I need advice, desperately.

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Well, I want to be a good toss player, but I can never defend against early rushes or cheese, and I'm in need of basic psychology when it comes to scouting I'm lost. Whenever I scout I find myself not really knowing what to do, all I do is just look at his/hers units and build units that counter
his/hers. I'm always finding myself loosing constantly to early banshees, mass mutas,
or mass reaper rush.
I'd say that mid-late game I do incredible, but Early game is when i'm weakest. In fact more than 60% of my losses this season are in early game, I just need some good scouting advice for some pvp pvt and pvz. Please please help. I know I could do things to counter it like photon cannons near my mineral line but, its hard to fend off against reapers especially on how they were tweaked with the new combat drugs, I usually chase them out but I just don't know.
Vs. reapers I can't really help you. As for the rest of it, you'd be surprised how much sentries can help. Build a sentry or two early on and you can forcefield your ramp and peck away at them mostly unopposed, or forcefield when some of their army is up the ramp so that you can pick them off while their buddies can't do anything.

The most basic forms of cheese are pretty easy to spot when you scout your opponent's base, because if they don't have a gateway or rax in their base by the time you get there they're probably cheesing you (or are awful, you are in bronze league, but assume cheese).
What is your worst matchup?

PvZ (hardest for me): if you scout on 9, see if they went pool first or hatchery first. If they went hatch first, you can tend to be more greedy because they're not going to ling rush you super early. If they went pool first, stick around to see if they expand, if they don't then make zealots and a cannon in your mineral line. Be really careful and tech up.

PvT: Scout to see if they proxied, and see if you can see additional rax by their ramp. From your gates you can go stalker>sentry>stalker, and make sure to chrono the first two. Expect to see at least one reaper. You really don't want to be stuck with 1 zealot against it. As soon as you have 100 energy on your sentry, hallucinate a phoenix and scout them out.

PvP: scout on 12, if you see 2 gas, they're either going stargate or DTs, if you see 1 gas and saved up chronoboost, its probably a 4gate.

All matchups: MSC is really good. You should also scout with hallucinations as much as humanly possible. Always ask yourself, "do I know what units they're building? Do my units do well against those?" Always watch your replays when you lose, and always make probes.

Entaro Adun.
I know it sounds really, really annoying, but you should seriously just focus on macro. At Bronze builds mean nearly nothing, as everyone is kind of just kind of doing random builds with no real focus or plan. Try to find a basic 3gate robo and go from there, at bronze-plat a well done 3gate robo expand should be fine against everything.

In specific against reapers, you should be opening with zealot->stalker out of your initial gateway, chase the reaper with the zealot then kill it with the stalker.

Replays would be nice too, by the way.
Thanks man, It really helped

Taro ruul asz
If you got skype, ill help you out.
Honestly you should probably just run safer builds and tighten up your build. There are lots of builds you can run that are safe against pretty much anything without even having to scout. That's probably much better to advance in lower leagues instead of trying to make tons of adjustments to your build based on scouting information.

05/06/2013 12:36 PMPosted by Shirker
PvP: scout on 12, if you see 2 gas, they're either going stargate or DTs, if you see 1 gas and saved up chronoboost, its probably a 4gate.

This is actually incorrect. Double gas with 2 probes on each is used for a 3 stalker rush with MSC which is fairly standard. You can do a gateway pressure, robo build, or expand off of this.
1 gas can be a fast expand build, but the saved up chronoboost does probably indicate a 4-gate. I scout off 13 after the gateway, but a 3 stalker rush with MSC is pretty safe overall.

PvT zealot, stalker, MSC is enough to safely expand off of even against a proxy 2-rax. Photon overcharge is just really really good.

PvZ you normally 9-scout off a FFE (you don't need to off a gateway expand, as a 13 scout suffices or you scout with a warp prism if you're naniwa).
6-pool needs a cannon in your mineral line.
8-pool is map dependent. you can either completely wall the natural on some maps or you place a cannon in your mineral line and natural.
10-pool you can almost always just completely wall your natural.
14-pool is standard and you can run your build as normal. Actually it's possible to nexus first and hold any lings from a 14-pool.


I haven't streamed in awhile but I'm planning to stream tonight starting around 5:30pm MDT with the theme of never scouting in masters and running safe economic builds if you want to check it out.

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