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Khassar sighed softly, returning to the Medical Bay. Looking up at Alesia, she took a seat and begun to meditate. Her thoughts were literally everywhere, and she found herself angry. Her curiosity was beginning to get the better of her... just WHAT were the Zerg doing here? Why were they allowed inside? She would have so many questions for the Prelate, and the Executor... but for now... She looked up at Alesia, a frown on her face. She seemed... overexerted... even moreso than last time she saw her. "Is something the matter, my friend?"
Alesia could barelly distinguish the Nerazim through the thick stasis liquid. She was getting exasperated inside, unnable to do anything. She wasn't one to complain about time to herself, but only when she wasn't needed. Hopefully she'd be in condition to move freely before the meeting. She scratched the tube's glass in frustration and attempted to calm herself.

"Something is wrong in the primary pylon room. Or was. I attempted to enter there through the mind of someone else, using the Khala, yet... I was repelled. There's no one there now, I can't... see..."

She squeezed her fists tight. "Are there any Oracles of your people in here? Someone who can see?" She quivered. She was in one piece, nothing broken, but every part of her was damaged to an extent, the same extent, and her body and mind were drained of energy. She extender her arm and attempted to make her Khaydarin crystal to float all the way into her tank, but there was no oppenings to let it drop inside. She let the crystal fall next to the tank, defeated.
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Dessan nods in her ship, and flies it back to the hangar bay. Detaching herself from the various machines, she exits the vehicle. Waving an engineer over, she points to a scourge burn, and walks off, slowly walking to the center of the hall.
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((they do that when you log in somewhere you haven't logged in before. And basically, pewpew, zergs are retreating. Going to have the meeting with the Prelate and the Executor. Oh, and Alesia's on a stasis cell.))
Khassar noticed the crystal floating towards her, and she sighed softly, picking it up. It shone a brilliant blue, a tealish light coming from it's core. A smirk, and it vanished. A black cloud seemed to swallow it up, and it reconstituted inside of the tank, floating in front of her face.
"A gift, for you to bide your time until you're out. I must meet with the Prelate. Until then, try to have a little bit of fun, alright?" She bowed slightly, before turning around, once again swirling into the darkness, dissipating into nothingness.

She appeared back in the chamber where they had all previously met. This time, she took in more of her surroundings. The antechamber was beautiful, no doubting that. Her only thoughts on that were that there was a little too much light. She much preferred the darkness to focus her on the words she and the others would be given. Though, this would not be allowed in most cases... Now... all she had to do was wait... try and play a game all younger Nerazim loved to do. It was a form of training, that when one of a higher rank within the society was coming, that a younger one would attempt to hide, and remain hidden from them. It was very good training, and one whom could sneak up on the Prelate, was the one whom could hold bragging rights.
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Alesia held her Khaydarin with both hands and relaxed. The crystal of her stasis cell began to sing like a wet wine glass when one rubs one's finger over it's border. Meditating, she let the protoss medics heal her and instead used the power she recovered by using her Khaydarin to reach into one of the patrolling automated sentries. The sentry moved to the meeting room and, there, it created an illusion: That of Alesia.

Alesia's illusion walked arround the room, and she said "Testing. Does this have a sound?" There was, but it came from the sentry rather than from the illusion. "This will have to do."
Khassar looked at the hallucination for a brief second, before seeing the sentry behind it. She sighed softly. She contacted Alesia, knowing full well where her stasis pod was.
"Nice little toy you have there, Alesia... Good to see you're somewhat back on your holographic feet. Only problem is, if we're attacked, you won't be able to do much. In that case I'd almost rather not know at all what would be going on around me..."
Alessia's illusion bowed. "It isn't mine, I found it laying arround. It is probably the Executor's. There's several of these patrolling the nexus. And there's many brave protoss warriors here with us, I am not needed."
A sleek, oddly shaped craft slides in close to the Nexus, docking with it. The Executor, standing in the docking bay, bows as the Prelate makes his way onto the deck.

"En Taro Tassadar, Dark One. Welcome back."

""En Taro Tassadar, Executor. My guess was, for once, correct. I now know where that which we seek lies. It will be a difficult journey."

"When has it been otherwise? I am glad to hear that you fared better than ourselves. The Zerg attacked our vessel in great numbers. Thankfully some old friends arrived just prior to them and aided in driving them off.

"Driving them off?"

"Yes, they retreated when their Leviathan was wounded."

"That hints at treachery, Executor. Do you, in truth, think that a ship of this size could easily drive off an entire brood of Zerg? You of all people should know that they do not retreat easily."


The Executor was silent a moment.

"I had not considered this, and that was foolish. We may now assume that the Zerg have gained some advantage over us, for they otherwise would not have retreated. I apologize. The arrival of some brave warriors who I had not seen in many years made me overconfident."

"There is no need for distress, Executor. Let us meet these old friends of yours."
Khassar shrugged, then blinked a little. Her eyes widened in barely contained excitement, and she seemed giddy, as she began to take a step away, before stopping to explain.
"The Prelate is here! I'm going to go hide, see if I can catch him unawares~"
With that she disappeared, carrying the Sentry with her, back to her corner, nearly giggling with suspense.
Alesia's image stood by the bridge, hands behind her back, waiting for the arrival of the Executor and the Prelate, aware of Khassar's game, but not thinking about it to not give her away. She insdead looked into the horizon of the dead world below, her mind busying itself with memories.

As the Prelate and the Executor came in, her image bowed respectfully. "En Taro Adun, Executor. Dark Prelate, we have not met since the day you escorted our people out of Aiur, En Taro Tassadar. I am regretful I cannot be with you in person at this time. Unfortunatelly out encounter with the Zerg has left me... stranded, at the medical bay.

I have managed annother mean to make myself present at this time, but I hope you can excuse me. Stasis cells are known to confine oneself, and the physicians have not allowed me to leave. They even say they will place me in an immortal if I want to leave, but I think I will be able to stand in my own two feet shortly. I have been through worse.
The phoenix docked and Ra'dam stepped out. Was it lucky that the Zerg left just as he took the skies? Ra'dam was not sure. However, he had new orders now. He briskly made his way out of the door and began to head over to meet the Executor and a certain guest.

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