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Clan infinty is recruiting? This is huge!

As we offer a ton for clan members only! but first tell me, what do we offer? well if you guys are thinking about that, here is the stuff we include for clan members only!

- Exclusive tournaments with great prizes.

- We offer great coaching that is free to clan members only!

-We offer great clan members who can help each other whenever you ask!

- We have a very friendly and a helpful staff, anywhere from moderators to casters!

- We have tons of great members who try to help you out whenever they can.

- We offer practices that help us develop as a team. ( practices are thursdays and saturdays)

- We offer CLAN WARS!

WOW thats a lot of stuff so tell me what do i have to do to apply?

Well thats simple you just have to go to our website
and you need to apply under forums to the A- Team or the B-team ( a-team is diamond up and b team is anything below that ) If you need any help applying please go to the clan infinty chat on group

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