn't under attack. That made everything much easier. Inside the landing bay, he saw that he wasn't the only one. There were other pilots already there and getting themselves ready to launch their phoenixes.

Ra'dam climbed to the cockpit of one of them and was inside of it strapping himself in when a deckhand appeared.

"Are you suppose to be using this? I don't recognize you at all."

Ra'dam nodded his head. It would be a bore arguing with this one about technicalities and the like when the Zerg flyers were running amok.

"Yes, I have clearance for this vehicle. Now, are you going to get down so I can get out to the open?"

The deckhand squinted his eyes; his suit was certainly not the norm. He considered whether or not to question this "pilot" but decided against it as pilots were few and went back down.

" Phoenix unit 08 is launching! Make room for the bird! And she's off!"

Ra'dam's phoenix left the bay and he was thrust upon space.
Khassar's roach flew through the space in between and gently hit the ultralisk. It wasn't gently for the roach, but from a distance, it seemed so. Alesia looked distressed at the incomming ultralisk. It reached the shields and... bounced off. Sucess! Or was it... The pod broke and the ultralisk was released into space, and it... landed over the vessel, walking over it... Was it a danger? The ultralisk slipped, bounced and fell flat over a platform, still looking for it's way into the docking bay. "Well, it worked, but he's tenacious. Let's hope he just falls off, but we may still have to fight it. Come, we're needed elsewhere. Do the Nerazim still pilot the Corsairs? I'm more parcial towards the scouts. They're good ships, just twice as expensive as they should be for their usefulness. Or perhaps we should find what's wrong with the shields before we engage in aerial combat, leaving the vessel unprotected."
Khassar watched her steed fly, with the hint of a tear in her eye. She chuckled a bit at Alesia's inquiry. She had overlooked something incredibly simple.
"At the moment it is suffocating, and the ship does not have it's own gravity field. Until one gets inside of it that is... At the moment it's momentum is the only thing keeping it o- Oh, there it goes." She laughed a little as the Roach's glowing green acid shot through space towards the Leviathan, looking as if someone had shot some glowstick fluid out of a water gun in slow motion. The Ultralisk's form began to move towards the planet, which brought a new question to mind.
"How long before you think it burns up in the planet's atmosphere?"

OOC: Altrantis... I think we REALLY need to make the Khassar/Alesia team up happen much more often. I am enjoying myself FAR too much here. XD
Alesia inspected the docking bay. "The engineers still haven't found the problem with the shields. Perhaps a better course of action would be to be bold? If we take the fight to them, perhaps they'll leave the nexus alone. I'll board the "Thu'um" and try and shell their pod launching... things... "

The Thu'um was a light vessel, a destroyer class ship, 20m in length, manned by one to three protoss and an AI, Artificial Intelligence and Drone Operating System, AIaDOS. It was agile and had two antimatter torpedo lunchers and a photon cannon at the front, and four ion cannons of the same type as the phoenix's at the sides.

-AIaDOS, bring us closer to the Leviathan, we need to get in range of the torpedos.
-Redirecting course. Three hostiles aproach at 8, drop pod approaching main vessel at 2.
-Fire guns 1, 3 and 4 at hostiles, and gun 2 at the pod.
-Enemies neutralized. Corruptor approaching at 9.
-Shoot guns 1 and 3, I'll try to give you angle with 2. Turning port.
-Corruptor is beneath us.
-Changing course, leaning starboard, lowering bow. Shoot guns 2 and 4.
-Target is dead ahead. Will be in range of front weapons in 3, 2, 1.
-Fire the photon cannon.
-Target destroyed.
-Change course -30, 60.
-Back towards leviathan.
-Activate manual aiming.
-Manual aiming activated.
-Found the largest of the drop pod launcher holes. Fire the torpedos 1 and 2.
-Torpedos fired. Confirmed impact.
-Now they'll have to tilt if they want to keep shooting ultralisks. AIaDOS, turn course 180, 0.
Khassar watched her go with a sigh. Her vessel... not the greatest for Air to Air combat... especially not in the reaches of the Void... but if they were on the planet, the Annihilator would be a crucial asset... it appeared to combine an Oracle and a Void Ray. The bottom section of the otherwise notable Oracle frame was replaced with the spinning metal plates that signified the Prismatic Beam. She hopped into the cockpit of her ship, feeling it lift out of the docking clamps. The psionic matrix of her ship hummed to life, the glowing green orb inside of her ship pulsating. It's light was channeled into the three 'arms' of the Prismatic Beam, and as soon as she left the safety of the larger ship, she flipped the ship on it's side, sending a steady stream of green laser towards the Leviathan. She contacted the Thu'um as she began to strafe a little to the right.
Greetings, Alesia. Now, if you would please move your ship a little to the left, so I do not incinerate you, I will bombard the Leviathan from afar. Good thing physics do not apply to space... and light, for the most part... also heat... that's important to- nevermind. I'm going to purify the complete and utter sh!t out of that thing." Khassar herself had spent a lot of time watching the Terrans, even going as so far as to try and follow in Zeratul's footsteps, hiding inside the Hyperion in order to see why some Protoss were fond of the aliens... She had, of course, picked up on their language, and it amused her to some extent.
"Terrans, huh? They are an amusing lot once you get over how blunt and basic they seem. I appreciate their capacity to negociate and ocationally see the greater picture. They're... useful... and filled with potential. I feel we probably were like them once."

She scooted out and turned arround, hunting drop pods before they could reach the vessel. She could see the shields still flickering. "We are missing something. AIaDOS, take me arround to the nexus core. Let's see if there's something wrong there." The Thu'um groaned as it turned, but then was attacked by mutalisks. Only two of them, the rest were headed towards the Annihilator, which had no AA capabilities. She turned her ship arround, firing the photon cannon against the mutalisks. "Khassar, you have hostiles inbound on your stern. ETA 20 seconds."
OOC: I have returned from a world of magic. Yes, the interceptor is heavily modified.

Dessan's interceptor dropped out of the bay, the guns already spinning up. The first scourge that flew by the wing got a nasty shock from the first burst of fire. The ship flipped through the resulting cloud. After a short dog-fight with a corrupter, the ship shot a small missle, popping the gas sacks on the zerg.
I'm in need of information that will not be acted upon for two more days, so someone have a good recap prepared for that time. :p


The LEviathan slowly begins to move further in, its tentacles reaching towards the Nexus.
The crystals had powered down, and the Annihilator had gone still. Another second, and it seemed it was erased from existence. Only seconds later, the beam had begun anew, coming from nearby the Nexus. Thanks to the Ship's systems registering the Nexus as a friendly port, the personal Mass Recall drive had possibly just saved Khassar's life.

"Terrans are indeed interesting individuals... Their methods are... primitive, as is their sense of morality, but as a species they have made themselves into a very unique and powerful race... nothing powerful enough to face the Golden Armada, of course... but still potential allies. Actually... if you could keep these Mutalisks off of me... I don't need to worry about dealing with them, or hitting you in the crossfire... The Leviathan's tendrils must be severed... If they breach the hull an entire Brood can enter the halls... and from there we're already dead."
Dessan's interceptor flew through the fight, firing of two shots at a tentacle before peeling off, flying around and firing into the eyes of the leviathan.
The Leviathan slowly turns, moving away from the Nexus. Mutalisks and Corruptors pull back, retreating, but the Scourge mass into a teardrop shape, angling themselves towards the Protoss forces.
The Annihilator had sped away from the Nexus, taking a risky maneuver in baiting the Scourge towards it. The Prismatic Beam tore through the Scourge's ranks, and from inside, Khassar cursed.
"I REQUIRE ASSISTANCE! Recall Beacon 85% recharged. A few more seconds, and I'll be good!"
Dessan spun through the ranks, weaving as the swarm came together. {{ I am here, Khassar.}} She said, firing at a nearby mutalisk.
"Keep your shirt on, I got this... what is a shirt anyways?"

Alesia's ship hummed as it spiraled arround the scourge drop, shooting towards the cloud of scourge as a few of them followed her instead. She carefully squeezed them together in a tight formation with a slow dance.

"For Aiur." She said with a calm voice, and an immense psy storm blasted from the ship outwards, destroying hundreds of scourge. Psionic winds and clouds like lightning roared through any matter it came in contact with, despite space's lack of sound. The flesh of the scourge was roasted and shredded, and then, for a moment, the relentless attack of the zerg stopped. Alesia's ship drifted away slowly. No psychic signals came from within, no answers.

After a few moments, the ship's lights were reignited, and the AIaDOS took the ship back towards the protoss Nexus. A limp protoss lay inside, eyes darkened, tendrils scattered in all directions, skin pale as Braxis noon.
The Prismatic Beam cut itself off, and in the moments after the Psi Storm, the comms were filled with Khassar's voice, frantic and confused.
"Alesia... that was amazing! How did you come up with so much energy is such little time? ... Alesia..? Dessan, I'm not seeing any signs of her still onboard the Thu'um ... Wait... Alesia? Why aren't you answering!?" The Annihilator practically rammed into the docking bay, Khassar leaping out of the cockpit and rushing over to the now docked Thu'um, forcing open the cockpit and taking out an unconscious Alesia. Bringing her to the medical bay, she sat beside her while the medics began to try and revive her.
The Khalai medics rushed towards Alesia and put her on the medic bay. They stripped her off her armor and clothing and used the Khala to reanimate her as they injected a gooey blue substance directly into one of her hearts. They plugged abounch of cables into her and dropped her into a stasis tank. Not five minutes had passed when she oppened her eyes, dimly lit. "Go back to the battle, soldier. This has not ended yet." She said with her mind, although not through the Khala. "And remind me not to do that again. I am not an archon, and as much as I aspire to, I am not Tassadar. Believe it or not, this is not the first time I have attempted this, and it's never ended well. I was there... the day that the Overmind died. I have foolishly attempted something like that many times since."
Khassar nodded, placing a hand on the stasis tank. "We are not Archons... at least not yet... there may come a time when there is no other option... and should that happen... I believe you will have achieved your wish... I will be back... the Zerg are retreating... I will be on standby... but as soon as I can... I will return. I owe you one, Alesia... also... NEVER do anything so stupid again?" She chuckled softly, stepping back slowly, never letting her own eyes leave Alesia's. As the door began to slide closed, she disappeared into the Void.
Alesia sunk deep in the Khala, her mind traveled from mind to mind, seeing what the other Aiur Protoss saw within the Nexus. She wandered, lacking focus. There had to be something somewhere that was causing the interference. How could she find it? The ship was so big. She jumped to one of the technicians by the central pylon, and... was rejected. "What?" She attempted it again, but she could not enter the Pylon's room. Her will diminished, her head spinned and she felt a sudden cold. She was trying too hard, and was in no condition. She should tell people about it, it had to be resolved. No, she couldn't, she'd give away her findings to the enemy! No, it didn't matter, she had already given away her mind, as she was deep in the Khala as she thought this.

She pulled herself off the Khala and contacted AIaDOS. "Start the engines. I'm not sitting iddle while by bretheren die to the Swarm. Not while I still have a beat in my hearts."
The remaining Scourge hurl themselves desperately against the station, against whatever targets they can find before their destruction, but the attack is just that: desperate, pointless.

However, their goal has been accomplished. The Leviathan has escaped.

Well done, Templar. It would appear the Zerg did not expect to encounter us here, and were unprepared. I have a theory to explain there presence here, but will voice it only when we continue our discussion. For now, that must wait. The Prelate is returning to the ship.

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